THE LAW OF REVIVLE - rebirth or reincarnation.

     This law is a natural consequence of the law of evolution. In the memory of our subtle structures, as well as in our cellular memory, all actions, thoughts and deeds that violate the laws of being and commandments of the God are preserved. In simple terms, it means storing information about all sins and vices in your genetic code. It forms the so-called karma of a person and civilization as a whole. 

      The Overmind enables all persons to improve the ancestral line information through their own development,  correct the accumulated negative and pass on to their descendants not a virus, but the correct basis of knowledge and behavioral skills and personality traits. If the personality traits are improved and corrected in a positive direction, then it will be possible to talk about the potential reincarnation of a person. The biomass while on the simulator does not reincarnate, becourse it has no information to transfer for further development. As a result, such an information matrix is not in demand in the future. 

      Today we all have a chance to better our ancestral line and also take part in concrete work to upgrate our genetic code to further improvement of our ancestral line. This work is carried out by Cosmoenergy technologies with simultaneous work on the adoption of new knowledge. Systemic knowledge enables a person not only to improve the informational component of the genus, but also to obtain an actual result - a changing of life and destiny. 

      In short, such a possibility really exists today. But not everyone understands it. Development and participation in the program of the evolutionary development of the matrix system is not available to everyone, and this is primarily due to the development of consciousness. Not everyone today is able to see the seeds of truth through the base of false information. Not everyone is able to believe and test the impact of this new knowledge, moreover to accept it and carry it on like enlightenment and change the world around him. It is more easily for everyone to follow the old doctrine of reincarnation and think that everything will be fine in the next life if it will be not in this life. And whether it will be good or not, to know it one must have not only an understanding of this law of reincarnation, but also the ability to practically act according to this law. 

      In order to reincarnate, it is necessary to understand the law of reincarnation, which is realized on the deeds of the soul, as the esotericists say. Thats to say as a result of the accumulation of positive and negative personality traits the soul constantly returns to the place of committing these sins to work out the negative qualities of a person on the simulator again and again. We are not talking about specific places on earth. This is done through the formation of various situations in the place where a person lives and functions at a certain period of his life. They are worked out through situations in society, through the emergence of diseases, problems in the family, etc. The simulator or tests for a person are exposed by the programs laid down in the formation of the life program on the subtle plane before the birth of a person. 
     The elaboration of these programs is set with the aim of accumulating a certain positive spiritual experience and personality traits while resolving emerging problems and passing it on through generations. Thus, the lineage is corrected and a high-quality future generation of people is formed. Very slowly and gradually, a person begins to realize how to exist. 

      Only in this way the gradual orientation of the developing humanity happens either towards the kingdom of God, or towards the negative System of the Devil, as Christianity says. In fact, this is the formation of the right quality of consciousness and human genetic code. In the works of scientists, the mechanism for transmitting information about diseases along the family (ancestral) lines of people has already been tracked. The mechanism of repetition of situations in family ancestral lines is tracked, but little researched. They do not understand the analysis of the transmission of information on the series of events due to the lack of knowledge in these issues. Nowadays there are no tools for working in the information field of the planet. However, the research of military in the study of the brain function at a distance is the closest to this. And at the end of the last century, more in-depth information on how the transfer of information takes place in the matrix structure of a person appeared in soci    ety in free access. More detailed information about the formation of the matrix system, its filling and purification (decoding), if it is recognized by the Overmind as not necessary for further evolution and transmission of information, can be found in the books - 18 volumes by A. Seklitova and A. Strelnikova, where they consider the energy-informational structure of human matrix and passing through the program of human evolutionary development. In these books, many cosmic laws of the Universe are considered, which are given to humanity to understand the work of the Intelligent Cosmos in our Universe. With the help of this law, the law of Reincarnation, the necessary qualities of a person and his consciousness are crystallized, the core of a conscious spiritual personality is formed to participate in the programs of Evolution. 

      It is necessary to understand the following in this law - only developed consciousness can reincarnate, something that is capable to work consciously with its consciousness as an assistant to the Earth and to form a New man with new capabilities that will be discovered only within the systematic, not instantaneous, development of brain structures. So the idle way of life, which today mankind prefers to lead, with its tolerance and distortion of all moral norms of life, is clearly not for reincarnation. The Overmind, God or certain programs monitor the following this law, which is inscribed in the program of evolution. If the human soul (monad of the matrix) does not correspond to the program of evolutionary development, it is destroyed, as the philosophical oriental sciences say. According to the terminology we have given in the books of Seklitova and Strelnikova, this realization is deepened and explained to us, giving us an understanding of words - the matrix is cleaned up and the monad is decoded, and      also the timing of work with the matrix system is indicated. 

      When a new human matrix is being formed, which goes to the next simulator of evolutionary development, information is provided not only about this person, but information is collected along the entire ancestral line. This is written in many esoteric sciences that talk about the family and the ancestral line of a person. Along the branches of the patrimonial line of the father and mother, a new life program is drawn up, taking into account all the information accumulations of the genus. This is called the genetic memory of the genus. The new program contains information about the life of this person, but only as a member of the clan that has left an information trail. In the new matrix, it may look like a personality quality, character, level of consciousness, operability of thinking, intuitiveness, etc. But this is not the same person. 
     People with genetic defects of the mind do not reincarnate for generations, it is not in the interests of the evolutionary process to transfer dirt according to their Kin from one period of development to another. Therefore, there are other programs that are aimed at correcting or destroying everything that does not correspond to the program of human evolution. The virus, both in the physical and in the subtle planes, must be destroyed. But why people with the Downs syndrome, intellectual diabilities and other genetic diseases are born in the clan, this is a question for biology and the concepts of pollution of the human environment, but not for the subject of incarnation as such.

     Our Christian teaching says that a person has one life. And now it becomes clear that Christianity implies just such an approach to understanding incarnation.

     In the philosophy of Buddhism, human life and his reincarnation are described in a completely different way. This doctrine says that after death, a person can be reincarnated into an animal, and into a bird, and into a plant, and even into dust, into anything. The failure of the disintegration of energetics and decoding of the matrix system and its content, which does not correspond to the given parameters of development, indicates that there is no longer a possibility of incarnation for such consciousnesses. And we all see that Buddhism does not provide explanations and understanding on this issue. People who have an animal level of consciousness are no longer embodied. This consciousness is simply not necessary. The new birth of a person is provided by the program only with a positive development vector. To achieve a developed consciousness, a certain level of systemic, but not narrow, knowledge is required. It is the work of a person with such a consciousness (as the esotericists would say, an expanded consciousness) on the subtle planes that allows a person to do this work. And no one else except himself, who has reached such a level of conscious functioning in the world of subtle energies, can do it. But this is not a meditation. We talk about this at some of our seminars about the development of consciousness. Only at a special seminar we consider how this happens, how consciousness, subconsciousness and overconsciousness work.

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