In this article we are going to consider energy healing in its diversity, in order to give you better understanding of different types of energy healing methods and their specifications. Thus, you will be aware of various types of energy impact on your body, and its quality, if you decide to undergo energy therapy.
The method of energy healing has come into our life and become widely spread. Nowadays, there is no one doubts that such work can be carried out anywhere. Many people seek help from healers of different types and directions. How does it work in each individual case? How does it work depending on a healer’s specification, for example: a healer-prayer, a healer-psychic, a healer, who uses Reiki or Cosmoenergy, a healer-shaman, etc. Also interesting, how the certain energy systems such as Universal energy, Qi Gong or Quantum Touch therapy work.
Where does the energy come from and who receives it?
It is impossible to provide you with a full analysis of this question in one short article. However, we can give you a general overview of the situation in this regard. It is enough to know that psychics, bio-energy therapists and parapsychologists use their own energy when they work with clients. They get their energy supply from Egregors of 3rd info-level of the Earth, which is the astral stratum/level of the planet. It means that energy characteristics of these healers (and healing practices) are slightly higher than energy of their patients. This is not a high-frequency (spiritual) energy. These types of healers ‘burn’ illnesses/diseases/problems of their patients through themselves (their own organism), and therefore they get sick very often.
The same can be said about various shamans, masters of magic schools and sages with poor skills and low level of the spiritual development (3rd info-level of the Earth). Nevertheless, such healers do not consider themselves as poorly skilled and/or underdeveloped, because they do not understand where their energies come from. In fact, they take energies from certain Egregors, to which these healers are attached. Usually, Egregors have enough power to cure/solve problems of a person, but not always. However, all Egregors are located not higher then the astral level of the planet.
Healers-prayers - is another category of healers, who, in their work, use a request-prayer for a sick/problematic person. This type of healers, also, work in conjunction with the Egregor, but in this case, only with the Christian Egregore, and so, they get help from there. The difference here is only in the fact that there are spiritual healers-prayers (whom are just few), who work on the channel of Logos, and who are able to conduct complicated cleansing processes, including elimination/expelling of negative energy beings/matrixes.
There are various types of sages and traditional/folk healers. They also use prayers in their work, but these are conspiracies prayers. This sort of healing is carried out with the help of the magical Egregors of different levels of development - the so-called white and black magic. These prayers-readings can be quite dangerous because behind magical Egregors can stand negative energy beings/matrixes from lower dimensions, or as they are also called – ‘spirits beneath the sky’.
Now let’s consider the energy healing systems, which became very popular and widespread at the end of the last century. These are Reiki, Quantum Touch therapy, Universal energy, healing practices of Qi Gong, DEIR and many others. These healing systems claim that they provide their clients with the energy from the higher planes/levels or Divine energy. Have you ever asked yourself - who supply this energy? I think you did, and probably more than once.
I would like to talk about it in more detail, in order for you to understand the difference between the true Spiritual Ray and Rays of low energy. First of all, a person/human is the conductor of energy. It means that in the healing process a human-healer, with the help of a consciousness, reaches the point of the energy supply and connects with energy flows. Then, a healer conducts this energy flow through him/herself and feed it into a patient. There are different ways of reaching the point of energy supply (connection with energy flows) - from the lower astral level to the lower mental level, maximum. Only Sufis are able to reach the middle level, but not ordinary healers, who treat patients by Reiki, or Quantum Touch, or Universal energy.
All these healers take and use energy from the astral layer/level of the planet. They also take and use energy from Egregors, to which they are attached through teachers or Schools (that is where these healers have been trained and collected information about certain healing practices). The Gift of God, in the form of the descended Holy Spirit, works differently, and this rarely takes place in the ordinary mundane life. Here we are talking about true spiritual healers – people call them “healers from God”. These healers adhere to the following rule/law – if they have got it (the gift) for free, then it should be given for free as well. The Lord, oneself, takes care of these healers - conductors of its Spirit on the Earth.
