Terms of service delivery and the return of funds for individual consultations and diagnostics energetichenskuyu

1. If an energy advice or diagnosis for some reason or another canceled on the scheduled date, we can reassign a new date for the ordered services or according to the customer to return the full value of his paid services.

2. If the customer makes a payment for consultation or diagnosis in advance, but to participate in it for one reason or another can not, what prevents us 1 day prior to the consultation, we can assign and agree with the client for the new time this work. If the customer warns of the impossibility of passing the ordered service in less than 1 day, the money will not be returned.

3. If the client refuses services, paid them in advance, and warns us of their decision for 2 days before the scheduled date of the consultation, we will refund the full price of the ordered services or the diagnosis, but minus the commission, taken from us payment systems (Commission resolution It depends on the payment method that advice, and may be 0-10%) was paid.

4. We do not refund the money, after consultation, as this is not a commodity, and the elapsed time and the work of our specialists. We work with the utmost professionalism and expertise and do everything possible in our power to provide effective assistance in all areas of life of any person.


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Energy diagnostics, VIP-services (available on On-line)


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Cleaning and health b / contact session (possible in Online mode)

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Visceral chiropractic. Vibration, pulsation therapy.

Intramural Workshop - 4 hours + 30 minutes break.

ONLINE Distance Learning (+ 10 seminars Consultations on the topics)

Teaching method Cosmoenergy (+ 2 CD with the video of the seminar)

Energy cleaning of offices and residential premises by agreement, depending on the quadrature

Charitable contribution to the development of the Centre - at the request of any

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* If you pay in another currency in the amount of payment include 4,5%
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