In this article we consider the topic about the capabilities of consciousness of solving problems.
Today, each person is more or less aware of the power of a thought and capabilities of the human consciousness. It has become fashionable to work through our consciousness on the execution of our wishes and desires and on programming of certain events in life. There, also, have been attempts to treat the diseases with the use of the same approach. However, many people still cannot solve their problems: life and health are not improving and the planning of life events does not give desired results.
Why is this happening? Let's try to bring some clarity to this subject. Nowadays, we can witness an obvious destabilization of all processes on the planet, not only in terms of climate conditions or financial systems. This also applies to the human body and consciousness. With increasing frequencies on the Earth, the characteristics of the human begin to change. Esoteric specialists often use words ‘transmutation’ and ‘transformation’ in this regard. Currently, these processes extremely clearly occur in our bodies, but people are poorly informed and aware of this. To begin with, let us define what are transmutation and transformation.
Transmutation - the conversion/transformation of chemical elements at the molecular level, as well as the transition of the certain amount of experience of the Soul, accumulated during a certain period of time, into its quality. For example, the quantity of the mental (terrestrial) knowledge becomes the quality - Wisdom. At the cellular level, the following occurs: the micro-particles adapt new, more high-speed orbits of rotation (vibration).
Transformation - the changes caused by mutational processes in the body. It transforms the organs and physical tissues of the body. It, also, changes the energy structure, as well as the properties and qualities of the personality. This process is based on the accelerated processes and the increasing frequencies of the entire human energy system.
Nowadays, these processes affect absolutely everyone: not only cells, but also, the entire energy system and, especially, the brain become operate differently. Under the influence of new vibrations in a human occurs either rapid deterioration of consciousness and health, or (which is now quite rare) the improvement of the health. As most of our readers belong to the first category, let’s examine it in details.
How can a person him/herself make an impact on the processes of transmutation and transformation? The only one aspect is clear: a person has to raise up their vibration, in order to achieve resonance with the processes that are invisibly, but at the same time, quite palpably carry out their work.
Every reasonable system has its own cosmic frequency. This principle also applies to the human, our planet Earth and other planets and constellations. By increasing the level of frequency vibrations through co-tuning to the Spiritual frequency, and through accumulation of the positive potential or spirituality (which is the same) the human begins to mutate. It means that a person transmute his/her personality in something other than it was before. This process is closely linked to the changing of a consciousness and to the acquiring an ability to act consciously.
If a person is not in tune with the new vibrations (not resonate with them), then it is naive to think that by trying to fulfill their wishes/desires with the help of available esoteric or NLP techniques, this person will achieve the positive results. Be sure that in this case, in the very near future, ‘the law of a boomerang’ will come to action. The planetary energy blocker becomes triggered, and consequently, a person begins to suffer losses either economical or physical. People do not know that, today, new programs of functioning are activated, and old ones cease to work. Therefore, every consciousness (person), which is trying to use its capabilities not according to the development programs, will fail in the planning and realization of personal wishes/desires. Unfortunately, people are not informed/aware of these new development programs, because in the traditional education system these concepts are not taught. However, it is necessary to prevent the matter/subject from falling apart.
For example, imagine a situation when a group of people is planning something, and they want to get positive result. However, they do not know how to work on the creation of an algorithm of the thought-form. They do not know that any wish/desire, if it is formulated correctly, should come true during 90 days. This is the law of the field, and any malfunctions in this regard lead to a loss of a result. For example, if at the time of programming/planning one of the participants was non-resonant to other members of the group, then the desired result is annulled at the field levels. A result is, also, impossible to achieve if one of the members of the group does not have a faith or a clear mental-form, or if at that moment he/she was tired, which means that a person was energetically insufficient. Even a small fraction of the indifference of one of the participants of the project can affect the results and bring them to zero.
All of these aspects are true for a group of people, as well as for an individual. Any formula (foundation of a desire/whish) works only 90 days and no more. After that it requires an ongoing support, otherwise its hologram will disappear.
As I have already mentioned, at the moment, the velocity of the carriers of time, which form our frequency, is significantly different from the frequency of the human consciousness. An ability to fit your consciousness in to these vibrations gives you a chance to get the desired results in your life. An opportunity to gain and master these skills is provided to you upon receipt of co-tuning to the cosmic frequencies, which we use in our work with patients and students. Along with the co-tuning, the work with your energy system, in terms of entering it to the new mode of accelerated vibrations, begins.
It means that the cells of your body are exiting the state of entropy, and intensify their activities. This explains the recovery from illnesses and the balancing of the human psyche: a tension is disappearing, a fatigue is relieved and a sleep is restored. When you become attuned to the cosmic frequencies you get an opportunity to solve your health problems independently, because now you are able to operate by your consciousness, depending on the frequency spectrum that you have. Later on, the co-tuning of your heart and mental conductors of consciousness takes place. Esoteric specialists call it ‘a compound of the consciousness and the heart’.
Let's summarize what has been said. In order to achieve a desired result you have to be resonantly attuned to the mental field of the planet, where a hologram of your desire/wish is formed. This hologram can be maintained within 72 hours and then it tends to disappear (flow off). Therefore, the density coefficient of your thought-form (desire) should be sufficient to maintain its stability. It is necessary to know about the programs of Creator and their role in this process to avoid triggering the planetary energo-blockage and activation of the mechanism of the reverse action.
You can learn how to deal with your illnesses and health problems in our School of Cosmic Knowledge, where you can undergo the attunement to the cosmic frequencies, as well as receive further training in this regard. After that you will be able to solve any health problems independently, so you can forget about the medical clinics and hospitals. An information about the spectrum of frequencies and diseases/health problems they target you can review on our website. There, also, you can read the feedback of our patients about our work. Please remember that you must work very hard, especially at the beginning, because just by forming of desires/wishes in your mind, you will not be able to achieve too much.

Those who wish to obtain the co-tuning to the spectrum of cosmic frequencies should know that the process of increasing of personal capabilities at all levels/planes of existence (physical and energy) goes gradually, according to the pace of assimilation of new knowledge and a number of co-tunings to the new vibrations.

All co-tunings and an adaption of new knowledge are processed in 3 stages:

Reception/Obtaining of the co-tuning and new knowledge  
Development/elaboration, i.e. comprehension and acceptance of it at the level of your inner conviction
Confirmation of acceptance of new knowledge by implementation of them in practice through actions/deeds

Therefore, through these steps a consolidation and fixation of new knowledge and experience is performed. Then, it is deposited in the current memory bank of a person and his/her genetic code. After that, a process of a change (expansion) of consciousness takes place, as well as an increase in person’s capabilities. In our School you can get all necessary explanations on emerging questions and problems. We are dealing with diseases and health problems that the modern conventional medicine is not able to solve.

If you want to make an appointment to the consultation, diagnosis and therapy or you want to attend our training, please do not hesitate to contact us - tel.: 020-83641419 (office 9:00 am – 19:00 pm), 07706970347 or visit our website: www.cosmotherapy.org
The author of the article is - Margarita Bezan, Head of the School of Cosmic Knowledge, Psychologist, A member of the International Professional Psychotherapeutic League (IPPL), Progressor of Cosmoenergy.

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