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What practices/methods, other then the method of Cosmoenergy, you use in your work?

In our work we use a number of energo-therapy technologies that are proven to be effective through years of practice during substantial period of time. Please find these practices listed below. If you would like to obtain more information in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will provide you with detailed explanation of each area/direction in this field. It can be communicated by e-mail or face-to-face during a consultation or energy diagnostics.

The training includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to the Esoteric Christianity: healing practices with the use of a prayer
  • Understanding methods of energy protections at various levels
  • Techniques and practices that contribute to the development of psychic abilities
  • Zoroastrianism Egregore: understanding of its working principles and gaining practical abilities and skills of the conscious work with the energies of the elements of nature
  • Exorcism: the knowledge about the practices and methods of the exorcism can be given to a person only after the initiation into the Master, when low/poor/negative personal qualities and weaknesses of the person have been eliminated (worked out). It is possible (and allowed) to pass these technologies only to the human with expanded/developed consciousness.
  • Dealing with the Generators of the energy blocks (Energy storages/accumulators). This is the multifunctional programmes aimed at unlocking the human consciousness and co-tuning the human brain structures and balancing hemispheres of the brain. A student can learn this method only after obtaining the Magister degree.
  • Practices of co-tuning of the consciousness with the heart. The knowledge about this type of practices/methods is given to students during relevant seminars. Additionally, this is a compulsory subject in the study of the Esoteric Christianity.
  • The practices of the Cosmoenergy method with the use of the U-SIN system. In this methodology, a student can acquire the fundamental and detailed knowledge about the method of conducting the energy of a frequency through the channels and meridians of the human body. This module is available for study at any stage, even before reaching the level of the Master.
  • Alternative (traditional) medicine: this module can be taught separately. Although, we recommend our students to explore this topic independently, in order to provide additional help to their clients.

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