520f466e-f6aa-11e2-89d4-22000a91e9a7-medium.pngEducation and training in our school is aimed towards adults. We can train anyone within 18+ years of age, as this is when individuals form a certain level of understanding and gain the responsibility for their actions.

The development depends on your own evolutionary leap forward and above everything else. Committing to something of this caliber is not possible for everyone as it requires a change in human consciousness. Education in our school is set in stages, as the capabilities of each person and the speed of learning and advancement of evolutionary development path is all different. Obtaining knowledge does not equal progress within development, this is something different entirely.

Reading the right books is necessary, but not sufficient enough for you to develop. Only by understanding the information transmitted to you will you gain knowledge, and start your own Human development as you interact with the world. If a person uses the correct interactions with the world, only then can they develop. Improper interaction leads to involution. Therefore, without the knowledge of the cosmic nature an individual can only create more problems.

Knowledge - is a tool, without which nothing can be done. Without it you can lose what you have achieved. With the freedom of understanding - an individual can get to shape their own sequence of events in life. This is called the ability to control your own destiny as you become responsible for every act. In our development programs we lay out the information that a person cannot develop when their activities are focused only on themselves. You must always give and not be blinded, be reasonable with the knowledge of what is happening to you. Development can only happen when an individual doesn't only act for themselves but also for others around them.

When reading large amounts of information the brain is filled with knowledge and becomes wiser, but an evolutionary development is possible only through actions. The right action is only achieved through work in practice, not through yoga or meditating exercises but actual actions towards the world around you.

It is necessary to overcome your laziness and constant doubt, constantly push yourself forward. But without an understanding of how these processes work it is impossible to move forward in such direction.

Brain development - is not only achieved by filling in information. The disclosure of hidden human abilities and capabilities is necessary to develop the whole human energy structure, not just the brain. Only if the entire energy system is developed can the brain be led to a state of proper operation, when you start to expand its capacity. Only then can we talk about a person as a co-creator. These processes are explained in our training seminars.

With the help of our training an individual can get feedback and be able to expand their influence in their surrounding society and in the world.