Visceral, Vacuum and Vibration Therapy

Visceral, vacuum and vibration therapy can also be combined alongside psychosomatic therapy within our schools, so today we'll talk about the method, which can be called the key to solving all human problems.

For people who do not want to practice the development of their consciousness to a level where on their own, they would be able to remove any disease, in our school we have developed methods that help people quickly and simultaneously in many directions within their life: removing fatigue, depression, cleaning the body, ward off aging, regain a sense of youth and the desire to live. This can be achieved by vacuum and pulsation therapy banks plus psychological correction via a specialist psychologist during therapy. During a session there is usually an analysis of the causes of any disease, and an overview to the steps of elimination of such causes leading to an awareness that allows a person to cure their chronic diseases in the long term.
The beneficial effects of this combination can be felt from the first time. Almost from the first course you can see rejuvenation, and restoration of the nervous system, balancing the mind and bodies of correction and systems. Pulsation can essentially massage the joints in certain zones and activate points of the body's equilibrium within the system.

We also explain what happens to the human body when using pulsation therapy. For example, if we stimulate the nervous system, It can help relieve any spasms and improve the work of the circulatory system in the problem area, as well as relieve muscle tissues. Simultaneously it also lifts sagging tissue that may be deformed, thereby achieving the effect of looking better and younger. Everyone knows that one of the main causes of premature aging and many chronic diseases is our sedentary lifestyle; we have a lot of sitting and little walking. As a result, it slows down the transmission of nerve impulses through the channels that has a corresponding effect on all body systems. One-stimulant additives are not displayed and the lymph is not cleared. The effect of cosmetic creams works only on the surface, giving a short-term effect, tying a person to expensive cosmetic procedures in order to achieve rejuvenation.

In our methodology the rejuvenation effect is achieved through stimulation of the nerves of the special joint (mechanoreceptors). During the movement of various joints we stimulate the mechanoreceptors. If we work with the hip joints of the pulse therapy we increase blood circulation in the area of ​​activity of the pelvic floor, joint stiffness essentially disappears. Because of visceral chiropractic therapy and pulsation we remove stagnation in the urogenital system, activate human sexuality, and tighten bodies, fibroids, cysts, and prevent prostatitis.
The same applies to the shoulder girdle, and the neck. Most mechanoreceptors are concentrated in the head and neck. The neck in particular is the link between the senses, mind and soul. Our true age lies in the neck and the head. If it's flexible and agile, it helps to get rid of rigid dogmatic concepts and attitudes. At the level of the last cervical vertebra, at the site of spinal joints and the skull is the medulla oblongata. This part of the brain is responsible for breathing control and its regulation. By stimulating these zones by using pulsation banks we work to restore various nerve fibers and blood vessels that feed the brain.

Few people know that if a person does not turn their neck all the way to their shoulder level, then there are dangers of a stroke, as the brain is unable to receive energy. Working through these zones with pulsation banks, we remove blockages in these areas. The neck acquires mobility, improving hearing and vision. As a result, even after one session we can still achieve good health.

Good knowledge of the sign system of the body allow us to work with a variety of points, achieving quick results, so it is easy to believe all the good that is said about the impact of these practices. There is no mystery or magic. We are waiting for everyone to solve their problems with our methodology.

For regular patients have also developed a flexible system of discounts for our services.

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Author of the Article: Head of C.K. Schools, Psychologist, M. Bezan


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