Visceral chiropractic

М.Bezanidou и Ogulov А.Т. Germany, 2014Visceral Chiropractic (lat, -Chiropractic) - this is old technology, known as Old Church abdominal massage. Chiropractic - specialized equipment hand influence on the internal organs and deep-lying tissues of the body - it is the manual adjustment of the abdominal cavity.

We at the School of Cosmo Knowledge have started practicing this technique since August last year, when I was trained by Professor AT Ogulova. Now we have successfully held various sessions to restore the health and integrity of the organism by means of visceral chiropractic.

М.Bezanidou и Ogulov А.Т. Germany, 2014

Since the standard methods of the approach to solving diseases do not work, I got an urgent need to bring together vast knowledge of cosmo energy and using it in combination with visceral practices for more effective assistance. The result of this situation is the emergence of new technology that I have developed independently.

This technique has no analogues in the world today. In our work we practice chiropractic visceral using a variety of energy and other techniques, which gives quick and spectacular results. Visceral chiropractors can restore the correct position of internal organs.

It works on the damaged ligament (eg. spasm), and can essentially return it to the correct position of the body, normalizing the amplitude and its trajectory. The necessary vibration triggers the rapid regeneration of the body and restores any given system.

The emergence of this technique results in the appearance of the community to request such methods of treatment as they perceive it would really help the body both at mental and physical levels. 

Обучение на семинаре по висцеральной херопрактике у профессора Огулова А.Т. Германия, 2014г. в.jpg


    We provide the following services:

Visceral Chiropractic

 Massage of Internal Organs and the Abdomen (this technique is rarely found around the world.)

 Lifting of Descended/Dropped Organs

Setting up the Navel Center (“Zolotnik”) 

Cupping Therapy and Pulsation Therapy:

Arthritis Pain

 Problems with Bones (skeletal system)

 Neck Pain (cervical vertebrae)

 Lumbago (lower back pain) 

Beauty Treatments

 Vacuum Massage for the Face

 Cleansing of the Lymphatic System, Skin Lifting and Rejuvenation

 Tightening of Skin Tissues (in any area of the body)

 Anti-Cellulite Treatment


We offer a wide range of workshops, master-classes, seminars and training programmes in the field of the energy-informational knowledge and alternative healing methods. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in our center.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone- tel.: 020-83641419 (9:00 am – 19:00 pm), or visit our website

All services are provided by Margarita Bezanidou - a highly qualified specialist, graduate from the School of Visceral Therapy, disciple of Ogulov A.T. (Moscow)

We speak in Greek and Russian languages.