One interesting fact is the interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness. At our seminars we are deeply involved in these concepts and give a new look at these things from the side of energy-informational concepts. This article presents a small part of the information from our seminars, which can be available to anyone, even an unprepared reader.

Modern science characterizes:

Consciousness - as the activity of the cerebral cortex, and

Subconscious mind - It is the grey matter, which is located within the cerebral cortex, and it controls the operation of the body.

It is practically impossible to consciously control the work of an organism based on automatic functioning processes. How can you control the operation of the second kidney, liver, spleen and haematopoietic system, the system of thermoregulation and vital functions of cell structures. All these are automatic programs that go without the person's conscious participation in every moment of their life. In addition, in order to control the work of the body, you need energy. But you can correct this fragmentarily.

Scientists determine the subconscious as a qualitatively special latent brain activity that could have a profound impact on the behaviour and complex forms of adaptation.

Consciousness is inevitably based on unconscious processes occurring in the brain (and heart).

All processes of perception and the processing in brain nerve cells are precisely of an unconscious nature, and only the results of this work are accessible to the consciousness.

People through the organs of their senses receive a huge amount of information, however, for the most part this remains meaningless, but takes an active part in shaping our feelings and desires. More than 90% of all decisions are determined by the result of the work of the subconscious.

Consciousness in its active state processes and outputs only 15-40 bits of information per second, whereas the subconscious mind is thousands of times larger.

Sometimes the unconscious impressions erupt in the area of consciousness in the form of confusing images, melodies, intuitive hints and dream. All this must be brought to our awareness in order for us to be able to take advantage of it in life. And for this you need to at least understand a little about the structure of the brain itself, and the interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness.

It has been observed that when a person perceives or does something bad, highlighting the negative emotions, thoughts and committing immoral acts, on his level of consciousness - it is blocked by a certain area of the cerebral cortex.

Below this area is another part of the brain (sub cortex or grey matter, the so-called subconscious mind), which controls the body on the automatic levels. This also ceases to work properly, as the information within falls right away. Consequently, the organ, system, or some part of the body that is controlled by this part of the brain, ceases its proper functioning.

A very difficult task is for those who will purify their consciousness of all that is bad.

Understanding the essence of the processes occurring at the level of subtle plans, we have a lot of work to cleanse the memory banks on qualities such as lying, envy, hatred, anger, arrogance, greed, greed, pride, resentment, deceit, contempt, jealousy, etc. From all that leads a person or their environment to certain diseases, or a group of diseases. But also from information that does not correspond to the programs of the evolutionary development. All this leads to distortions not only within our fate, but also to the formation of various diseases to the physical body. Many sources say this, that all diseases that we have, we have earned throughout our life.

When the energy system and the subconscious work properly, only then can a person be healthy. And these systems work correctly only when a person has a pure consciousness. This is a regularity, whether we like it or not.

So, let's sum up a little.

Modern theories of consciousness and subconsciousness are as follows:

- perception and human behaviour is controlled by automated programs that the person is not aware of.

- These programs affect the final result of their efforts. They belong to the "subconscious".

- A person can change their life, when the conscious and subconscious work in one direction. If the programs in the subconscious do not change, nothing will change in the material reality. If this agreement does not exist, nothing happens.

- If personal reality is based on old beliefs and the automatism operation does not change, then it interferes with your wishes.

Despite the fact that these theories and techniques based on this understanding are considered new, they are very old at their core. Even in ancient times it was known that if "we connect the mind and the heart," and believe in what we do, it all turns out just as planned.

New techniques and methods that have emerged in the 21st century are devoid of the mystical aspect. This is a working technology. They are intended for practical use. Recognition of the "peace of the Spirit" in them is accompanied by concrete conscious receptions, addressed to the mind, body and subconscious. They work well regardless of the religion's belonging, so they can be used by both believers and supporters of a "scientific" view of the world. It has nothing to do with religion.

The subconscious mind is the most powerful computer that can be found at your disposal. The quality of subconscious programming - determines the scenario of your life. What is there - affects the fate of man.


The word «GIGO» in computer terminology is an abbreviation, formed from the English  expression «garbage in/out », which means "garbage in - garbage out". In other words, if the original data is false, then false will be the end result.  And who enters the initial data? Of course, the programmer. 

If the programmer is distorted about reality, they will introduce corrupted data into the system. Therefore, they will produce a garbled response to the request. By analogy, if your personal programmer, which is the consciousness, lays false information in the subconscious which is illogical then it will also be transformed as such.

In the event that the subconscious contains information that conflicts with the ideas and plans of the conscious mind, these plans and ideas will never be realized.

At our seminars we give information on how to implement our plans, consciously conducting work in our own subconscious, giving the correct input and output algorithm, taking into account the analysis of our past mistakes. We show you the subconscious blocks and concrete methods for the destruction of the negative programs that prevent you to achieve your goals in life.

The author of the article:

Head of the School C.K. - M.Bezan

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