Initiation – symbolically, it is the death of the old and the resurrection of the new. Initiation means the awakening on a new level of consciousness, and the birth of a new conscious outlook on the world (perception of the world). The meaning of initiation – is the implementation of an accelerated spiritual growth.

During initiation, you are getting an increased frequency (your frequency of vibration), which allows you to find inner strengths to go further, from one level of the internal (personal) development to another. Often, such a transition can be accompanied by problems and difficulties in life as if someone, specially, has thrown onto you a lot of problems at once. This is because you have been offered to conduct an analysis of everything that is old and useless in your life, and that will not be needed at the new level.

A person (adult) can achieve a sense of completion, or conscious existence, through the connection of the consciousness with the sub-conscious content of the mind. From this, union arises, by using Jung’s terminology in can be described as - "the transcendent function of the soul", with the help of which, a person can attain the highest goal: the full realization of the spiritual potential of the individual - “I”(Self).

Our school holds co-tuning/attunement (or so-called initiation) to spiritual frequencies. An individual's desire to obtain and use them shows their efforts to achieve that goal - the conscious operation of the consciousness and sub-consciousness. We call it an attunement (co-tuning) of conductors of the consciousness. With their help, the content of the sub-consciousness can be made available to the conscious mind. In course of time, certain information, symbols and signs, which are sent to us from the subtle planes/levels, will then become clear and easily understandable for the human mind.

In other words, it is related to the liberation, or the transcendent overcome of any models and patterns of existence, which have been pre-set for us. It happens when a person moves to the next, more mature and higher stage of their development.

However, the initiation and attunement (co-tuning) do not provide this opportunity automatically. They are associated with certain stages in the life of an individual.

A person, who has gained access to the high-frequency Spiritual flows, must know that frequencies can help, but do not do the work for them. An output to a high-frequency level depends only on the work ethic of a person.

Channels of the Supreme Mind can help us overpass our old values, but new lifestyle should be practically implemented in the reality, not just theoretically conceived.

You must understand the following: if you do not figure out the meaning of life situations that were given to you in order to resolve them, and if you do not adjust your lifestyle to the appropriate direction, then time may be lost, and positive changes in your life will not happen.

With the help of high-frequency channels, and under their influence, anyone can reconcile the conflicting elements of their identity and can achieve a balance that will make them truly human and a true master of him/herself, but not a slave of his/her low animal nature.

If a person has managed to do this, then at the end of the process of transformational changes, prior to the Master's level, the subtle bodies of that person become able to let through and operate with the energies of the transmitted channels of the Spiritual plane of the higher level – the Master of the 3rd degree of initiation.

Initiation – in fact, is a process that begins with the rite of subjection, followed by a period of tests and examinations of the qualitative aspects of a human, and ending by the ritual liberation of the human Spirit. An individual becomes intelligent and self-sufficient, departing away from their animalistic instincts and needs.

Initiation in the School of Cosmo Knowledge allows a person to move from the one type of outlook on the world (after its destruction), to another, which is more complete and perfect. Moreover, this allows a person to adapt physically and mentally to life in two worlds - the spiritual and the social.

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