Mental Illness (part II)

What are the causes of depression, mental illness and the loss of the meaning of human life?

Harmony of the soul is an integral part of development for each and every person ever born on this Earth. But such an impression of harmony today is absent not only in the social environment, but also in the mind of modern man. The notorious well-being, which in theory was supposed to bring harmony, just the opposite this very harmony does not work. So why strive for it? We spend our whole life trying to achieve material wealth. As a result of these material things we become slaves; which then becomes gradually formed within the human soul and increases the emptiness and insensitivity.

People who do not understand the very foundations of their existence, of their programs and laws, which they should go about in their development essentially, lose their meaning of life.

All those who today have spoken to us have this problem. During the first meeting where we look at the held power of human diagnostics, the first thing we pay attention to is the exposition to the goals that individuals want to achieve. If they are not consistent with their program and given objectives of their life, they are subsequently doomed to failure, loss of money or even health.

Individuals are guided only by their mind, which is brought up by various images of modern society but by also paying attention to the signals of the soul. By extruding and destroying the spiritual component an individual loses their connection with the original (the basis of their existence) and continues to follow the same blind alley from which they think there is no exit.

However there is always a way out and this can be achieved through changing attitudes and "self-crucifixion." Not everyone may be capable in realizing this because a growing number of people suffer from depression and mental health problems of various kinds. If a person is wrong according to the program of life they fall under depression, their life is in the same dead end, which we mentioned above.

Do people know about the processes that show the right passage on the program of life and depression? I think that most certainly is not the case. And therefore they go to the doctors, therapists and psychiatrists for drugs that allegedly attend to the causes of depression but this is something that drugs alone cannot cure.

According to WHO (2006), in a sample of 870 million people in the European Region, about 100 million experience states of anxiety and depression; More than 21 million suffer from disorders related to alcohol use; More than 7 million suffer from Alzheimer's disease and other dementias; about 4 million - schizophrenia; 4 million - bipolar affective disorder, and 4 million - panic disorders. One of the most tragic consequences of mental disorders however is that of suicide.

WHO experts say that depression is a major cause of disability and a major cause of suicide. Nine of the ten countries with the highest rates of suicide are located in the European Region. This is the data for 2011, in today’s time the madness in human society progresses, we see this on television almost every day. And the worst thing is that doctors cannot completely cure this, but why?

Physicians treat the biochemistry of the brain, i.e. the effects of the work of human consciousness. It is the consciousness that works in a certain mode, including the biochemical processes in the body through the subsequent chain: consciousness (thought) -> emotion -> behavior. That consciousness triggers changes in biochemical reactions in the body, but not vice versa.

Up until the last century, doctors were unable to treat mentally ill people, but with the development of biochemistry and research in the areas of the brain, chemicals were introduced that can correct the biochemical reactions which ultimately cause the temporary relief of the patient's condition. But does the consciousness change from these chemical reactions? - Of course not. And therefore there is no full recovery. Relieving or removing the acute symptoms does not mean that there is a cure for the patient. Chemists are working to suppress the symptoms, but not cure them. This is necessary to understand for each person today, before you poison your body with poorly understood or developed drugs. After all, today there is a basis for development of new diseases, which again require the admission of new medicines, and so on ad infinitum.

Today, many scientists are well aware of the dangers of their products. The fact that they are harmful, dangerous for health, have the ability to kill a person and cause various disorders in the later life of the organism. The question is - how do they manage to sell it all? It turns out that pharmacological giants have the best marketing departments in the world. Brilliantly conceived to pay doctors for giving prescription drugs and have bonuses on the number of goods sold, and many other marketing courses. They pay for psychiatrists reports that the alleged studies use for these drugs. In this sense science is bought.

In modern psychiatry, meanwhile, there is a complete mess. Why? We will not deal with the question of training in medical schools that is another matter. But today Universities produce professionals who are not qualified for the work that the human consciousness requires and its relationship with the soul and the planetary complex. There is no understanding that the human consciousness itself is on the higher plane, and not on the physical human body and how it functions, and even more so. Just this knowledge alone is lacking in modern scientists. So how do you cure a person if there is no understanding of the subtle energy links between the consciousness with the plans and the human energy structure and its soul? These issues are just not being taught, and therefore are not applied to solving problems with mental health problems and mental illness.

The modern theory of depression is false, but to recognize it, it is necessary to come into conflict with a number of "luminaries" who have received this recognition theory. Who is able to do so? Prescribing drugs and assuming that it will change the consciousness, is at least a ridiculous statement to make, but in fact - it is terrible. No one says and does not bring to light the notion that, after taking these drugs, in addition to various side effects in humans there is destruction to the natural mechanisms of self-regulation and the recovery of the body.

Statistics on deaths from these drugs are also carefully concealed. In fact, sales increased due to the consecutive ‘zombie’ population that emerges.

What I want to say here is that by showing all this information, mental diseases cannot be solved by chemicals, as the issue is related to the human consciousness itself. Human consciousness is not the biochemistry of the brain, and it is adjusted and arranged entirely through other methods of exposure. How? This is explained in our therapeutic sessions and training seminars.

The multifaceted work with a change of consciousness - is the key to solving any problems with the psyche, and not only that. This is the foundation of a healthy body, and a healthy mind. So-called positive thinking such as ‘everything will be alright’ will not cure this magnitude of issues either. Neither does meditation. It is rather a combination of approached with different kinds of training that aim to remove the block in the subconscious.

 In our school we have developed and successfully applied for a number of years, a technique for solving these problems. The return to life is possible for each person.

Today, mental disorders, suicide out of despair is growing with each passing month. This is a new kind of epidemic that has spread across the planet. Therefore, everyone should think about the wisdom of maintaining their safety and take care to not be drawn into the ongoing total madness.


Our school offers mechanisms that will help you to stabilize and keep a balanced mind without the use of psychotropic drugs and expensive medical services. Energetic therapy, psycho-correction, and knowledge can all be passed on by us – this is the key to solving any mental illnesses and mental disorders of all kinds.

To be continued….

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Author: M.Bezan - Head of C.K. School, psychologist, spiritual healer.

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