Alternative Medicine
Energy Therapy - today it is one of the modern trends in human therapy. Previously, it was recognized very little by scientists, but over time and with the advent of various discoveries in the field of the wave and the physical processes occurring in the material world, this type of therapy has found its place in modern science. Various devices that are used in modern medicine were established based on the study of wave phenomena and radiation processes. It was the beginning of energetic therapy in modern traditional medicine. The West has been opening up slowly to such approach but in the East healers have performed quite successfully in different directions. Additionaly, the West has considered this a non-traditional method of treatment, whilst in the East it was accepted as a traditional method of treatment for people. In the end, with the aggregation and analysis of data via these eastern healing practices, Western medicine has began to gradually introduce mechanisms used in these other "distant overseas countries."

By studying the effects created by wave devices on the energy channels and meridians of the human, modern medicine has achieved better results on the basis that energy treatment is possible as effects produced in the human energy structure have been observed. The energy-based therapy method was developed and based on the data of psychology, metaphysics and ancient Chinese notions of the fundamental laws of physics and biology.

Slowly surrendering their positions, modern scholars find themselves to now speak about the energy of the body, promoting drugs and devices that have been created by their order on a commercial basis. Today, with the study and analysis of the human DNA, we are starting to talk more and more about the influence of ones consciousness and thoughts on their condition. The fact that 50 years ago this was considered a pseudoscience and not recognized by the scientific world, like for example, cybernetics, today it is fully sweeping the planet as an advanced scientific method, and as an achievement of the human mind. The same can be said about Energy-based Therapy.

The name of "energy medicine" was introduced in the 1980s after the founding of the non-profit American International Research Society of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. Theories and views by this society were described in two books with the title "Energy Medicine".


Energy medicine - a term used for all practices that are recognized alternative to orthodox (conventional Western) medicine. It combines a variety of techniques, such as acupuncture (acupressure), laser, light, magnetic therapy, therapy orgone energy W. Reich, therapy with pyramid energy, vibrational medicine, multidimensional medicine, QI therapy (QiGong), polarity therapy, Reiki, healing different types of practices in the US, Cosmo Energetics in Russia, spiritual healing, prayer, meditation, Tantra, Yantra.

The proposed method has been studied in various contexts such as by the use of animals as "energy" donors, and the capabilities that animals may hold when it comes to healing by energy, alternatively we can also look at plants and the restoration of various electrical appliances (B. Groening) using "energy" organic (orgone) species. Organic energy or orgone energy (Latin organismus -. Living being) is not admitted to the modern scientific world so far. Organic energy denotes a kind of "universal life energy". The term was initialy proposed by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich as part of his theory on the causes of certain mental illnesses. The theory was criticized by his colleagues for neglecting scientific methods of that time in the development of evidence, as well as for the fact that the existence of this type of energy must fundamentally deny the existing laws of physics (in particular - the laws of thermodynamics).

According to the WHO, this method of treatment does not apply to health care. As postulated in the energy medicine treatment of diseases, this type of method uses undetectable energy and thus it has no scientific status. Science only acquires its status through theory, the result of which can be confirmed or refuted by experiments. But due to the fact that we have not yet created devices that can examine such complexities in the modern world, scientists themselves do not possess properties that allow them to carry out similar experiments that they may need. Although this approach is to the subject of human healing, this type of practice has successfully taken root in human society since ancient times.


Application of energy therapy is based on the hypothesis that the disease is caused by disorders not in the physical structure of the body, but in the "energetic" plane, for example, in the energy channels and meridians of the human system or various subtle bodies. By using energetic therapy these violations or "energy imbalance" can be restored. The nature of these energies is a "thin" (ether), and can not be directly measured by physical devices. These energies are beyond the the range of frequencies of any known material. Today, only some practitioners are able to argue that they can not only consciously work with this type of energy, but they can also see it with their own eyes, as well as be able to consciously perform actions in the human subtle bodies. Most practitioners of these methods are people who do not really understand what they are doing, without fully understanding what is happening with the human body during various transformation processes.

Today there are scientific studies that speak about evidence in regards to leaving a trace of energy on the physical medium of any kind, including the human body (the study of Academician Peter Goryaeva). There are also non-scientific studies confirming the ability to influence the subtle energy in ways undetectable by technical means, showing their therapeutic effect. This is described in the papers on the effect of human consciousness in DNA work.

To understand the difference of wave impacts in energy-based therapy, alternative and medical approaches we can look at the following:

Scientific methods of treatment use the energy of mechanical vibrations (such as sound, ultrasound) and electromagnetic radiation, including visible light, magnetism, monochromatic radiation (eg laser). These methods are used to treat patients with radiation which is includes physically measurable frequencies and wavelengths. The Russian medical terminology, refers to these as physical therapy or radiotherapy. It is EHF-therapy, Lithotherapy, Magnetic, etc. They have been tested and determined to be valid. The use of lasers, magnetic pulsation systems, nuclear magnetic resonance, also referred to as energy-based treatments. However, some methods remain controversial (eg, magnetic therapy - treatment with a constant magnetic field) is often ranked among the pseudo-scientific methods of therapy), although widely used, especially in spa treatment.

Energy-based alternative methods of influence on a person are vast in numbers (see the above options of energy medicine.), But they are all based on a single platform - in the development of the human consciousness, which is reaching in its evolution to a certain stage in development; being able to control the energy and consciously implement the correction of health problems. In fact, this program has been in development since the time of our existence as a species sapiens. Through time we learn to understand and develop these processes within ourselves, but it is difficult to go beyond the understanding of the material world, such as that of the planetary complex. This task is in front of each human consciousness. Understanding these processes can only happen if the person is directing their interest in information, by beginning to to search, sort, and organize their life, bringing themselves into a coherent system of knowledge and understanding of how it all works.

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