Energy diagnostics
What does the color of your aura

Colors in the Aura we begin to gradually have to distinguish between, and that means we do not know.

Each subtle body has its own specific range of the radiation, and the totality of emissions of all bodies is the aura. Aura - this glow subtle bodies. The aura of a healthy person - egg-shaped, the layers of which (. ie, etheric, astral, mental and other bodies) are integrated into each other and penetrate each other, like dolls.

All selfish desires or low mental reactions are inevitably reflected in the Aura. If a person is given entirely baser passions and impulses, whereas in the first Aura (physical and etheric body) are seen sharply flashy colors. If you can watch it at a low level of development of all colors from red to blue, and dull-dirty kind.

Obtrusive red shades point to the sensual lust for pleasure and thirst of the body of the stomach;

dirty green - on the fear of effort to satisfy sensual desires;

brown-green and yellow-green - the lack of skills in achieving the desired low-lying purposes;

dull yellow and brown tones - petty selfishness;

brown-blue and gray-blue colors - cowardice and fear.

In the second Aura - the astral body:

brown and orange shades - strongly developed selfishness, pride and ambition;

light yellow color - clear thinking and intelligence;

green and yellow - a sign of a good memory;

blue color - a sign of the true religion, which is in a stronger manifestation gradually manifested in more intense violet color;

golden color - a sign of holiness.

Holiness - is the nature of belief and, at the same time, the level of practical implementation in their life, so that the color of the Aura - just one of the signs.

Number of glittering sparks in the third Aure - mental body - linked to the level of mental development and maturity of the human mind. A man who knows how to transform their animal desires and manage, has developed a second aura, and highly spiritual people - a shining, sparkling third aura. Altruism and self-denial for the sake of the common good is added at the last blue-violet color.

Thus, the properties of the Aura and color characteristics of its layers are connected both negative and positive human qualities.

Weakly developed intellectually people are dull, subtle mental body, although often well-developed essential.

Domination animal instincts are usually associated with virtually undeveloped causal and higher bodies. On the contrary, spiritually advanced people have a multicolored aura, which is dominated by white, emerald green, pink, blue, cyan, magenta and purple shades. On the subtle planes that person looks amazingly beautiful.