Cosmo Energetics - explanation of mistakes.

In this article, we will talk about the practise of Cosmo Energetic as a system of energy therapy and how it is a more complete concept from the standpoint of modern energy-information knowledge. Today we hold a lot of misunderstandings about this method. After 30 years of practical application of the method, people still do not have a conscious attitude and understanding of what kind of knowledge system this is. Why is it still not fully accessible to people?

The transfer of the methodology is still filled with distortions and arguably more so over time. Can this be fixed and how?


To understand the method correctly, you need a slightly different basis of knowledge than just an esoteric approach at the chakra or energy shell levels. The understanding of the method lies far beyond the simple explanation of the structure of man from the standpoint of esoteric knowledge. Everything is much deeper and more serious, and in order to understand this, we need to give you a little knowledge about Cosmogony to understand this energy is, where it comes from, who is behind it all and how you can work on the thin plans with your own minds.


The very method of energy therapy is only a small applied part of a huge layer of knowledge with only a fraction of individuals possessing the ability to understand it. The Earth, is allocated to its own space program which unfortunately has not reached the expected result, which was to be achieved at the end of this period. The reasons are situated at the transfer levels from program to program and the influence of the QuadroVirus, which is the reason for people's involution.

As a result, today we no longer have the first viral civilization, when instead of the spiritual positive direction of development, mankind prefers to choose material goods, wars and the destruction of the mind on the planet. The meaning of human life has been reduced to consumerism and everything has started to transfer to this direction. Everything is judged only from the point of receiving benefits, even reanimated esoteric knowledge - magic and so on, a person only uses these means for the own personal interest.

The task of controlling the planetary complex of Forces, to bring mankind to the right path of development by transferring the right type of knowledge. With the help of certain frequency programs (channels), we can correct our energy matrices together. We are given the opportunity to restore the energy envelopes and increase the energy capacity of the system. We can do this in a very short time and it is very effective if we correctly use the energy technologies given to us.


By using cosmic frequencies (classical Cosmo Energetic practices), we have the opportunity to change and improve the genetic code. This leads to the restoration of lost opportunities and abilities of individuals. It is mandatory to restore and normalize the functional activity of the brain to receive information from the subtle plans of the planetary complex, as was originally planned by the Creator at the launch of our evolutionary program. Correct use of frequencies directly depends on the state of the mind of a person.

It is not in the power of people to use high-frequency energy for evil. But what does the unintelligence of man do? People can still distort anything and distort knowledge by unconscious functioning which is possible without realisation. To prevent this from happening, people should be given more explanations on this topic, disseminate and bring awareness of people's tasks and goals. This method was released from the system of Prohibitions and given to approbation in our civilization during the transition period. Surely the Higher Mind did not pursue the goals of distributing the right of access to high-frequency energy practices to the right and to the left, regardless of the level of our consciousness development. It is simply impossible for a developed consciousness to work coherently with people via this method.



In the system of Cosmo Energetic practices, only an informed approach is needed and is desirable in the work to help people. Codes for frequencies can be transmitted, and then what? Without the appropriate preparation of our consciousness - the virus is able to distort frequencies further. Who is going to allow you to work on the energy information plan of the planet without knowledge of these systems? Who will assist you to understand this level of energy and mental preparation? Does anybody even think this over more than once before they act consciously or otherwise?

On the planetary complex there are controlling systems of passage through and everything is clearly recorded and controlled. And while you are not ripe for passage mentally, energetically, you simply stop and wait at best that you will grow up, and at worst, bring down your energy and consciousness.


Who thinks about their right to transfer frequencies "at the master's level"? When it comes to healing even the ordinary individual, people were trained from childhood and for years, not for a mere 3 days. Where are people’s minds when they believe they are able to become healers, even without absolutely any knowledge in medicine in just three days of practise?

Everyone who stands on any training path should understand that in 3 days no one can possess professional knowledge. In any job only through hard work you can get something that no one else will be able to have. This is the same professionalism that is achieved in any profession. This should be understood by any student who decides to acquire the right to work with frequencies. But this is a system of knowledge, which is multidimensional in its study. The careless reception of frequencies and the sale of them to the right and left, gives a sad picture to its rightful and very important practise.

Our School suggests revising your knowledge and understanding the mistakes you make in working with frequencies. We offer an entirely new basis of knowledge for understanding and understanding how the System of Cosmo Energetics works. Shakherezad V.A Petrova reveals new blocks of knowledge that will help you further your development and gain greater confidence and awareness in working with frequencies. And most importantly, one must understand that behind the whole process of working with these complex energies, there is the constant control of the Higher Mind and the Mind of the Planet.

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M. Bezan, Head of the School of Cosmic Studies.

London, March 2018

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