Energy diagnostics
Photos of Auras


The aurocamera allows you to see yourself and your energetic field (Kirlian effect). Aura analysis is the key to the many problems of man and it is alternatively called 'energetic diagnosis'. Analysis on the field allows you to identify all the ills of the human body long before they appear on the physical body. In the field you can also see all the breakdowns and the presence of negative energy effects (magic programs, the evil eye, the impact of psychotronic weapons, and so forth.)

Photos of aura before and after the cleaning and health treatments are shown; we allow you to see the results of your work with us. It is very interesting to note that after the medical treatment in the field changes hardly occur because orthodox medicine does not always solve the problem, there is no finer bodies and the aurokamera demonstrates this.

What does the color of your aura mean

Explanation of the aura colors

This figure shows the frequency collegiality of the skin energy system in the fallowness of the step of its evolutionary development (change in the mountain). At the fallowness from the release of the waves, it is possible to poke, on the basis of the function of the knowledge, as the priorities of life, the level of the level of interest. For the observance of the certificate, the pressure and energy of the skin people begin.

So they see us from thin planes, Tse our passport at thin Worlds.

Examples of the energy system at certain frequencies

Working with Aura

Photos of aura before and after the cleaning and health treatments.

Example 1


The patient E., 29 years of age. Contacted us with thyroid problems and mental health issues. After 3 month therapy they have completely returned to their normal mental state, recovered their energy tone, and there was a clarity of mind and a sense of freedom as well as a new found ease in communicating with people. Sophisticated touchiness look like a bright yellow color in the field, which characterizes the change in human consciousness.

Example 2


Patient T., 31 years old. She came to us for help with problems of alcoholism, degradation processes of consciousness, lack of work and big problems in her personal life. The photo shows clearly visible lesions in the energy-field (black holes and the absence of the field). However, the visible level of human consciousness, shows her personal potential (purple), which helped the patient to work with us very quickly and start to correct things like health and social life. After 2 courses of therapy she has completely changed her lifestyle, restoring disturbances in the consciousness and energy potential. Recovery of her creative abilities were also observed.

Example 3


Patient M., 45 years old. Addressed the problems of poor sleep, phobias, heart disease and issues within the urogenital system. After a course of treatment we could see visible changes in the field. Sleep was improved, migraines were gone, and cardiovascular activity was normalised. However, what is still visible is fear and stress as a dark aura is still evident (this is the impact of the social environment in which the patient lives). In general the grid shown displayed life was operating as normal. The patient was asked to continue treatment.

Example 4


Patient U, 33yrs. Contacted us with chronic fatigue problems, migraines, a rise in blood pressure and pains in the heart. Repeat of all the photos were taken only after 1 month of therapy. The photo clearly shows the changes that occurred with the patient in all his energetic body due to changes in social values ​​and interests. The maigraine disappeared and the pain in the heart were gone. We also restored the gastrointestinal tract. Chronic fatigue also completely disappeared, as the energetic body was fully recovered. With the change of consciousness - we can change the fate of a person at any given time. This is a prime example of a rapid treatment with joint work from the patient.


Example 5. Options for the affected grid.

The red field structure in the first photo indicates a health problem as well as the presence of financial problems that can lead to a loss of physical strength and depression. The energy is deflated from the field due to parasites that are visible as a vanishing field structure around the edges on the top left and bottom right corners.


In the central photo we see almost blue-black tones, indicating the impasse in human life. The individual is not able to break the vicious circle and eventually comes to be completely de-energized. Depression, a complete collapse of fate, lack of money and loss of faith is the result. This individual has a long way to go due to this destruction in the grid by field parasites.

At the last photo, we see a woman with an unbalanced emotional sphere. Dirty red flashes on the field and on the edges of the aura speak of emotional incontinence, the dingy blue color show the turbidity of consciousness at the time of treatment with us. Emotions are in a constant stress that inevitably leads to loss of energy and does not allow the formation of a strong-willed person. There are also elements of contamination due to the fuzzy operation of the consciousness and due to the cardiac load limit.


Example 6. Aura Energy after cleansing.


These photos in particular are after cleansing, showing the field with increased energy potential, leading to improved physical well-being, calming the nervous system and the changing of consciousness. This field is clean, without breaks has the same density and volume. The difference however lies in the field structures and the level of consciousness between the patients.

Example 7. Examples IAD with deformations.


Patient A, who is a businessman (photo1), appealed for help for fun rather than consciously realizing the need for purification. In the diagnosis and breakdowns we look at the field structure. It can be seen that the aura is very strongly deformed, there is a constant outflow of energy, and therefore it is not harmonically outlined. The pink tone on the field talks about the creative possibilities of man, but he cannot implement them, the muddy green shows the closed heart and limits the formation of heart disease, and the dirty blue color informs about us of his confusion.

Patient E. (photo 2), approached us with problems of heart pain. The photo is clearly a dirty green color, indicating that the disease has come out. The blue color says that the patient asks for help from a higher power, but this is not audible, because the field is contaminated and clouded. Etched on both sides of the aura indicates the presence in the field of energy entities and large stress, leading to loss of power.

Patient K., a businessman (photo 3), came to us with a problem around his feet. He underwent a lot of operations from the best surgeons, but to no avail. The picture shows a complete drained person. The colors of the aura being dirty-red, do not just talk about physical illness and a lack of strength, but also about a bad financial situation. The Golf Channel is also an anchor punctured the top. The field parasites destroy the man on a physical and energetic level. All the features a person possesses in this field are closed.

Example 8. Very interesting analysis of human life line.


N. The patient took energy diagnostics on which we found large deformations in their energy structure and availability of energy entities (photo1). We warned about the deterioration of the patient with their provisions in all spheres of life. Due to low awareness on these issues and materialistic thinking she did not pass the purification and disappeared after 1.5 years. When her situation was clearly worse - not evolved with the work of children, and deteriorating with her health and psyche, she again decided to make a diagnosis (photo 2), in which it was clearly seen the deterioration of the field and energy. The Golf has become a dirty red color, reduced in volume; as there were more precise contours of the introduction of the energy field of parasites (black marks on the field). After re-diagnosis, she decided to take energy therapeutic sessions. Results after 3 months are shown in photo 3. The field is completely cleared, increased in volume. She restored a clean and cleared consciousness and recovered physical strength and mind. There was a new desire to learn and new strength for new beginnings.


Example 9 Growth and change student consciousness fault School.


Pupil K., received initiation and is a successful practitioner working with frequencies by achieving excellent results in the change of their consciousness. In the first photo we see a field structure before purification. There is a break through the whole aura which speaks of serious irregularities in the power system, the impact is particularly focused on the head and the processes of brain functioning. In the next picture we see the process of transmutation. A more open heart is shown as indicated by a green background in the chest. However there is still a presence of forces that will need to be overcome. In the last photo we see that our student was able to achieve a change of their consciousness and align their field structure with the help of our technology. Such an individual is able to solve all their problems on their own, and is a conduit for the assistance of others. The consciousness has changed drastically. The Indigo colour says a lot about the quality of thinking and the pink lilac hues indicate the presence of creativity and inner harmony.