Workshops / Trainings

Seminars and workshops conducted by the School of Cosmo Knowledge

  1. Energy and information exchange-Man universe. Switching ring man and the universe.
  2. Spiritual healing in Christian egregor. Vibrating centers keys used in the treatment of Cosmoenergy and Christian prayer. Prayer Ignatius Brenchaninova complex. (Seminar - training)
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  4. The doctrine of the Ascension (lectures)
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  6. Transformation and transmutation. Human memory banks. Working with memory banks for the purification of karmic programs.
  7. Cosmic laws of the universe
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  9. Traps and viruses of human consciousness
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  11. The hierarchical system of the universe. Negative and positive system of the universe.
  12. hierarchical structure of the universe. Civilization dark and light rings of the universe. Civilization of the Great Rings Glow.
  13. Out on contact with their spiritual guides. (Training seminars).
  14. energy-information exchange with the universe. Contacts and kontakterstvo. Types of contacts.
  15. The impact of negative energy on the human system. Partial and full biorobotizatsiya person. Methods of protection against the negative effects of the system.
  16. spiritual. Duhovedenie. Stepwise formation of the human soul. The power structure of the Human Soul.
  17. Merkaba - the body of Light. Construction of energy-field light body. (Informatsiiony material).
  18. Cosmoenergetics as a method energoterapii. The essence of the method.
  19. Using the genetic code of human DNA. "DNA Healing. The techniques and practices for changing the genetic code of human DNA "(two-day seminar).
  20. «Minus energy. Work with Field parasites. »
  21. Symbol - space language. Symbols and signs of human life.
  22. «Cosmoenergetics - as the energy information exchange - Human-Earth-Space. Express methods of therapy and spiritual development. »
  23. «Variations of Energy and defeats. The dangers of meditation and hypnosis. »
  24. «Egregors. Egregor and human consciousness. The dependence of the human energy-Egregors »
  25. Money and spiritual development of the individual (training seminar with audio meditation)
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  27. Money, why they do not suffice. The energy of money.
  28. New in kosmoenergeticheskih practices (two-day training seminar)
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  30. The techniques and practices that contribute to the development of human psychic abilities (training seminar)
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  32. Technology astral protection (training seminar)
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  34. Human Space clock software human life
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  36. Energy diagnostics. Energy-destruction of the aura (a training seminar with a photo of the aura).
  37. Power Management subtle plans. Features of your consciousness (training seminar).
  38. Go 2012. How to survive in the new energies coming epoch
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  40. Hosts Human and Earth
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  42. Mistakes Spiritual path (2 day workshop)
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  44. How to be heard by God
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  46. The impact of psychotronic weapons per person. Methods of defeat and unlock technology and purification of human consciousness through kosmoenergeticheskih practices.
  47. The practice to work with genetic codes of DNA and heart disclosure limits. Seminar-training.
  48. Problem solvation of the mankind with the help of the subconscious’ influence.