There is an excellent School/Center of Visceral Therapy, which has been established and developed in Russia during the last two decades. This is a fully independent and comprehensive school. The methodology and healing methods and techniques that are used in the school/center are absolutely unique and have no analogues in the world (they are not copies of some Western practices, but have native Slavic roots).     


Visceral Chiropractic – a specialized technique that involves certain manipulations by hands on the area of the abdominal cavity, aimed at correcting the internal organs and deep tissues of the body.

This therapy method has been known for a long time. It has been long time since people in Russia discovered the method of correction of the abdomen by the massage of the internal organs through the anterior abdominal wall. Many people are familiar with this type of treatment as a method of correction (putting in the right place) the navel center -‘Zolotnik”. These are the certain techniques-manipulations on the stomach that have been used by Russian ‘grandmother’ – healers, and with the help of these techniques-manipulations it is possible to restore the human health.

In our days, the method of manual therapy on the stomach area was reborn. This specific method of manual therapy (manipulations by hands on the organs of the body) has been in use for centuries in countries such as China, Thailand, India, Tibet and the Philippines. However, it was not in a widespread use for regular/ordinary people, but only, for example in China, for members of the Chinese government.

Fortunately, in our School of Cosmic Knowledge, we have been practicing the method of visceral chiropractic since August 2014. We are proud to announce that our director and a leading specialist – Margarita Bezan was recently graduated from the School of Visceral Therapy and became a professional therapist in this field. We would like to highlight the fact that the School/Center of the Visceral Therapy was founded and developed by innovator and legendary person - a Professor Ogylov A. T., and he has trained Margarita personally.

Now, we conduct successful therapeutic sessions in order to restore the health and body’s integrity of our patients with the help of visceral chiropractic method. Since the standard approaches to the therapy and health healing became not effective, there appeared an urgent need to bring together and combine many knowledge and skills and use them in conjunction. Therefore, Margarita Bezan has developed a new technology - a complex approach to the health healing.

This is a revolutionary method (know-how), which today has no analogues in the world. It includes the use of visceral chiropractic in combination with a various energo-therapeutic and other techniques, which together gives a quick and stunning result. With the help of visceral chiropractic techniques-manipulations we can restore the correct position of the internal organs. Here, a specialist manually explores and examines the area of the abdomen in order to find and correct any infractions/damages in the ligamentous apparatus.

Precisely, by working on and affecting the damaged ligament (e.g. spasm) we can return the organ into the correct position and normalize the amplitude and trajectory of its movement. Additionally, with the help of the methods of energo-therapy we can saturate the problematic organ with the necessary frequency vibrations, which trigger the mechanism of a rapid regeneration of the organ as well as a restoration of a whole organism-system. The emergence of this technique was a response to public demand for such methods of the health healing – the methods that are effective and able to solve health problems on both the physical and mental levels.

Please note that ‘to be healthy’ and ‘to be without a disease’  - is a very different phenomenon. Therefore, with the use of only one healing method or technique is not possible to achieve desirable results. In our School, we have designed and developed the ‘algorithm’ of the conscious recovery from a disease/illness. It means that people, with our help, obtain conscious realization and awareness of reasons for their health problems. Thus, our patients become able to, not only eliminate the symptoms of physical disease, but also, achieve inner (spiritual) balance and mental health, and that is not just ‘to be without a disease’, but much more.  

Whatever problems a person has got, we always pay attention to and make time to deal with the stomach and correction of the internal organs of a patient. Thus, since along with a massage of the internal organs we apply the methods of energo-therapy, we can talk about the foundation/origination of a new direction in a medicine development, and in some countries it has already been taken into consideration. 

Currently, we are enrolling in the new group for training and treatment.  We, also, offer an online (distance) training and healing if you cannot attend the training classes and therapy sessions, which take place in the school facilities.

If you want to make an appointment to the consultation, diagnosis and therapy or you want to attend our training, please do not hesitate to contact us -

Tel.: 020-83641419 (office 9:00 am – 19:00 pm), 07706970347 or send us an email: info@cosmotherapy.org.

The author of the article is – Margarita Bezan, Head of the School of Cosmic Knowledge.

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