Energy diagnostics
Rules for patients

Become an open book in front of a healer and give the opportunity to diagnose not only the body but also the soul. Do not be closed.

Free from fears associated with the disease, stop feeling sorry for yourself, nyanchit his illness. Stop hiding the reasons that led to the disease.

Try to listen to the most unpleasant about themselves without insults and excuses. The patient should remove the thought of the disease, not to feed the energy of the illness thoughts. The patient must learn to psycho-correction on the mental plane.

No need to search for those responsible for his illness and realize that even the obvious culprits - a consequence of his own wrong, a false perception of the world.

Working in parallel with the healer, not for the sake of healing the disease itself, but for the elimination, the elimination of the most causes of the disease.

Do not enter into a deal with God and never to demand guarantees his healing.

Learn to understand the reasons for the inevitable exacerbations in cleansing the body. Do not allow the fear of pain.

Learning to be responsible for every negative thought, which was released to the world (to realize constantly the law of causality, the boomerang law).

Never allow an invasion of its energy field of people who you do not trust and do not run from one healer to another.

Do not shift to the healer of its inner workings, moving away from his spiritual laziness. Remember that religious forms (rites, rituals) without understanding the essence will not bring healing, but only tire out your problems within the soul.

Never do from a healer, lecturer - idol. It is only a pointer to the road to recovery.

The minimum number of sessions in some diseases

Treatment long, as a rule, are courses for every 10 sessions. Break 1-2 months.

1. XP. Alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, AIDS – 70 sessions, beginning each day + energy massage.

2. HEPATITIS C 50-60, of them in a row 10-20, 10-20 in a day, then 2-3 days.

3. liver cirrhosis, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS - 70, including 20 in a row.

4. KR.VOLCHANKA, SAH.DIABET, BRONH.ASTMA, polyarthritis - 40, of which the first 25 - 3 times a week. Independently reduce or eliminate hormones or insulin-smoking!

5. ENERGOSUSCHNOSTI - usually the most difficult and painful for the patient's treatment;

а) Cosmic nature - plasmoids humanoids - 40-50 sessions.

b) OF THE EARTH (devils, demons) - 30-40 sessions. In all cases, work with the entities and involves the inner spiritual work of the patient under rukovodstvlm healer.

1. CLEANSING OF MAGIC SOFTWARE of any force and the statute of limitations - 3-6 sessions.

Treatment of children under 14 years of age must with the mother.

In the presence of the child entities minimum number of sessions of his mother - 20.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL CLEANING session begins with contactless.

To anyone who has violated or REDUCED motor functions RECOMMENDED POWER massage with vibration and pulsation THERAPY ON THE MACHINE "PANTARIA-PULSATION".