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In this article, we will try to reflect the state of affairs from the perspective of our own knowledge. What do most living people on the planet not know?

Information has the most dangerous influence. It can both destroy and revitalize a person in the strict, not in the figurative, sense.

 The world around us affects each of us. Very often this impact is negative. Informational influence is the most dangerous, since it is difficult to detect, and the destruction from it is much more terrible than from a blow or wound. Only few people can really change this situation for the better. There is no legal responsibility for violation of the informational integrity of a person today. But this is in human society, and according to the laws of the development of the planetary complex and the laws of the subtle world, it turns out that everyone will take responsibility. And what does it look like, you ask.

The state of affairs with the human psyche is no longer left unnoticed. Everyone sees that people are increasingly becoming inadequate, unbalanced mentally and energetically exhausted. Everything that was considered immoral for 20 years now belongs to the concept of the norm. Society is painful and increasingly distorted in its development. Degradation with increasing cataclysms are proceeding at a rapid pace on a planetary scale. This is a reaction to information defeat in the human energy structure within the planetary boundaries .


- The emotional space of humanity has been powerfully attacked , and it turned out to be much worse than the plague or cholera epidemics that destruct Europe in the Middle Ages. What kind of leprosy has embraced the whole world?

Practitioners of spiritual practices know that senses and emotions are an area of the astral plane of the planet. This is the 3rd information level of the planet Earth. In the XXI century increased interest in various magical practices without understanding the essence of energy processes on a planetary scale is like running on the blade of a knife. It's one thing when people are prepared, disciplined who has indomitable intent and a high degree of impeccability (in another words – developed consciousness).

And in another case there are astral "tourists", grabbed grains of information, who sometimes does not even know the basic safety techniques at planetary levels. All this "spiritual" brethren becomes a tasty morsel for inorganics, disembodied entities, inhabitants of the lower Astral layers. Practices and meditations into compliance with the fashionable hobbies of society lead to serious energy disturbances in the human energy system.

Without the thorough preparation of consciousness, going out into the subtle plans of the planet is forbidden, otherwise the consciousness is subjected to the most powerful bombardment of the energy essences of subtle plans, working from different egregor formations. This thoughtless infatuation is pure madness today at the level of the whole civilization and this madness, turns out, is contagious.

The eerie hypothesis of the virus of insanity has new outlines, threatening the modern man much more than the plague, HIV or the bird flu.

I often have to watch when people apply to me who study different meditative techniques and practices on their own trying to draw knowledge from scraps of distorted information on the Internet or by people who are without proper education in this matter.

In addition to false ideas that are transmitted from generation to generation, forming world illusions, humanity also lacks the knowledge, and ignorance of the issues concerning spiritual development. They seem to know that it is necessary to follow the way of development, but nobody can explain this way to anybody. To the spiritual space - esotericists say, to the God - religious doctrines say, to the nirvana - Buddhists say, and what exactly should be done at the end of that way and how to function in the spiritual spheres no one says anything sensible.

A result of people catch up different directions of esotericism and the "spiritual" guru is either rolling into primitive magic or trying to study astrology, numerology, GLP and, as always, meditation.

Madness (irrationality) is also contagious, like viruses. The information impact, which a person is suffered at these trainings, introduces distortions into their structure of subtle plan and consciousness, which subsequently lead to a malfunction in the work of their organs and body systems. Immediately it is almost impossible to track and in the future this will lead to the destruction not only of physics but also of the human psyche.

As a result of a short period of hobby for one or another type of activity, persons realize that this does not give them any idea how to manage the processes in their life, whereby nothing really changes and they do not get an understanding of the meaning of their being/existence.

Esotericists, different coachers and guru of this knowledgeable cleverly take advantage of this, but no one is legally responsible for their acts in the area of spiritual practices. You are offered meditation, mantras, philosophical conversations, oriental practices such as Wushu or breathing exercises. This can also be added to the exciting coachings and psycho-trainings. Getting to such classes you are never informed about the exchange of energy fields with participants in training on psycho-correction and nobody talks about the psycho-field of a group meditating on a mantra or the shamanic practice immersed in the astral.


