School kosmoznany

The main activity of the school today - is the transfer of energy and information to people. This is usually achieved by being in a group or woking individually via training and treatment by non-traditional methods.

After training in the 1-2 stages you get information on energy based interactions associated with the Man-Earth-Universe, and you learn the techniques of spiritual energy diagnostics (visual and remote). You will additionally possess a variety of healing techniques and practices, depending on the direction of your interests. The most crucial point however is learning the availability of various energy-field structures and how to manage any destructive programs or other energetic presences (the minus energy matrix).

During training you will learn to control various energy flows and be familiar with contactless interaction by learning special techniques for the development of zen vision, master methods of constructing power protection and more. Transferable skills involve the spiritual path of development, which allows you to further reveal your hidden opportunities and abilities.

With further training and dedication you will be able to treat any disease within yourself and other people, you will be able to  change your fate and the fate of others, to solve the problems of karma, and remove magical programs of any force which creates limitations. You become immune to any magical effects and can provide real help to the World.

Before the teaching methods however, you must go through unconventional therapy, as well as through various esoteric techniques and practices, it is necessary to pass a preliminary interview and purification. Photo of your aura will allow you to see the status of your energy field at the start of training.

There is both a group and individual work with people. Those that are interested can read the training program set out below. The program involves mandatory participation in seminars that teach various issues within cosmo energy, as well as skills of meditation techniques and practices.

Important information!

For those who want to work professionally with the methods of spiritual healing taught in the School of Cosmo Knowledge - Cosmoenergetics  is the Classical Direction.

International Classic Cosmo Energy Federation (ICCF) is the name of the International Federation of Classical Cosmo Energy. ICCF is officially registered in March 2009, registration number 40008137727. In December 2009, ICCF was adopted in the World Health Organization and is part of the Alliance of Labour and Health in Washington, DC USA. The main task of WHO - the health of people of the world, and the task of the WHO Division, which includes the ICCF - is the health of doctors in the world, as the doctors also need treatment. WHO has set cosmo energists that are members of the ICCF, with their task of treating doctors in the world. ICCF is responsible for any honorable task. At the end of each year, ICCF is obliged to hand over the report on any work done "

The International Federation of Classical Cosmo Energy.