In this article we continue the theme that has been raised in the previous article. Here I will explain, with the use of specific examples, how the blocking mechanism of your wishes/desires works in practice.
Most often, people are interested in money and personal life. This is a universal problem of today's world, but not just of some individual, or even some nation. We often compare ourselves with other people, trying on other people's options of life and fate. However, everyone has his or her own life and fate. Therefore, the question “Why someone is lucky, but I am not” is clearly inappropriate and not relevant here. Instead, we should ask ourselves the other question “Who am I and what do I represent? It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. All of us can feel the same feeling of loneliness in the depth of the soul, and everyone is looking for a partner in life, but somehow cannot find him/her. It seems that everybody is alone in this world, and there is much truth. Even people, who are married or have a regular partner, can experience the same sense of inner loneliness and dissatisfaction from their relationship and the co-existence with a partner.
What is the cause of this phenomenon? Often, the emptiness of the soul is caused by the fact that you are playing not your role in life. In other words, it can be said that you are functioning in life by repressing your soul. The main motivators for the marriage today are the following - convenient, profitable, acceptable, or need to live like everyone else. Young people experience other problems. They replace heart/soul’s feelings by sexual sensitivity or passion, mistakenly accepting it as a true love. Moreover, many people are not able to feel and hear the soul at all.
In what way (how) we manage to drive ourselves into a dead end? We do things that we have to do, despite the fact that our soul does not want to do so.  However, we continue doing it in order to, God forbid, people around us do not misjudge and talk bad about us. Many of us adapt and obey the behavioral stereotypes of the majority. This is a vicious circle, from which is impossible to get out without necessary knowledge. This running in circles leads to a slow devastation of your energy. Therefore, when, unexpectedly, you meet someone special, you feel that you do not have enough energy or time or trust for that person. It is no secret that many people are looking for not sincere warmth, but convenience and a certain comfort in relationships. By doing that such people simply shut down their inner voice of protest to such relationships. As a result, in the future, such a person will have the destruction of not only their life, but also, the soul. Once a person has made such a choice in life and has been in such a relationship for at least 90 days, then the information about it becomes fastened in the genetic code of a person’s DNA, and in the future this information will be transferred as a violation at the level of the genome over generations. That is why with each new generation these violations are poured out into greater interpersonal conflicts, which we can witness today at the scale of the entire civilization.
Why cannot you have a partner in life, you want to? One of the reasons is a mentioned above violation, which exists in your ancestral line (from previous generations). This variant can be examined very carefully during the energy diagnostics, when we diagnose the karmic program and records of genetic codes of a person, with which a person has to live in this incarnation.
If we consider the problem of loneliness caused by energo-informational lesion, then we can say that this is a very rare case, and usually it can be corrected very easily and quickly, during 1-3 sessions, regardless of the strength and ‘age’ of this lesion. It is much more difficult to change the outlook/worldview of a person, when the problem of loneliness is connected with the karmic problems, which require solutions. Please note that without the awareness of your low-quality feelings, thoughts and actions, you will not be able to get rid of loneliness and may remain without a partner for the rest of your life.
Without an understanding of where and how you think incorrectly and without taking certain rules of functioning in life, you cannot solve not only family/relationships issues, but also, your economic problems. This is perhaps the next most common problem today. This issue is much more complex and varied than the previous one. This is related not only to the loss of your energy, but also to the ability to keep the money and spend (invest) it wisely. In addition to personal mistakes in this regard, there are also, the pitfalls of the state’s financial system and government’s policies and regulations for economic existence of a person in society.
In this article we will not discuss the topic of undercover games of politicians and financiers to keep the human mass in the desired range of slavery. Instead, let’s consider examples of situations when people start to lose money quickly, or spend a lifetime trying hard to earn money, but despite that, they cannot manage to get out of poverty.
The first example – money loss indicates the loss of energy, and not otherwise. These aspects are interdependent. The rapid financial collapse, for example, if your business partner has tricked you and stole your money, or you has damaged your car in an accident, or you have lost your job, etc. - all of this indicate the presence of the energo-informational lesion in your field structure. On energy diagnostics we can identify the type of lesion/violation more precisely. If this negative program is not removed, you begin to function in the mode of "deja vu", which means the repetition of the situation with the loss of money. Regardless of the period of limitation of this problem it can be quickly solved with the help of Cosmoenergy therapy (it might take a few sessions or the full course of therapy).
The other example, when a person cannot break out of their meager subsistence level, usually indicates the programs of karmic nature. Moreover, there can be the deterioration of this program, due to improper/incorrect functioning of a person him/herself. This case requires a long-term process of correction and recovery of all energy structures of a human and his/her energy, in parallel with education and a change of consciousness of a person oneself. This process is much longer and more painful for a patient, because sometimes it requires self-crucifixion, but not everyone has the inner strengths to do that.
There are many reasons for the problematic/poor financial situation. In this article we are not able to cover all of them. Therefore everyone, who got interested and wants to have more detailed information in this regard, can undergo the energy diagnostics in our Centre.  You can read about this type of diagnostics on our website www.cosmotherapy.org.uk.
Hence the conclusion: IN ORDER TO HAVE MONEY IT IS NECESSARY TO HAVE THE ENERGY! Remember the law of magnetism/attraction: "Like attracts like".
If you know that money is equivalent of free energy, then it is possible to make the energy rules/laws to work for your benefits, while acquiring the properties of the "Money Magnet." For example, according to the law of energy conservation, in order to get something you need to give something. In order to attract money in reality - the material world, first of all, you have to pay attention to your energy level and start to take appropriate actions in this regard. Moreover, the attitude to money and money mindset that pervades consciousness – this is the energy, a force field, which is similar to the magnetic field. If your attitude to the world of money is disrespectful, negative or contradictory, then, in spite of the high level of qualification and professionalism, you will not be able to succeed in terms of money.
Every person has his or her own volume of the monetary energy, so to say, the certain energy capacity. It means that, a person is able to attract and handle the certain amount of energy, which he/she is able to manage. Please remember that the abundance, as well as the poverty, is the state of your consciousness. Your personal energy - is your primary investment.
From the energy point of view, those who have high energy potential will attract the greater amount of energy. As people say, "Money goes to money!". Therefore, what we have in terms of our inner energy level is reflected at the social level in the form of a certain amount of money in our wallets.
We all are literally in the thrall of various mental thought-forms and mental images that are not only surround us tightly, but also, overwhelm us. If the mind of a person is sluggish, imprecise and unable to produce/generate powerful mental thought-forms, then other people's thoughts (not the best quality thoughts) can penetrate very easily into the mind of such a person.
This is the point of contact, transition of the fluctuations of the Mind/Consciousness and the instincts/subconscious. This is a kind of transitional state of a Soul, which can be most affected by Cosmo evil.
The guardian of the North, which is related to this aspect, warns people against focusing on the present moment of Life for a long period of time. We must learn to live fully and monitor every moment of our Life, while bringing the subconscious and conscious aspects to the harmonious balance. Otherwise, people deprive themselves of opportunity to break out of the established social limitations/frameworks and to gain freedom.
Future – is a branched corridor, in which each branch takes its beginning from the point-moment of your choice. There can be strict fatal, purposeful, missionary and other incarnations of a human.

