Energy diagnostics
Energy diagnostics

Diagnosis of the Energetic Human Structure

What the common man needs to know is far from the various teachings of energy cooperation. We must always be on the path of discipleship and of understanding our own subtle structures.

It is enough to understand and accept the fact that today a large number of people have access to the energy techniques of destruction and with each passing day the number increases more and more. The modern man is constantly exposed to the influence of others, even if it doesn't have any sort of magical effect there is still the constant impact of psychotronic weapons, as well as a variety of destructive information channels, which have a negative impact on our genetic codes. Today, in addition to various professionals, there is a lot of « experts » that possess energy, and other techniques that were previously not available to the common man in the street. We can say that there is an entire industry to provide such services.

In addition to purely magical practices and domestic defeats, such as the evil eye, damages, spells, curses, vampiric effects, energy-fouling parasites and essences in energy plans, there are many different energy structures. These include hypnosis, coding, foreign programming, the impact of foreign Egregors, as well as other obsessions. This is not a complete list of destructive programs that can affect the human energy system.

By having a diagnosis of your energy, one can understand why they may have poor health, lack of strength, drowsiness or depression, to determine the presence of a program that causes a disease or condition in dead-end affairs.

Viewing Diagnostics

Photos of the field structure on the system of an Aura Camera
We believe that in order to work with you, first of all, you need to know in what state you are in terms of your power. This state is determined by the characteristics of your chakras and subtle bodies, which are interrelated and determine each other. When the physical body is sick, it means that there isn't a stable connection with the subtle matrix due to failures and breaches of the subtle structure. These violations are defined in energy diagnostics.

The diagnosis includes questions whereby the answers will help you better understand the condition and situation of your life, therefore, you will be efficiently equipped to deal with anything.


- FInd the program to your way of life and its transmission errors (the so-called karmic human program). Diagnosis to determine the errors of your past or ancestral lines of your parents.

- operation of energy centers of the chakras, their condition: the presence of power units and destructive programs, human energy matrix.

- immediate causes of the current disease and possible health problems in the near future. To reveal the hidden stage of alleged diseases.

- the presence of destructive thought forms and emotions that can form additional problems in a person's life,

- your level of information; find out why you do not hear your intuition,

- points to the possibility of traumatic situations, conflicts, failures, etc.

Energy diagnosis is carried out in order to change and improve your health problems and ultimate fate, by understanding and rethinking your mistakes. It allows a person to function in the future consciously by getting out of the deadlock, and starting to solve their problems.

Diagnosis is made individually.

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