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Our website provides information about the energy structure of the human and the cosmic laws of the Universe, which are closely related to both the mental and physical health of a person. Here you can find out how, with the help of our training, you can improve your personality, destiny and reach your goals in life. You also can learn how to program your life and achieve success in any field.

We can teach you how, with the help of your consciousness to operate and manage energies of the Spiritual flows, and how to be able to exit from the negative influence of Egregors. By transferring this knowledge that was previously considered as a taboo for almost all of us, we raise a person up to a new level of development, in terms of their energy and intellect.

We carry out versatile work in relation to  health healing by using modern technologies, as well as knowledge that has been passed down through generations.

After acquiring the energo-informational knowledge about our Universe/World: its structure and the principles of interaction between the Human and the Universe at the energy level, you will be able to correct the genetic codes, restore an affected energy system, and to help not only yourself, but also, other people in the physical, psychological and social aspects of their lives. Our students are carrying this knowledge all around the world.

This and so much more you can get to know on various pages and sections of our website.

The Cosmo Energy Method - How Energetic Practice Works

One of the areas studied in the School of Cosmo Knowledge - is Cosmo Energetics

In recent years C.E is increasingly being recognised and there is more desire to learn this method steadily. The simplicity and accessibility of the method allows you to quickly receive initiation (initiation or attunement that gives access to the use of space programmes), however, there are certain restrictions on access based on:

- first of all is the presence of mental disorders in humans,

- other energetic presences,

- the negative consciousness egregors

- the person's age,

- you can not go into cosmo energetics with the mentality to make money, because this leads to a very quick crash in your personal life and your financial life.

The state of your energy system and the functionality of your consciousness are determined on the energy diagnostics individually.



This section presents the history of the Centre and the School of Consciousness Kosmoznany in photos. Jobs Schools began in 2001 in the city of Athens for 10 years work was carried out in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Russia and England, which resulted in the formation of energoinformatiki got hundreds of people who have suffered this knowledge throughout the world.

Meetings at conferences and seminars training, friendship with leaders of Schools kosmoenergetiki different directions; exchange of experience and knowledge, contacts teachers of various religious denominations, and participation in international exhibitions; holding their own seminars and work with patients - all this is reflected in the photos from the beginning of the work of the Center of Development of Consciousness until today.

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