There are three questions that you should ask yourself in relation to your wish/desire:

The first question – “Why I need/want it?”
The second question – “What prevents me from achieving it?”  
The third question – “What can I do in this regard?”

Make a list of your wishes/desires and try to remember how long you have them. You might have had these wishes for more than a year and have done nothing towards their realization.

How many times in your life have you heard, read or seen someone, who does something good? I assume that over a hundred times. How many times have you told yourself: "Well, it is some kind of garbage." and returned to your usual life without even thinking to try to do the same?
How many times have you promised yourself and others that you will start doing something (for example, writing a book) ‘from Monday’? However, how many times you actually did it? Compare the ‘signal-to-noise’ ratio. If, at least, half of your promises are not fulfilled - you are ordinary yap.
What have you done over the past two years for your professional, personal and spiritual development? Nothing? This is a position of a ‘shit’, which means, “I lay, stink and not bother anyone, and no one bothers me”. This position creates the illusion of a calmness and peace. In this case, your reality is boring and your goals are ridiculous. The funniest aspect here is that if you want to escape from it all and you have realized this long ago, why have not you done it yesterday already? What have prevented you from doing it?
What prevents you from having these - a lot of important things? What kind of things?
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The author of the article is - Margarita Bezan, Head of the School of Cosmic Knowledge, Psychologist, A member of the International Professional Psychotherapeutic League (IPPL), Progressor of Cosmoenergy.

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