If you have found such a ‘healer from God’, then you will be provided full assistance and healing of all your energy planes. Moreover such a healer, along with a treatment, will point you to mistakes that led you to this ailment, that is the spiritual causes of your diseases. That is why these healers are called confessors/spiritual fathers - they heal human’s soul. Thus, the ill soul can be cured only by very high-frequency energies of a spiritual plane (causal and higher), but never with energies of the astral, and even mental levels/planes of the planet.
Cosmoenergy, also, has its healers and they are also different. There are beginners, advanced healers and healers, who have reached the Magister/Master’s level, but who are not true masters. Sometimes a beginner, who is working with patients on pure impulse of the heart, is able to achieve more than a master, who is conducting “good luck ”sessions or charging talismans. Many Cosmoenergy practitioners simply do not understand this method, simplifying it to the use of primitive codes of energy activation. Therefore, the quality, speed and overall results of healing will be different. Not all of them reach even higher astral, not to mention about the 4th planetary info-level - Consciousness of the Earth.
The channels of Logos and Jesus Christ transmit energy to the Christian Egregor through the Consciousness of the Earth. Only healers-Visionaries and Masters of Cosmoenergy, who have achieved a high level of the consciousness development, and who understand mechanisms of inclusion into informational fields of the planet, can carry out a very high-quality work aimed at cleansing of the energy system of a patient. If a person has no knowledge about the Universe/Creation and its construction, then such a person cannot understand where the energy can be taken from. You need to understand that there are two options of inclusion:
1. According to the true faith. These are healers-Visionaries.  
2. Through the expansion of consciousness to the certain parameters, which allow the Consciousness of the Earth to identify/recognize it as a reasonable consciousness. Only after that a person can be given a pass to higher planetary levels, such as super-consciousness: 5th and 6th info-levels of the Earth.
Cosmic frequencies - the energies, which are available for us in accordance with the Creator's plan for acceleration of evolutionary processes on the Earth, and for awakening ‘sleeping’ consciousness (people) that have lost orientation in a world of consumerism. These frequencies are going from the planet`s super-consciousness (5th, 6th info-levels) through the Consciousness of the Earth. The whole process takes place according to the program of the consciousness evolution, and everyone can be involved in it as his/her understanding and interest grow and mature.
Only those, who are able to connect to the fields of 4th, 5th and 6th levels of the planet, can provide real help in curing any disease and finding solution to any problem. Healers-Visionaries have not gained their ‘Gift of God’ immediately, but they developed it during the long period of praying practice. Aspiring to God person can gain these abilities and skills through hard work and inner combustion, and usually, in isolation from society.
Another aspect, which needs to be considered, is whether a person will be able to work internally (on self-development), and also, with a healer-teacher, at the same time. Of course, not everyone can do that. The reason for that lies in an underdeveloped consciousness. Not everyone understands the laws of this world, not everyone is ready to hear the truth about him/herself, not everyone is willing to give up their old habits, principles, etc. Therefore, people choose easier ways of dealing with their ailments and diseases.
Exhausted by life and social environment, people become de-energized and lowered energetically. Thus, they do not have inner strengths and willpower to take up something complicated, since it is always more difficult than simple trainings/coaching, relaxations, Quantum Touch or harmonizing Reiki. In their hobbies, people often follow current trends, paying tribute to fashion and functioning by the principle "I am the same as everyone else", but all of that are not true spiritual aspirations. Consequently, energies that have been taken from there are not energies of the higher planes as it is presented (for someone it might be frustrating to read about it). Yes, these energies are higher than the physical/material world, due to the fact that this is the world of energy. People tend to consider everything what is above the material world as the spiritual world. However, it is not so. The connection with the energies of the higher planes can be achieved only with ongoing, during the long period of time, true inner ‘burning’ and aspiration, or through the excited spiritual conductor. Once again – it requires ongoing aspiration, but not periodic. These are the rules of inclusion into the fields. It has not been explained properly, virtually nowhere.
