Remote work. Online Work via the Internet.

Seminars, trainings, webinars.

On-line work does not only optimize the process of distance education, but also makes it possible to open a support network with pupils, students and interested people to carry out various informational campaigns in order to attract new people to our center and be anle to provide comfortable communication with the management center of our various branches, as well as the exchange of professional experience and the latest news in the field of alternative medicine and cosmo knowledge.

As with all communication systems and online connections, it is impossible to guarantee 100% the quality of communication as it is also dependant on individual networks. We do therefore provide a record of all seminars that are held online. Anyone that is interested can get a link or a recording on disk.

Entries seminars and webinars is a technical recording of everything during the seminar, which is broadcast. Rights of this record belong to the Centre of Consciousness and Development (Cosmo Knowledge School). Access to the records is granted only for personal use. Any distribution in any form is a violation of copyright and property rights of the Centre and will be prosecuted. As in any communication system, both abroad and in Russia, it is impossible to guarantee 100% availability on-line, or the quality of communication, we do guarantee the opportunity for our students to receive full information on the seminar with the help of videos produced by our activities. We record each seminar and provide students access to records when communication problems ensue.

How can I access this? It is very easy! You register on the site, pay for your chosen services, and at the right day and time are connected to the online course via the Internet. Sign up for seminars, diagnosis or treatment, you can send us an application or call us via the phone numbers listed in the Contact section.

The center conducts remote cleansing and health work for everyone who for compelling reasons cannot receive full-time training e.g. medical reasons.

Terms of teleworking: All patients wishing to undergo cleansing via our wellness sessions remotely, must pass the energy diagnostics first whereby we identify the patient's problem and bring it to their awareness as to what needs to be done in parallel with our work during the entire treatment. Diagnosis is possible to pass both online (through a photograph) or via direct contact.

Contactless Operation provides you with 2 options of treatment:

Option 1 includes sending to our address your photograph, it may only be one or multiple. Prescription photos do not matter. Work is carried out with the implementation of advance payment on our account of the center. Dates of our work and the amount of payment is specified in each individual case depending on the patient's problems and the place (country of residence), depending on this our prices are adjusted for the services provided.

Option 2 provides you with a teleworking system via SKYPE or other similar applications on the Internet, using a camcorder and microphone; on-line. In this case, the diagnosis and treatment sessions are conducted under the supervision of the teacher during the course. At the same time the patient receives advice and explanation of everything happening to them immediately under the strict control of the healer through the whole cleansing course. As in the previous version, the work is carried out only after pre-payment by the patient at the center. After selecting the options for assistance, you can contact us, depending on your current location, you will be offered services of the leading specialist of our center (on-line) or specialist in your area.
Contact us: E-mail: portal@cosmotherapy.org

VIP-consultations, diagnostics.

Energy diagnostics.

This service is performed at times that are convenient for the patient, including weekends. Individual reception is conducted during the time that is required for the patient, taking into account the hourly rate. VIP - advice and personalized welcome lasts from 1 to 3 hours maximum. When closing individual time for the reception, the patient can be provided services not only in diagnosing, counseling, but also sessions of energetic therapy or emergency care if necessary.

VIP-counseling is provided by the system of « Question - Answer » through a professional psychologist that will take into account and analyse the patient's situation. This is not the answer to the causes of diseases, which we instead define in the energy diagnostics, here we do not consider any components and karmic debts from genetic lines and we do not not analyze the program of human genetic codes. This consultation is on matters in which the patient can understand for themselves. Here the patient tells their problems, and a psychologist provides professional advice, at the same time also providing psycho-correction (giving awareness to the errors of ones actions), if necessary. This type of consultation provides recommendations for the course of treatment for various problems and diseases.

On the other hand, the case of energy diagnostics tells you everything you need to know, including human awareness and understanding the situation of ones health or destiny. The patient, mainly listens and asks questions only when something is either not clear and to be repeated or not completely understood.

During Energy Diagnostics the patient can bring with them their partner, friend or family member if support is needed, VIP-reception however, as a rule, is carried out only individually.


Online Therapy