DNA Activation. What is it and how is it understood esoterically?

DNA Activation. What is it and how is it understood esoterically? 

In the early 2000's, an American researcher, Dr. Gerard, created and promoted based on the book of Kryon which was published about the same time, the theory of activating sleeping DNA helices. In this activation of DNA, according to his new theory, it is allegedly possible artificially, through a certain influence of prayer, music, or dance to activate dormant and even canned human DNA strands. In fact, the success and promotion of this commercial project turned out only due to a hitting wave of human interest in this topic, the growth of the New Age movement in America. A lot of esotericists were drawn to this topic, many people made money on it. By becoming attached to this topic and taking advantage of the lack of understanding and lack of information among people, group initiations and initiations into the activation of human DNA began.

 As always, a person wants everything at once and now, quickly and effortlessly. Well, the society of consumers manifested itself in full here. All those interested in this topic are addicted to this information, dreaming about the instantaneous activation of DNA and the acquisition of super abilities that appear in a person with a change in their genetic code. After some time, the interest was of course diminished, because no one had received any results. But even today, the issue of DNA activation is being raised however, it has not been explained to a sufficient degree anywhere. How does the genetic code change and does this DNA activation actually occur? In order to change something in yourself, a person must work on their own self. It is not done artificially. Everything in man is achieved via conscious functioning. By following the highly moral principles and norms of behaviour, thinking and emotionally interacting with the world, any individual can build up their energy potential, leading to the activation of brain structures. 


In addition, the change in human DNA is closely related to the education and accumulation of knowledge. This knowledge is based on the correct basis of the ideological position of a person, the right images and concepts. They should be resonant with the programs of the Creator and the development plans of both humanity and the entire Universe. All of this is interconnected and interdependent, and absolutely not at all connected with music or listening to a tuning fork, reading prayers and conducting shamanic practices. DNA change and activation is primarily the development of the mind through new knowledge based on the concepts of cosmogony, quantum physics, the concept of the ether and the interaction of consciousness with the info-levels of the Earth. By mastering and applying this knowledge in practice, and acting upon it, not only with understanding but with a correct outlook and lifestyle anyone can improve not only themselves, but also the world around them. You must not cultivate ego, develop egoism, possessiveness and consummation but slowly learn a sense of responsiveness, thankfulness, love and sympathy, which all gradually correct the genetic code.

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All these are directly opposite qualities to what we see today in the direction of the development of the entire civilisation. The correct worldview plus energy exercises and practices that allow you to strengthen not only the physical body, but also your human energy, allow the energy stored within the system to rise and activate brain structures that accumulate a certain quality of energy which can grow ones consciousness. The development of the energy potential of the brain allows a person to receive an increasing amount of information, etc. 


All this together with knowledge plus practice of action can enable any person to gradually, but not immediately change their DNA overtime.

This altered 'DNA' will also be inherited by children and with their proper upbringing, the structures will not be distorted and can be passed on through generations. This is the only way to activate and change human DNA. Gradually, and not immediately, the lost ability of a person to read information from thin plans is restored and reanimated. New parapsychological abilities and possibilities of work on the energy-information fields of the planet appear. Only when the genetic code is changed and restored, the fine-material DNA energy helices are activated, and the opportunities corresponding to the higher 24 codon DNA also appear. But this cannot be done at the same time in the current generation. It is impossible to have a 20 codon DNA and immediately become 24 codon. This is possible only if humanity from generation to generation increases its energy potential and develops its mind. Only then will it be possible to talk about activating DNA for the entire civilisation. Today, due to a lack of understanding of the processes described above, most esotericists have a notion that it is possible with the help of some technician to activate dormant DNA strands and this stands to be false. 


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Author - M. Bezan, Head of the School of C.K



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