Session work
Session work
disgnostika The Centre is constantly working with different countries. The School of Cosmo Knowledge itself conducts training as preparation for teams during various field trips.

During the visits, the School carries out both educational seminars and specialized training. As the formation of groups occurs, training is issued via different methods, techniques and practices, depending on the interests of the group. Each time you participate the School carries out a diagnosis, consultation and cleaning and wellness sessions with the public. Reception and recording for this work is also carried out by the representatives of local schools.

Our work with students during field trips is regarded as full-time and in the future may continue accordingly by correspondence or through online sessions. Prior to training and dedication you are required to attend pre-cleaning for at least one course. Knowledge transfer is gradual, as attendance is also expected in seminars and additional training sessions. Ascending through the steps of training is dependant on the individual's own abilities.

The program of study for full-time and distance learning can be found in the section Program School of Cosmo Knowledge and Education

Our work with Students during trips.


Read more about the plans of our on-site work.


During our fieldwork we set up regular trips to places of power, which can also be used for initiation and training of students that aim to work with the various energy flows and come into contact with the energies of the mind. Periodically, the center organizes trips for all new comers who are interested with historical sites in different countries, we organize excursions and hiking, as well as visits to places of power in different parts of the planet.

We report everything in regards to our organization and the planning of routes in advance to everyone who is interested. You can apply for participation in the trips by sending us the corresponding email.

Places of Power and Holy Places

In recent years, visiting holy places has become quite popular with travelling amateurs. Paying tribute to the so-called fashion, people do not understand the essence of these events happening to them in their subtle bodies, later after visiting these places individuals begin to fall ill or have temporary mental imbalance. This is called a cathartic crisis of the physical body.

For our students we give an explanation of what happens to us in those places where the Earth gives out such a large energy potential.

When you visit these places, the chakra system calms down and ceases to be active in the physical world. The center of the human consciousness moves on the vertical and our thin wires are arranged in a vertical relationship. Our physical body supplies our spiritual guide (our spirit). All of this happens automatically, regardless of knowledge or ignorance.

We do not regularly visit places of power and holy places, and therefore a set of high-frequency potential is fragmented for people, this has great influence on the spiritual guide of any human being. In everyday life - our Spirit feeds us the energy that we waste on daily needs, to secure our livelihoods. The opposite direction of energy efficiency comes to us very rarely and it is very good for the human soul, especially when we suddenly begin to work on it.

In your everyday life, your Being, your Spirit is waiting for you to return, this is what we call spiritual development. There are certain techniques included in various streams that can start your attunement to the cosmic vibrations within Places of Power. This is what we teach when visiting such places with our students. You yourself can hold in place these power vibrations and you can get acquainted with this in more depth at our seminars which can also be given on-line.

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