In our previous article we have mentioned the fact that nowadays many people have tumors. Please note that in the pure (clean) body the tumorous diseases will never occur. Let’s find out how it all begins and how to start the recovery process.

We are going to present you the analysis of affected/problematic organs and the body systems, taking into account the fact that no one pathology (disease), never, ‘fall from the sky’ suddenly. At first, malfunctions begin manifest themselves at the subtle structures, then it affects the entire hypothalamic-pituitary system, which regulates the entire endocrine system and the nervous system – this is our basis, our livelihood. These systems are so vulnerable that any infection, any intoxication, any stressful situation can lead to malfunctions of these systems. As a consequence, certain violations/abnormalities of the peripheral endocrine glands take place.

The pituitary gland controls everything that ensures the normal functioning of the organism, but because we are vulnerable we have other organs - guardians, which are parts of the biliary system: gallbladder, liver and pancreas. When these organs are healthy there never will be a heart attack or stroke or vascular disorders or cancer. Why is that? Because the liver is endowed with enormous functions of protection and detoxification – it is a powerful biochemical laboratory. It produces a plurality of biologically active substances that provide normal digestion. Once a failure occurs in the digestive system – you should immediately recognize it as the signal that there is some sort of malfunction in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the liver, kidneys and blood, not forgetting about the bowels/ intestines.

Today, as a result of different types of medical treatments, poisoning by food chemicals and stressful life style, we have a very unhealthy generation. According to the statistical data only 1% of children are born healthy. Please note that this is passed on to children through their parents' genetic codes. That characterizes the situation with the human population of the planet today. This, of course, the terrible statistics, but it takes place to be. What do you think, would unhealthy people be able to withstand the energy loads and mutational processes in accelerated and worsening rhythm of life on the planet?

Our substantial experience of dealing with energo-informational lesions and problematic psychophysical and physical conditions shows that only people, who experience severe pain/problem, are able to ‘listen and hear’, but those who do not hear and/or do not want to hear, will not be able to achieve success and good health. Current acceleration of energy pressure on the planet leads to increased discomfort that many people experience today, not only in social sphere, but also at the level of the physical health. Our organisms are not ‘co-tuned’ to new frequency characteristics of the Earth. This is the reality, which is called – The Program of the Evolution of Life and Mind. These are the same Laws of the Creator, which work regardless the fact that you know or do not know them and/or believe it or not believe in them. They guide the planet Earth in its actions. We can see it in the global climate imbalance and widespread natural disasters. It means that the programs of removing of non-resonant bios on the planet have begun their work. The "cleaning" of the planet has begun. Therefore, please do not blame anyone if your old illnesses or acute pains will appear again, as well as prolonged drowsiness, weakness, fatigue, loss of coordination, severe headaches and pains in the heart area. Also, no one will be able to avoid the pain in joints and muscles and other diseases of unclear etiology. As for catarrhal diseases, which are generally characterized as a seasonal flu, doctors do not prescribe any medications at all, saying that it will be cured itself after 6-7 days, hoping that a patient has a strong immune system. However, how many people have that very strong immune system, according to the medical statistics? Besides that – sudden changes in the family life and/or at work, etc. will take place... – that is the environment that you have chosen for yourself and ‘stuck’ there by your consciousness. And this is only the beginning....

Other symptoms include: terrible weakness and sleepiness, stomach disorders, impairment of memory (even among young people), an unwillingness to think, moodiness (without obvious reasons) and other health problems that the family doctor can not explain and treat. However, they try to treat them by experimenting on you and prescribing chemical drugs, which have not been properly tested in the laboratories because of lack of time (in order to meet the deadlines that have been set up by clients).

How you suppose to treat and cure all of that? Who, from you – readers are still able and willing to hear the truth? Who still have an appropriate level of reasonableness to understand that you should be able to solve personal and health problems independently? There will not be enough money to pay for doctors if your energy system and consciousness (your brain) are not co-tuned to the new frequencies of the Earth. And it is true!

