Many people have problems with money. These problems include not only a lack of money, but also, many other issues related with their presence, such as inability to handle money and the wrong attitude to them. All of that can complicate our life.  
The School of Cosmo-knowledge has a seminar on this subject. This seminar can provide you with the information about the causes of mentioned above problems, and also, an explanation on the matter. It is up to you – how to use this knowledge. Nevertheless, you should know that the money – is energy.
If you will continue to study this question, then, in the future, you will be able to influence this energy by your consciousness, so you will be able to change/ adjust something in life, in terms of material well-being, and improve your life in this regard. The main principle here, as in all other aspects of our life, – you should not violate the Law. The problem is that the vast majority of people do not know this Law.
Everyone on the Earth has his/her life lessons. Some people (Souls) have a several lessons in their current life. One of the lessons is - the attitude to money. Some people have the fear of losing money or the fear of not having enough money, while others have the fear of not being able to provide themselves at the desired level. There are varieties of lessons in this regard, for example, for someone it is ‘hook’ for the money, someone has a desire to earn money, and someone has the constant craving for money and their accumulation (that is how they go through their lessons). According to the individual karmic program there are different tasks/objectives for everyone.
People born in the former USSR have been taught since childhood that it is bad/wrong to have a lot of money, and money – is dirt, evil, etc. What do you expect to have, if you have such a way of thinking about money? The above phrases indicate the predilections of a person (emotions and feelings that are not worked out/eliminated).
The material Benefits are – an indicator of the state of the Spirit. Everyone, who has achieved a wealth and prosperity (except frauds) - are people with great aspiration and work ethic. All of them are workaholics. If you have a good financial position – it means – that you deserve it, and the accumulation of your achievements comes from the past lives.
Money, like any energy has its flows, currents and swirls. This is the real energy of our society, which can be ‘touched’ and measured in conventional monetary units. By learning how to manage and understand the laws of energy, you, thereby, can control/manage the energy of money. Can you see how easy it is? How to do so, you can ask? This, and much more, you can learn if you attend the seminar conducted by the School of Cosmo-knowledge. Acquiring of this knowledge suggests that you have a pure intention in relation to the use of this information.
This seminar covers the following questions:

The lack of money: why it takes place and what we need to know about the energy of money
How the Egregore of money works
The energy laws of the distribution of money
What kind of attitude towards money have people, who are engaged in spiritual exploration/search
How to use money correctly
Spiritual practices for attainment of material well-being, taking into account the development of the evolutionary processes of the Earth and Cosmic Laws of Creation

This seminar covers the theme, which is quite topical today for many people of the planet.

How to survive in the period of crisis? What kind of attitude towards money should spiritual people have? Many people have a lot of ambiguities and misunderstandings in this regard. How can these two concepts (spirituality and money) be reconciled, and whether are they compatible? It turns out that they are compatible, and very much so. Oddly enough, some of the richest organizations in the world are religious organizations - the church and its structure. As early as now in the hands of religious organizations are concentrated not only financial resources, but also, the vast lands. Even if we do not take into account the Russia, where after the revolution the government confiscated lands, the church still has enough land in its possession. In the Western world the land is distributed differently. However, we will not talk about it during our seminar.

In this article I want to introduce you to the main activity of the School of Cosmo-knowledge – conducting seminars in order to educate and train people. Nowadays, the topic of money has captured minds of the entire population of the planet. Through the mass media channels the theme of crisis and war is being imposed on us on a daily basis. Please note that this information leaves traces in your genes, and if you start ‘feeding’ it by your thought-forms, then it begins the construction of the certain sequence of events in your life, because “we live as we think”.
This seminar is aimed at giving you an understanding of money as the certain energy, which you need to be aware of, and also, be able to manage and control. A person, who wants to have enough money, first of all, should be energetically sufficient, but not de-energized. If you feel a constant fatigue and a lack of energy, then of what money could you dream?
Doctors have named this symptom - "Disease of 21st century," and they are not able to cure it...since doctors do not have the mechanisms to solve this problem. However, we have them. Your chances to have enough money can be greatly increased, if you acquire energo-informational knowledge. Then a person’s life begins to gradually improve, and positive changes will not keep you waiting. Why? – because, first of all, a person him/herself is changing, while using this knowledge in their life.
In addition, the lack of money is often accompanied by a variety of energo-informational violations (as a result of the negative impact) of the field of the human. It blocks not only the money flow, but also, the overall progress in life, creating problems in social sphere and making it difficult to achieve a certain social status or recognition.
The knowledge, which we give you during our seminars, allow you to become free, as well as better educated in various fields, regardless of your social status and/or general education. Also, this knowledge can be obtained during our online seminars.
Our next seminar, which will take place on 26th of November 2011, is devoted to the theme of money (the topic of this article). If you want to understand why you are in such a situation when you do not have enough money, or why you have a dependency on money - we are happy to give you knowledge in this regard.
If you want to make an appointment for a consultation, diagnosis and therapy or you want to attend our training, please do not hesitate to contact us - tel.: 020-83641419 (office 9:00 am – 19:00 pm), 07706970347 or visit our website: www.cosmotherapy.org
The author of the article is - Margarita Bezan, Head of the School of Cosmic Knowledge, Psychologist, A member of the International Professional Psychotherapeutic League (IPPL), Progressor of Cosmoenergy.

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