A complex approach to health healing such as a combined use of the visceral, vacuum and vibration therapies, in conjunction with the psychosomatic therapy, is very hard to find in the UK. Uniquely, in our center (The School of Cosmic Knowledge) we manage to successfully practice the method of a complex/combined use of a number of different healing techniques. Therefore today, in this article, we will talk about the method, which can be called - the key to solving all problems of man.

This method is especially topical and useful for people, who do not want to develop their consciousness to a level, where they would be able to heal themselves independently, with use of the energo-informational technology. For those people and all others, we have developed the certain techniques, which allow us to provide a quick and comprehensive help, to assist people in many aspects of their lives, simultaneously. For example, we can help you to: remove fatigue and depression, clean the entire organism, correct your body shape, cure disease, ‘postpone/delay’ aging, restore a sense of youth and desire to live. This can be achieved by combined use of the vacuum and pulsation therapies with application of cups/banks, and additionally, with the help of the psychological correction, which is conducted by a specialist-psychologist during the course of a treatment. Thus, during a treatment session is held the analysis of the causes of a disease, in order to raise conscious awareness in this regard. A conscious realization of what is the cause of a disease, allows a person to cure chronic diseases.

The beneficial effects of this combined therapy can be felt from the very first time (first treatment session). Practically, from the first course of a treatment can be seen the following results: rejuvenation, restoration of the nervous system, balancing of the psyche and correction of organs and body systems. Here, the working principle lies in application of the method of psychosomatic correction in conjunction with the pulsation therapy, in a form of cupping massage of joints and the certain areas/points of the body. In this way, can be achieved the balance of the entire energo-system of a human.

We can explain the processes that occur in the human body when the pulsation therapy is applied. For example, if provide stimulation of the nervous system, passing ripple along nerve fibers, it helps to relieve spasms and improve the work of the circulatory system in the problematic area and muscle tissues. At the same time, the pulsation therapy has a lifting effect on sagging organs and deformed parts of the body, resulting in an effect that a person looks better and younger.  Everyone knows that one of the main causes of premature aging and many chronic diseases is our sedentary lifestyle; we have a lot of sitting and a little of walking.

Consequently, it slows down the transmission of nerve impulses through the channels that has a corresponding effect on all body systems. In the long run, it leads to a stagnation of blood and lymph, and subsequent poisoning of the body by acidified decay products, which are not eliminated from the organism. In order to clean the body and the lymphatic system from these ‘nasty products’, it is not enough to just use some sorts of food supplements-stimulants. Beauty items, such as cosmetic creams, also, work only on the surface, giving a short-term effect, but tying a person to expensive cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation.

In our methodology, rejuvenation effect is achieved through the stimulation of specific nerves of joints – mechanoreceptors. Mechanoreceptors are stimulated during the movement of various joints. For instance, if we apply the pulsation therapy method to the problematic hip joints, then it increases blood circulation in the area of activity of the pelvic floor, and a stiffness of articular joints is disappearing. Thanks to the visceral chiropractic therapy and pulsation cupping therapy, we can help you to get rid of stagnation in the urogenital system, activate your sexuality, and solve an array of problems with sagging organs, fibroids, cysts and prostatitis.

The same principle applies to the shoulder girdle, neck and occiput (the back of the head). Most mechanoreceptors are concentrated in the areas of the head and neck. The neck and occiput are the essential link, connecting the senses, mind and soul. Our true age is ‘hiding’ there. If the area of the neck and occiput is flexible and mobile, then it helps to get rid of rigid dogmatic concepts and attitudes (from the spiritual point of view). At the level of the last cervical vertebra, at the junction of the spine and the skull, the medulla oblongata is located. This part of the brain is responsible for the respiratory system and its adjustment. By stimulating this zone with use of pulsation cups/banks, we can achieve the restoration of the work of nerve fibers and blood vessels that feed the brain.

Did you know that if you have difficulty turning your neck/head to one side or another (that is when your chin cannot reach the shoulder level), it means that there is a danger of a stroke, and your brain has a lack of the energy supply? Unfortunately, not many people know about it. In fact, by working on the zones of the neck and occiput with use of pulsation cups/banks, we manage to remove blockages in these areas. As a result - the neck acquires mobility, osteochondrosis is going away, and hearing and vision (sight) are improving. If in this area was the clamp of the nerve ending, then it became unlocked and pain symptoms disappear. Even after one session it is possible to achieve an optimum health and wellness.

We have a sound knowledge of the sign system of the body, which allows us working with different areas/points of the body, reaching quick and effective results. Therefore, it is easy to believe in all of good words that have been said about the positive impact of these practices. There is no mystery or magic. We are looking forward to welcoming all and everyone, who wants to solve their problems with the help of our method. 

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The author of the article: Margarita Bezan - Head of the School of Cosmic Knowledge, Psychologist. 


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