You may argue with me and say: ‘Why some people, who lead a questionable life style and who do not care about anything, never get sick and continue to maintain their health and wellbeing. Why can they get away with it without any consequences? The reason for that is that the planet does not consider such people as reasonable people, equating them to animals that do not have intelligence. They will be the first who will become artifacts of the planet. Therefore, their actions are evaluated (by the Higher Mind) not as actions of a reasonable human, but as actions of half-animal bios. They are subject of another article of the Laws of the Creation, which we teach in our School. Can you imagine how all these people will behave/act in case of some kind of natural disaster? The answer is simple - they will destroy each other. Even today we can see it (in advanced stages of its development) in both the business environment and in the social sphere. The following aspects are flourishing today in every angle of our life: the "black” PR, an extreme competition instead of a partnership, and even in the spiritual sphere the norms of morality and ethics have been overstepped and insulted by those, who do not like them for some personal reasons. To tell a lie – becomes the norm of our life. "Sling mud" at some person during the forum (discussion) – it is also ‘normal’ now. There are even certain people, who manage to make money on it by taking ‘orders’ from clients and working for them. All of that is progressing very fast, and it becomes much harder for certain institutions of morality and for the church to restrain/hold the society from its destruction. People prefer not to believe in/to anything, and this is the worst, because in the general flow of ‘mud’ (spiritual and/or intellectual) they are no longer able to distinguish truth from falsehood.

You should be able to free yourself from overload of ‘garbage’ information. There are certain methods and techniques of eliminating such informational garbage from your system. However, who from our readers are familiar with them? Almost no one… That is why you get sick, starting from the formation of stagnant negative energies, which later turn into diseases and tumors, and then, into shifts of consciousness, including the loss of reasonableness.

Your unwillingness to know or even hear this leads you to slipping down into a niche where, very soon, you will acutely feel the processes occurring in the energy structure of the Earth. Absolutely everyone will experience some sort of a pain or soreness, so absolutely no one will be able to avoid that. Although there will be people who are better prepared for this, and also, those who are not quite ready yet.

Even if a disease cannot be cured fully, it is possible to prevent its rapid development. It can be done only by people, who are aspiring to new pure vibrations, spiritually pure people, who are fueled by energies of love, compassion, kindness, and so on. However, you should not think that just by begging God - "Lord please help...", or with the help of positive thinking only, you will be able to solve your problems. No, it will not be working, as it is not working for many people already. After a short relief a new circle of failures will start again. The problem has to be solved differently, precisely, through the understanding of ongoing processes and the conscious inclusion into co-tuning of your body to the frequency of new rhythms of the Earth. This is what we teach in our School, giving you concrete knowledge about what we - people need to do and to know in this regard. If you are ready for conscious work in this field, then you can obtain co-tuning frequencies. Others can take up the distance learning, which gives necessary knowledge and skills for solving personal and/or health problems independently, as well as for the work towards self-improvement. The main point here is that it is necessary to do something (be active), but not to wait when the ‘wave’ will cover you completely. We must be prepared well in advance, but not at the peak of temperature or seismic activity, geomagnetic radiation from the sun and/or the collapse of the financial system.

What can the School of Cosmo-knowledge do for you?

We can help solve your problems with health, psyche and lesions of your energy system, as well as restore the energy tone (life forces) of your body and eliminate your diseases

We can provide training both in-class and distance learning, which will help you cope with your problems independently, without asking anyone for help

We can teach you certain techniques of energy protections at different energy levels, including protections against psychotronic weapons and zombification of consciousness

We can help you co-tune the frequency of our own body to the frequency of the planet, and also, we can teach you how to maintain this attunement in a constant mode of operation

We can provide/facilitate the initiation – the conscious connection (output) with the Consciousness and Super-consciousness of the planet. For this type of work a person should have preparation within a certain period of time, and it is individual for everyone.

Please note that you (and everyone) should start with cleansing of your energy structures and the physical body, and co-tuning with the planet. Nowadays it is an urgent need for absolutely everyone. Even we, who have this attunement, should be constantly engaged in ongoing work in this direction. The reason for that is that an increase in the frequency occurs every day, so it is always necessary to correct or adjust something. Thus, no one will be able to “sit on the sideline” and "maybe blow over..." will not happen, because this process will affect absolutely everybody, and especially those who live in stagnant energies. It is easy to lose reasonableness, but to get it back – is a big job. No one will be able to clean your karma, and no amulet or talisman will be able to protect you. (Read about it in our next article).

If you want to make an appointment for a consultation, diagnosis and therapy or you want to attend our training, please do not hesitate to contact us - tel.: 020-83641419 (office 9:00 am – 19:00 pm), 07706970347 or visit our website: www.cosmotherapy.org

The author of the article is - Margarita Bezan, Head of the School of Cosmic Knowledge, Psychologist, A member of the International Professional Psychotherapeutic League (IPPL), Progressor of Cosmoenergy.

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