The energy fields of people practicing meditation today are clearly low-frequency, and quite the contrary, the result of such trainings and meditation is contamination of the energy field and the distortion of informational components.

Against the parasites of the energy field, all these practices are powerless. They penetrate everywhere where there is no energy barrier. There are mental parasites up to a certain level.

Do you know about this? And if you know, do you know how to deal with it? And what can you, reading these lines, oppose in opposition to the information madness?

The overwhelming majority of mankind has no understanding and knowledge on this issue.

But most of mankind do not believe this or know nothing or has doubts ...

But ignorant and unbelieving person cannot be allowed to exist on the highest levels of our planetary informational complex, neither within the more intelligent Cosmos. The exam named "evolution of the civilization" was released by the end of the program period of our civilization (2000), which the Earth has not yet passed.

Our training assumes rapid evolutionary development based on changes in the genetic code and an increase in the energy efficiency and energy intensity of the human matrix system. This makes it possible to qualitatively change both health and consciousness of a person in a short time. We talk about how consciousness changes under the influence of high-frequency energies in our training seminars on CE. We help people change their understanding of functional physical, emotional and mental activities. Knowledge of many cosmic laws of the universe helps not only our students, but also patients to understand the issues of their global delusions,  understand where they had the wrong thinking in understanding situations or diseases happening to them.

In our work with a person we correct a distorted understanding of the causes of diseases or psychological problems that prevented him from functioning normally and healthy in the social environment, family and in his inner world. Spiritual development is the kind of understanding that is so necessary for any living person.

What is the meaning of our being, the meaning of the same development, which about so much is said in different circles of human society?

It turns out that everything is very simple. This is to be healthy not only in body, but also in spirit and to pass on a healthy genetic code to your future generation, which will contribute to the further accelerated recruitment of positive potential into the matrix system. With the increased energy intensity of the matrix the accelerated development of various human abilities begins, which were originally incorporated into the human matrix as the parapsychological possibilities of consciousness. Consciousness development should be supported by constant well-being and energy sufficiency of the human energy system. Without the presence of energy capacities in the matrix, a person will not be able to carry out work in any area of  his life, especially intellectual...

There are many researches about the brain working, but they all show that most of the energy (up to 35%) received from outside the body uses to working of the brain, and if there is not enough energy for normal life, then what kind of intellectual development can we talk about? There is no strength for simple survival, what kind of evolution can we talk about?

Our technologies help keep the brain in normal functioning and the matrix system from energetic fall. This provides opportunities for that spiritual development, about which they talk a lot, but nothing is done in modern society.

But this is only an elementary School for passing through further stages of evolutionary development. Our technologies were given to humanity at the end of the last century for this work, so that it could go further in the programs of evolution and not be destroyed as a viral collective consciousness. That is why we see such a global spread of the technique, but not everyone understands it, and even more so they use it correctly. We also talk about this at our general educational seminars.

And what do we see today and what do we transmit with the energy-informational message to our genetic code? What can we do? Where does the development of any person lead in general? Today the distorted information base given to children in educational institutions and the upbringing of a person in the family is mowing entire generations of people out of the program of evolutionary development. And the passion for trying to find spiritual development through shamanism, magic, yoga and meditation is not the development of a person's consciousness, it is a departure from such in fact.

Our training makes it possible to gradually move directly to the topic of understanding your path in the life and life of the entire civilization on the planet. The student's consciousness changes when the acquired knowledge is applied in life. A person can already really influence with his consciousness on reality and on the causes of events not only in his life, but also on a planetary scale. We teach to influence the consequences to change reality in the future.

 Author of the Article: M. Bezan, Head of Cosmo Knowledge School.

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