If you decide to be treated and get help from us, then you should know that our method does not involve treatment of only certain organs - the liver or kidney, and not only solves one of any problem in social terms. We rearrange the whole individual, with all their problems, both physical and mental. Today, not only in the esoteric, but also in the academic world we discuss the relationship and interdependence of fate and human health.

Consult us for help and if you need to know the type of work that is needed to correct your entire power system. Purification and treatment of affects and corrects violations on all the energy bodies at the same time, including the physical body. No matter what the person has addressed to us, they gradually get rid of all their diseases and problems of life. We can explain in full that success is possible only with the close cooperation of the patient and the healer. Getting rid of diseases, suffering, improving life not temporarily, but permanently can only be achieved by changing your level of awareness and understanding the many processes that may have not been realized due to lack of knowledge.

From session to session, we raise the patients awareness of their difficult road and their negative qualities as well as teach them to study this on the inner planes of the soul. We explain how to act at critical points of their program of life, giving the necessary knowledge and assistance in any deadlocks that would rather appear hopeless to human situations.

Reception is held for all who wish to undergo cleaning and wellness sessions. Energetic therapy sessions can take place in person (contact or contactless operation), or remotely. Contactless operation - is when the impact on the patient's consciousness is performed remotely, regardless of distance and place/location.

Cleansing the power system includes: the integrity of the organism in energy recovery and the physical plane, which leads to getting rid of health problems, normalization of mental status, restoring vitality and immunity. This type of work goes on through courses. There is essentially a number of health treatments that the patient is required to undertake for the full cleaning and recovery of the body. How long this treatment lasts is determined during energy diagnostics.

Contact Work with Patients

This work is carried out with the person by overlaying the healer's hands on certain points and areas of the body in order to correct energy disturbances.

We are approached by people who have bypassed many doctors, and remain undecided. Among our patients are people who for many months or years are suffering from various illnesses or diseases in a very advanced stage, as well as psychological problems and are in a situation of deja-vu.

In the case of chronic diseases, treatment courses range from one to four courses of treatment. One course is - 10 sessions per month (every other day). This is a scheme of therapy, which can not be broken, followed by a break for a month. Then comes the next course. Negative programmes of life can be cleaned up after 1-5 sessions, depending on the strength and the statute of limitations of any given destructive program.

We have also provided emergency assistance: Quick correction of nerves, and psychological depression, withdrawal syndrome, suicide. This work is carried out locally and ON-LINE.

Contactless Work provides 2 Options of Treatment:

работа по он-лайн.jpg1) Online Systems: Skype (or another similar system on the Internet) by using a video camera online diagnostics and online therapy can be undertaken. In this case, the diagnosis and treatment sessions are conducted under the supervision of the healer during the entire course of therapy. At the same time the patient receives advice and explanation of everything happening to them. The cleansing course is supervised under the strict control of the healer.

Working time and the amount of payment is specified in each individual case, depending on the place of residence (time zone) and the patient's problems (the country of residence with different incomes), this is set during diagnosis.

2) Pictures: to carry out this work we recommend you should send to our e-mail a photograph, where the patient has to also include their full name and date of birth. Prescription photos do not matter, anything can work.

After selecting the options for assistance, you can contact us, depending on where you are located, you will be offered services of the leading specialist of our center (online) or specialist in your area.

Our work is carried out only after pre-payment at the expense of the Center. Payment options: Transfer to an account, e-card or PayPal Electronic Payments Here

Description of frequencies used in therapy