Nowadays, it is difficult to find someone who has never heard such words as evil eye, spoilage, curse, damnation, etc. Many people do not even notice that their health (and well-being) has been changed, but it may presage serious negative consequences. The reason for that is – our ignorance in matters of self-diagnosis and lack of understanding of what we are dealing with. Indeed, it is difficult to derive certain patterns and track down the impact that unseen forces have on us!
Let's investigate and analyze the symptoms/signs of energo-informational lesions of the aura. There are the following signs of the energo-informational attack:

Causeless sense of unhappiness and feeling of misfortune or disaster
Sudden suicidal thoughts, a severe depression (a strong yearning) and the mental state of discomfort
Emergence of disturbing dreams, which are accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the chest
Depression and anxiety
Unexplained irritability and unreasonable anger

I just want to broadly explain to you the mechanism of action of the negative energo-informational program in relation to the human. At first, the negative information, in the form of a powerful energy impulse, enters into the nervous system and energy system of man. Then, such information is "recorded" there. This "grain" (program) begins to slowly develop. At this point, the subconscious is sending us certain signals that the energy system is damaged. Any damages in the physical body manifest themselves as pain. The damages in the energy sector are displayed in the form of anguish, distress and anxiety. If at this stage you do not pay attention to the signals from your subconscious, then the negative energo-informational matrix (program) will take root and begin to ‘grow’ freely, like a virus.
The psychics and spiritual healers have different approaches to the issue of energo-informational lesions/affections. This aspect of the topic we explain to our students during the professional seminars both in-class and online.
What the ordinary person, who is far from the discipleship in this field and esotericism in general, need to know? You have to accept the fact that today a large number of people have access to methods and techniques of the energo-informational impact. The number of such people is growing every day. Just have a look at the Internet, which is filled up with such information.   
Because there are a growing number of people, who are interested in spirituality and esoteric knowledge, there are a huge variety of relevant products and services as, you know, the demand generates the offer. Currently, there are magical salons, in which the ‘production’ of energy impacts is put to the stream. A lot of people, who make their ‘orders’ in this regard, use services of such magical salons on the daily basis. Modern human is constantly exposed to the influence of others. Even if it is not a magical affect, there is an ongoing impact, which is made by psychotronic weapon through various information channels. I repeat that a human is constantly exposed to such an influence (conscious (deliberate) or not). Moreover, as I already said, in our days there are many ‘professionals’ who have relevant skills, and who practice certain techniques such as magical, use of energy and other. It is possible to say that there is an entire industry to provide occult services. Among the people who provide such services, there are both charlatans and true specialists. Most of these specialists use their own specific terminology.   
In this article we will examine the most common aspect of the impact on the consciousness of people, which many of us do not aware of. Moreover, in addition to the well-known energo-informational lesions/affections, we will consider the information that is rarely realized by people, but everyone must know it!
The lesion that is caused by neuro-linguistic programming or NLP
Why, in fact, the healers care about all of that so much? Our answer is – there is the most immediate reason. If you think that the psychic attack with the use of hypnosis and/or NLP does not affect energy of a person-victim, it is a serious misconception. The ‘victim’ gets bio-energy lesions similar to spoiling or love spell – depending on the purpose of exposure. This entails malfunctions in the work of chakras, dysfunctions of internal organs, mental problems, which are often manifested as depression and loss of orientation (goals) in life. Thus, the techniques of Erickson`s hypnosis and NLP are none other than the modernized techniques of the energy impact/affection and/or occult influence.
By the way, the popular trainings on techniques to increase sales and methods of successful negotiation are also based on the principles of the psychological impact. All companies, without exception, which are involved into so-called marketing network and aggressive sales – are the headquarters for the practical application of psychological abuse over a huge number of potential buyers in order to extract the excessive profits.
In regard to the above information the following conclusions can be made:
There is no difference between the psychological training - NLP and the ceremonial love spells, in terms of their negative consequences. Therefore, you should not think that the ritual – is dangerous, but the psychology of NLP – is safe. By applying the methods of psychological pressure, the ‘assaulter’ (NLP specialist) causes serious damages to the object of the impact (person/client – ‘victim’), their energy and psyche. As a result, it violates the basic rule of the Cosmic Law – the universal law of Free Will of the human.
You should not think that no one would ever find out about the use of psychological violence. The energy diagnostics that we conduct in our School of Cosmo-knowledge can reveal the use of hypnosis and/or NLP, as well as other violations occurring under the impact that is made during certain rituals. Thus, during the energy diagnostics, our specialists can identify the fact of the energo-informational attack.
Do not assume that the impacts of the psychological zombification and NLP cannot be removed/eliminated. If a person-victim appeals to us, then negative impact of the attack will be neutralized/removed with the help of the methods of Cosmoenergy and/or other spiritual methods. Some people, who do not understand the essence of what is happening to them, call psychologists for help. However, if the negative impact (violation) has been made on the subtle structures of the energy system of a person, then the psychologist is not able to cope with this affection/lesion.
‘Attacker’ should not hope that, after elimination of the negative impact such as zombification, the application of NLP and/or hypnosis would not entail the rollback. ‘Assaulter’ will get a particularly strong kickback (boomerang effect) after the cleansing of the energy field of a patient-victim with the use of the Cosmoenergy frequencies. In this case, NLP specialist will not be able to neutralize such a reversed blow, because this impact takes place on the other, non-psychological level.
Therefore, it does not matter how you call it (the energo-informational attack): ‘drying’, binding, spell, hypnosis/suggestion, etc. – all these are types of the attack, with all the ensuing consequences.
We also can inform you about other lesions/affections of the human energy system, which remain unknown for people. Many people are materialists, and so, they do not believe in such things. However, today, life simply forces us to accept this information, otherwise you will find yourself in a niche from where it is difficult to get out. Thus, the slow destruction of the health and fate begins.   
After completing the School of Cosmo-knowledge’s training you will be able to independently withstand any kinds of energy attacks, which can be initiated by other people, and also, certain energy beings from subtle planes at any level. With the development of consciousness and self-awareness and increased energy capacity, a person oneself becomes a source of help not only for him/herself, but also, for other people. Anyone can learn this. A possession of certain skills and abilities or some special talent is not important here. The main factor here - is the desire of your own development. This development will give you the above-mentioned capabilities. By attending our online seminars you have the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge on these and many other topics about the survival in our world.
If you want to make an appointment for a consultation, diagnosis and therapy or you want to attend our training, please do not hesitate to contact us - tel.: 020-83641419 (office 9:00 am – 19:00 pm), 07706970347 or visit our website: www.cosmotherapy.org.
The author of the article is - Margarita Bezan, Head of the School of Cosmic Knowledge, Psychologist, A member of the International Professional Psychotherapeutic League (IPPL), Progressor of Cosmoenergy.

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