After graduating from our School of Cosmo Knowledge you will have a set of practical skills and deep knowledge of processes that occur in the subtle world of energies; their causes, working principles and main characteristics. You will understand how it affects our lives, and will be able to manage these processes.

You will acquire the following techniques:

Perception of Energy (ability to feel and ‘see’ energies)

Dealing with energy flows

Energy cleansing and energy protection methods

Internal (inner) alchemy of a human


Concentration, meditation and breathing techniques


Ability to ‘read’ information from the energo-system of a human

Building up a strong will power

Spiritual Vision

Transition to a new state/quality of the consciousness (ability to consciously shift the assemblage point of the consciousness)

You will acquire practical skills in the following area:



Dream Interpretation


You will be able to:

Create mental thought-forms

Conduct energy diagnostics and heal the body and soul of a person

Read information from the subtle planes of a human and the planetary complex

Identify the true (spiritual) reasons for any problems and negative events in people’s lives

Deal with the astral ‘double’ - the phantom of a person

Re-program and/or remove negative programmes

Use the energy in order to make an impact on the world around you

Manage your fate/destiny and influence the events in the past, present and future

At the end of this training you will have:

Initiation into the Higher Spiritual Channels

Knowledge, which have been passed down to us from our Higher Spiritual Teachers

Clean and protected energy system

Ability to consciously communicate with your Higher Spiritual Curators and Mentors from the subtle planes and perceive their guiding

Please see below our training programme. If you need more information in this regard please let us know, so we will arrange an appointment for you to discuss it further, in all details. Alternatively, you can attend some of our training sessions, lectures and seminars, which are regularly held in the school. The working languages of the seminars/trainings are Russian and Greek, and if you need to, we can provide interpreters in those languages, as well as languages presented on our website.

The School’s Training Programme (Theory and Practice):

Level 1 (in-class or online)

Energy structure of the Human and the planet Earth. The Human Chakra System

Energo-relationships and interaction between the Human, the Earth and the Universe

Techniques of cleansing/purification of the energy of the human chakra system, its centers and energy channels

Cosmic Laws of the Universe

Breathing exercises

Concentration and relaxation techniques

Meditation practices

Perception of the energy (ability to feel and ‘see’ energies)

Development of astral vision, situations ‘viewing’

Level 2 (in-class or online)

Method of Energy Diagnostics

Dowsing (Bio-location) – determination of the location of the geo-pathogenic zones and blocking them out

Techniques and practices for developing psychic abilities and skills

Methods of energy protection/defense

Regulations and rules of the spiritual healing

Cosmo energy: concept, principles, methods

Hierarchical Systems of the Universe

Dealing with the Christian Egregore (methods for establishing the communication channel with it)

Level 3 (in-class or online)

A deeper consideration of a range of practices and techniques that have been examined previously (level 1 and 2)

Initiation into the Higher Energy Channels – the planetary programmes of the development of the Earth (Cosmoenergy), and the channels of the Christian Egregore. These Channels are complex, comprehensive and universal. They allow us to: cure most diseases, eliminate the negative energy of any kind and change any situation in a favorable direction; they also provide us with the energo-protection and help us to work out the karmic programmes

Internal (inner) alchemy of a human – dealing with the inner planes of the subconscious. The personal growth and development in the positive direction

Level 4 (in-class or online)

A deeper consideration of practices and techniques that have been examined previously (level 1, 2,3)

Initiation into the Higher Energy Channels and co-tunings after receiving basic channels

Technique of the "Fire Flower” (Initiation)

Dealing with the genetic codes of DNA

Level 5 (in-class or online)

Practices of “Entering into the contact with your Spiritual Mentors" and gaining an ability to work at the level of a subconscious

Practices of the Spiritual Healing (an ability to co-tune/connect the Consciousness with the Heart)

Introduction to the Eastern healing system/method - "U-SIN"

Initiation into the more powerful Higher Cosmic Channels

Practices of the Christian Praying (Esoteric Christianity)

Level 6 (in-class or online)

Higher Initiation and gaining status of the Master of Cosmoenergy (43 channels) - 3 days (in-class only)

Initiation into the "Egregore of Zaroastrizm" - 3 days (in-class only)

Exorcism and methods of dealing with the negative energy matrixes/beings of any dimensions

Understanding and gaining an ability to work with the Saints’ channels of the Christian Egregore

Initiation into the Channels of the Christian Egregore: the concepts of the ‘Cosmic Scalpel’, ‘Razoloo’, and ‘Cleaning of the Karma`s Vessel’

The channel of the Planetary Logos: understanding and gaining an ability to work with/on it

Level 7 (in-class only)

Initiation into the 1st Master Degree

Initiation into the 2nd Master Degree

Initiation into the 3rd Master Degree

There are 200 channels in total. The Initiation lasts 3 days

Level 8 (in-class only)

Understanding and gaining an ability to work with/on the channel of the World – the central energy flow of the Universe, which is working through the channel of Logos of the Sun, for our planet Earth

Level 9

An ability to connect, work and function according to the programmes of the Creator

Gaining status of the Progressor of Cosmoenergy

Some topics of the theoretical part of the course:

Interaction of the Matter and Spirit + Cosmic Laws + Hierarchic Systems of the Universe + Principles of the energo-informational interaction + Human as a spiritual and material being + Energy Bodies and Energy Centers of a human + Concept of a ‘Double’ (phantom operations) + Energy Flows of the Universe + Energo-transgressors + Concept of the Universal Love + Structure and ‘population’ of the subtle world + Understanding the ‘Symbolism’ + Understanding the concept of ‘Karma’ + Energy of Money + Destructive programmes of Subconscious + Causes of Physical and Mental diseases + Understanding the concept of ‘Fear’ + Greed - a sign of the ‘closed heart’ + Understanding the concept of Acceptance (Humility) + Repentance, Atonement and Forgiveness - an algorithm that was given us by Jesus Christ + Understanding the concept of ‘Good and Evil’ as the duality of our world

Our training provides a comprehensive education in the field of the cosmic knowledge and related fields. It includes theoretical and practical courses, which allow you to acquire a unique knowledge and techniques, systematically and sequentially. All the techniques, methods and exercises, which you can find in our training programme, have been repeatedly tested in practice and they work.

 Download programme of the school of cosmo-knowledge