In this article, like in previous articles, we will try to awaken your consciousness in order for you to understand certain questions and topics that stand beyond the survival issues only. Have you ever asked yourself the question, how do I live? Why am I suffering and why I sick all the time? All these questions have been briefly covered in our previous articles. During the last 2 years we have seen people’s mindless and stubborn unwillingness to accept something new into their life. Something new (new knowledge) that is difficult to fit into people’s consciousness; or there is a denial of new knowledge and concepts that enter into our life together with new energies and programs of the development of the Earth.
The change of the consciousness - it is a difficult process that is carried out under the laws of the subtle world, and which is going strictly under the control (supervision) of your mentors in the subtle planes. However, this process goes very slow (or it does not begin at all) among people with undeveloped consciousness that pursue only goals of material prosperity and primitive animal comfort. In addition to mentioned above, people today have no energy, strength and desire to try to break out of situations, in which they have been "pushed" by life. In this article we will try to explain to you what is the reason for that.
People, who have some understanding of the development process of the human as well as the Earth, know that everything is developing according to the certain programs; it is programming of not only the human, but also, the world, in which we live. Today, we all have noticed a clear violation of all the processes in our world. This concerns not only the political and economical, but also, the geological processes that take place on the Earth. The old world ceased to exist. It is obvious, today, for everybody, even for those who do not familiar with these issues. A matter is in the fact that according to the program of the development of the Earth, which is coming to the end, the certain corrections must be made on the planet. These corrections become activated due to the beginning of the next program of the development. Currently we live in such a period. It is accompanied by a decompression of the energo-informational layers of the Earth, responsible for the consciousness of the human, and also, people’s orientation in the society and the surrounding world.
What we can see around us today – it is obvious that people have become less adequate and balanced. Many of us have lost the stability not only in the social and economic fields, but also, in their psyche, and eventually in the physical condition of the body. People are struggling to adapt to the new rhythms of the planet, because there is no relevant and accessible knowledge in this regard, and also, they do not have sufficient energy in their energy systems. The modern political system leads us to a dead end. Modern scientists cannot give us answers to the questions about climate change and natural disasters, which tend to happen more often and with the more devastating consequences. In this regard, you have no idea (because of a lack of information) that it is possible to cope with everything in your life, using the conscious approach (conscious work with your mind) to life situations, and so, changing them for the better. It can be applied to your health, as well as to your social and economic statuses. Further, the advanced developed consciousness may be included into the work on correction of the climate cataclysms, and also, into the work that aimed at creating stability on the planet. But it will be later, for a start you need to, at least, learn how to develop/improve your consciousness through education. Through acquiring new knowledge, you can positively change your health state, for the beginning, and then, the same can be done in relation to your social status. After that you will learn how to make positive changes in all spheres of your life where you want to apply your conscious efforts in order to provide help for yourself and others.
At the moment our planet is ill, and we, as its components, show how far the process of our illness has come. Why is it so difficult for a person to get out of his/her life's dead ends? It is only because he/she does not have the necessary knowledge on matters relating to their own capabilities. You - people have turned into gray office plankton, and you have been put under the certain pattern (stereotype) of thinking, from where ‘they’ do not want to release you. When will you wake up? Why do you always prefer the easier way instead of more difficult, but more worthy way? Wake up, finally! There is almost no time left for you to make a difference in your situation and ease your existence, at least a little bit, in the case of the next energy collapse, which begins this autumn, according to the program of the development of this world. This is not the end of biological life on the planet, NO. This is just the end of the program of the experiment regarding the Evolution of the Mind on the Earth, which is failed. We - people have failed this program miserably, but it will be impossible to enter into the new program of the development (about which people know nothing really) for those, who still have old ideology (worldview) and concepts. Such concepts that guide you through the life and allow you to live each day according to the certain matrix of your behavioral and thinking pattern, which include the following values - convenient, profitable, satisfied, ‘take it easy’ and ‘why do I need all of this’. This is the worldview of an animal, but not a reasonable person.
Strangely enough even those, who are supposedly interested in such matters, so far from the truth; they do not even realize how deep their errors are. Many people prefer to meditate and live in fantasies, but they do not understand that they cannot ‘go’ further/higher than the astral layer on the planet. Someone prefers the Eastern practices, but they do not know that with the use of these practices only few people (who work/serve in their native Egregore) were able to achieve the connection between their consciousness and the consciousness of the Earth, and they were able to consciously understand this process. In vain to think that only through relaxation exercises that support the physical body you can achieve the development of the consciousness. This is a misleading and misunderstanding on the matter. This goal, also, cannot be reached after reading a tabloid esoteric literature, which may even hurt you. Not systematized superficial knowledge in the Internet can only exacerbate the confusion in the head, and they DO NOT point the Direction to the right Path. A big mistake of many people is that they ‘run’ around and try studying everything. By doing so, they scatter their energy components for various Egregores, and as a result they only hinder their path/development. As a result, there is the confusion in the head and doubts in everything, which eventually lead to an inadequacy of the processes of cognition in general. Consequently, a person can halt completely in his/her development.
So, how can you help yourself in terms of influencing your own development, if you do not know the right path? Someone is practicing a shamanism, someone is trying to clean his/her karma, and someone is reading the ‘channeling’ books... Wake up... All of that is not working already! Do not you realize that if it did not work for quite a long time, then it will not work now too? Nowadays everything is different! What kind of karma you can talk about, considering the fact that currently all programs are coming to their ends, but you are not able to create new programs for yourself, because in the new world there is no place for you! The New World means the other/different worldview - not the consumer’s outlook (a person who seeks to have benefits in everything and lives according to the principle “convenient and easy”, and who has the worldview of the “office plankton”), but the reasonable human.
For your information – a change of consciousness is not an instant process. It takes at least one year (according to my work experience in this field, I can speak with certainty about this term). Even after that, your Higher Mentors can set up for you certain ‘tests’ in order to examine your inner strength, endurance and internal cleanliness. This is difficult, but the right way. It is much more difficult than many other practices that are offered to you in favor of fashion esoteric trends. There is a lot of work, but you still prefer something that is easy. But, in the end - where will you come? YOU – do you know your Path? Do you know what you want, except a warm corner and not to think about endless bills that you have to pay?
This is not a life! But you agree with that and you still prefer to ‘sit’ and do nothing in order to positively change something in your life. Although, you still have a chance to change something. Come to us for training. We do not offer an easy way, but who will master it will have real changes!!! By changing your consciousness and gaining an understanding of the essence of the processes that take place, you can, independently, with the help of your consciousness, bring positive changes into your reality. We give you the opportunity to make a contact with the Supreme Mind and with the Mind of the planet Earth, and also, we indicate a path that will give you positive changes - changes that everyone, who lives in the modern world, wants to have.
Do not be afraid to go for a change in your life, refuse to be guided by a routine of life, and take control of the situations into your own hands. We are waiting for you to help you make these changes.

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The author of the article is - Margarita Bezan, Head of the School of Cosmic Knowledge, Psychologist, A member of the International Professional Psychotherapeutic League (IPPL), Progressor of Cosmoenergy.

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