Healing Yourself

In order to be able to heal yourself, be a healthy person and function at an optimal level, you need not to only have a good diet or exercise, good sleep, vitamin intake, or seeing the doctor regularly. This may be all good and important, but we also need healthy relationships, a healthy work environment, the ability to have normal mental activity, be spiritual and have a healthy sex life.

To have it all, you must have the desire to move forward towards these goals. For this, an individual needs an internal fuse or as we can also call it, an internal combustion.

To be normal, a healthy person must have a relationship with their inner compass that always knows in which direction they should move. You need to know for what you live and what you should expect at the end.
A compass – is the contact you keep with your spirit, the understanding of the tasks that puts you in front of your Soul.
Do you always listen to and understand the call and signals of your Soul?
Ask yourself the question, and you would get an answer rather negative than positive and it will describe your attitude to life and, therefore, your position within it. For most people today, it is an uncomfortable situation to be in.

Medical statistics have long noticed that happy people live 7-10 years longer than unhappy people. The likelihood of developing heart disease for an optimist is 77% lower than for the pessimist. But today, a person's life becomes more and more pessimistic than optimistic, and this does not help. So how do you help your soul to be happy, and have a healthy body?

How does this work?
It turns out the key to solving the problem lies in the work of the human mind. What happens in the brain changes the body and forms the human environment.
The brain communicates with the body's cells by hormones and neurotransmitters (Med.). Negative thoughts and beliefs of the brain become a threat to our wellbeing.
You are lonely, pessimistic that something is wrong at work, have a problematic relationship ... So in consequence, your amygdala (a brain structure in the body) is already shouting: "Threats!". Included within this process is the hypothalamus, then the pituitary gland, which in turn communicates with the adrenal glands, which are beginning to pour out stress hormones - cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. A scientist fr om Harvard Kenneth Walter calls it a "stress reaction".
This includes your sympathetic nervous system, which brings the body into a state of "fight or flight". It protects you when you are running away fr om a lion or a tiger. In everyday life, in the case of a threat there is the same rapid stress response, which must be switched off when the danger has passed. But in this case it will not turn off, as in the simple natural stress. If your stress is constant, the load on all organs and systems of the body is constant. There is a deep internal stress, which by a single holiday abroad is no longer enough to discharge it.

Fortunately, there is a counterbalance in our lives as described by Herbert Benson of Harvard University. When the danger goes away, the brain fills the body with healing hormones - oxytocin, dopamine, nitric oxide, endorphins. They fill the body and clean every cell. What is surprising is that this natural self-healing mechanism is activated only when the nervous system is relaxed. But in a stressful situation, which is always constant within the modern man, the body is not up to this state: it is necessary to fight or flee, rather than heal.
When one thinks about it, you ask yourself: how can I change this balance? Stress studies statistics confirm that every day we are faced with approximately 50 stressful situations.
If you are lonely, depressed, and unhappy with your job or you have a bad relationship with a partner, not only is the number doubled but there is an endless stream pouring onto you every day.

Studies show that there are several effective ways to relax that people try to use in order to relieve stress and tension:
- Meditation;
- Massage;
- Yoga or tai chi;
- Walk with friends;
- Learning new things;
- Sex;
- Playing with the animals
- Doing activities abroad

In general, everything that you need, according to many "experts" in order to heal itself - it's just to relax or switch. Others have even developed a series of themes on this topic "Think that all is well and your life will improve..."
However this is not enough in the long term, it is necessary to change the situation. How can you change your situation and what can you do? Now that's our job.
People constantly seek help when they have already tried all of the above and still cannot get rid of fatigue and their inner emptiness. Many, in spite of their wealth or exotic travels still have a feeling of inner loneliness that just cannot be filled. What is this loneliness and how do we solve this problem?

This can be solved at the expense of the development of the human consciousness and acquiring the necessary knowledge on your own power structure or interactions with people, as well as the planetary complex. Energy-interaction is necessary not only between people, but also with your own self. We say in spiritual teachings that this is a necessary condition for avoiding loneliness, the acquisition of understanding where to go in life and what to do in the next moment, in any emerging situation. But how can we achieve this connection with our Spirit? How are we able to use this compass and have the time to understand wh ere your soul is trying to lead you? This has been sought by all visionaries and saints across time, as means of understanding God’s acts.

Our School of Cosmo Knowledge has been teaching these techniques for many years. If we go back to the question of self-healing, the key to solving this problem lies in the acquisition of necessary knowledge that may be missing. First you need to know what the block is when it comes to achieving your desired results whether in health or socially. In order to do this, you do not need a physical diagnosis via medical equipment, or to visit different kinds of seminars on so-called "self-development". All of these are only just a simplified side to address the issue, and as the experience of absolutely everyone who has tried this particular way, they still struggle to achieve their desired results. Deep internal stress cannot be discharged because its records exist in the human genetic code. This is learned only when an individual comes to us for knowledge or help.

The main reason always lies in the human energy matrix as well as the individual program, which causes the subsequent series of events through daily life and the formation of physical, emotional or social events. When the cause is revealed, we will give an understanding of how to move forward, how to implement the energy correction of the field structure and restore vitality. Coaching and workshops for one or more days can achieve progress on any parameters! Healing on all levels of the energy matrix is ​​through a conscious understanding of what is necessary to achieve, with obligatory consistent application of energy techniques, practices and knowledge gained. We need a clear understanding of an individual’s algorithm and an organized sequence of actions to understand what causes a specific disease or problem in life to appear and turn into a chronic process.

Based on own experience on passing such situations, under our guidance, you can discover more doors of opportunities in life, and restore your health and youth. We are ready to share with you our knowledge not only in our workshops that we regularly conduct, but also on individual consultations wh ere you can acquire various techniques.

All those wishing to get answers to unanswerable questions or situations, we offer an initial diagnosis or corrections of energetic field structures. For those seeking the meaning of their continued existence, we can offer training and knowledge to enable you to escape from the inner loneliness and the loss of meaning in life. An exit out of impasse is always possible, but this is not always seen by the individual who does not have the necessary tools and technology that can impact their own energetic-plane of existence.

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 Author of the Article: Head of C.K School, Psychologist, M. Bezan

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