Today, energy therapy is one of the most sought after types of therapy in the field of nontraditional healing practices. Our school successfully applies various energy therapy methods for cleansing and healing of the body. With the use of the channels within Cosmo Energy frequencies, which have a broad spectrum of action, we can solve health and mental problems, as well as normalize the operation of the entire energy system of a person, bringing it into a harmonious and balanced state.

The number of treatment sessions required varies depending on a patient’s problem. During our energy therapy practices, along with the use of Cosmo Energy frequencies, we conduct energy cleansing with the help of the prayers of the Christian Egregor.  In addition to that, in our work, we apply methods that have been practiced and developed by the people called “Old Believers”. Siberian healers gave these practices to us, there it is still preserved as ancient Vedic knowledge.

Moreover, we are practicing the cleansing of the human energy system with the use of the channel Logos. It allows us to quickly bring a person/patient to a state of normal functioning for both their consciousness and their psyche, restoring the ruined health.

All methods of energy therapy have repeatedly reconfirmed themselves during 25 years of work. We are constantly improving and updating our work and acquiring new knowledge in the field of energy therapy. We apply new knowledge in addition to old methods, which allows us to quickly solve problems of our patients, not only health problems, but also, any issues within the social sphere.