Thus, after the foregoing information, it should be clear what to expect from different types of healers and what kind of energy they use. I list it once again:

Bio-energy specialists, psychics, parapsychologists – use their own high-frequency energy.
Shamans, sages, mages, warlocks, novice prayers and traditional/folk healers (who work with the help of conspiracies and incantations) – use energy from their Egregors that can be both: positive and negative.
Various types of energy systems: Reiki, Quantum Touch therapy, Qi Gong, Universal Energy, DEIR, a variety of channels that received by the alleged direct inclusion, etc. - all of these energies are taken from Egregors, which are placed in 3rd info-level of the planet, that is in the subconscious of the Earth. The consciousness of the Earth – is the 4th info-level. Here laid the programs that manage and control the entire planetary mechanism.

We encourage everyone to learn about the structure of the Universe/Creation and the laws, according to which is formed our planetary complex. If you attend our professional (not amateur) seminars you can expect to learn about the structure of the planetary complex, the levels/planes of the planet and their functions, working principles and responsibilities.
Now, let’s talk about other two types of healers and their capabilities – Visionaries and Cosmoenergy specialists of higher degree of qualification and initiation. They get energies from the levels of consciousness and super-consciousness of the planet. These healers, with the help of their super-consciousness, are able to enter into these fields and carry out the high-frequency Spiritual beam. As I said earlier, not all Cosmoenergy practitioners have these skills and abilities. It is possible to achieve it only if a healer works in parallel on evolution of their consciousness and conscious existence in the fields. In Cosmoenergy, the Teachers of the system carry out the co-tuning of a healer’s consciousness to these fields, and it takes many years of practice, like for the visionaries. Cosmoenergy healers of lower degree of qualification and initiation take energy from the 3rd info-level of the Earth, and this work is supervised by the Consciousness of the Earth. Even not all masters can overcome this frontier. The last two types of healing provide the most qualitative energy impact.
What happens to a person when he/she gets under the influence of frequencies of Cosmoenergy? Under continues impact of high-frequency potential on cells and the whole energy system of a human, up to the spiritual body, the rotation speed of electrons, protons, photons, quantum and other micro-particles in the energy structure of a human is changing. It does not matter if a person oneself knows about it or not, because the process is continuous. Therefore, the religious believes of a person make no difference here. The system keeps working with a human as long as he/she wants it. If a human says “No”, then the work stops immediately, in accordance with the Cosmic Laws. This is how the Spiritual stream works. The system does not violate Laws of the Creator.
During and after the session of energy therapy, the ongoing work on improvement and correction of intracellular structure, as well as all energy fields of a patient takes place. This approach is unique and cannot be found in any other methods and practices. Moreover, if a patient shows support and understanding and carries out their inner work on self-improvement, then the healing/recovery process goes very fast, and it concerns all spheres of a person’s life and fate. That is, the Spirit’s influence is stronger when the field of matter is in excited state. This aspect explains the difference in pace of healing for different people.
Based on example of the impact of cosmic frequencies on the human, we can trace a fast evolution of consciousness and a rapid increase of energy potential of a person. Consequently, a very fast spiritual growth occurs, along with the opportunity of connection with the network of the Christ`s consciousness, through an initiation.
With the help of frequencies the Higher Forces are trying to ‘pull up’ and co-tune the undeveloped consciousness of a person to the frequency of the beam 12 Hz. Cosmoenergy takes you directly to the contact with the higher Spiritual beam, and its influence opens and expands your consciousness, changes genetic codes and heal physical ailments. It has been noticed by absolutely everyone, who fully (not partially) underwent the cleansing and treatment sessions by method of Cosmoenergy. However, the frequencies are frequencies, but your individual inner work on self-development has not been canceled. It must be conducted in parallel with a therapy.
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The author of the article is - Margarita Bezan, Head of the School of Cosmic Knowledge, Psychologist, A member of the International Professional Psychotherapeutic League (IPPL), Progressor of Cosmoenergy.

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