Energy diagnostics
Explanation of the aura colors

white - a sign of wisdom, enlightenment, religion, intuition and a high level of awareness of the world.


Blue - the color of communication skills, learning ability, creativity, inner freedom, confidence and harmony, internal security, sincere faith, hypersensitivity. Light blue and off-blue - the color of fear, depression, increased anxiety, alienation, "samoedstva" closure.


Yellow - symbolizes the vital masculine energy; It is the color of intellect, rationality, logic thinking, practicality, success, responsibility and firmness. Dirty yellow - paralysis of will, an overabundance of negative thoughts.


Green - the color of balance and harmony, warmth of heart, love for nature and people. It is the color of growth, change and the upcoming birth of a new perception, healing energy. Dirty-green - the color of depression, anguish.


Red - the color of energy, which is the source of vitality, passion, desire, heightened emotionality, physical activity, determination and strength of character. Dirty red - the color of aggression and fear.


Orange - the color that reflects the creativity, sexuality, self-confidence, a sign of a strong personality that attracts others to its positive attitude to life. Dirty Orange - indicates an unstable psycho-emotional condition, the development of negative thoughts and habits.


Pink - the color of compassion, purity, love of beauty and art. The color of sacrifice. Pink color in clusters - energy storage grievances. Women in most cases shows that already present benign.


Blue - the color of calm. Speaking of loyalty, fidelity, as well as the abilities of clairvoyance and telepathy. It indicates a certain level of initiation. Dark blue - the color of depression, anxiety, confusion. Purple - reflects the presence in man of spiritual power. He talks about the ability to penetrate into the essence of human nature and live for others, commitment to high ideals and opportunities for spiritual growth. Dark purple color is most common among people with mental disorders, homosexuals, drug addicts.