Diagnosis of Your Aura

This information will help students of the school better understand the variety of information that is now spreading on the issue through various sources of information. The higher the spiritual plane of information the cleaner and therefore more reliable it becomes.

The main colors of the Aura vary not only depending on the momentary state of a person, but also through their spiritual progression - with the growth of spirituality we can improve the colour of the Aura. Two predominant colors of your lower body focus on the astral and mental. In fact, the Auric Egg spins up to ten and hundreds of small energy vortices in a concentric spiral downward and even across.

The combination of colours in the Aura give endless variety, so it's hard to talk about the meaning of a single color - human emotions are themselves rarely seen in a pure form.

For example, in one swift action we can displaced anger, jealousy, self-love (egoism) and resentment!

For example, anger, is manifested in pure form as a bright red color. This aura is also shown in individuals that are too self-confident, but if it is concentrated around the hips, it can additionally indicate lower sexual concerns.

What we call “just anger” simply looks pale crimson flash. But most of the bright red glow is reflected on a black background (Spite and Malice). If it is based on selfishness then this color is mutated with a heavy brown tint, which is stronger, the large share of self-esteem is contained in a flash of anger. When mixed with more pride and lust, there is a bright orange colour. If pride is manifested in the form of jealousy, then there appears greenish-brown background colours with scarlet flashes.

Brownish-red aura indicates a person who is always involved, regardless of others' opinion. If this colour is darker or dim red it indicates the evil and bad character, such a person can be irritable, insidious and have other nefarious purposes.

It is the color of criminals of all stripes. If the red color is paler (lighter) it indicates the individual to be more nervous and unstable.

From my own experience I would say that dark red with a cast brown colour near some body parts can also indicate cancer. If there is a toothache, then near the cheeks a brick-red beam can also be seen. Disorders of the nervous system are accompanied by the appearance of red in the bottom of the chest. The orange-brown haze over kidneys indicates that there can be an illness, if there is a gray tint, it means that there is a kidney stone.

Colours themselves flow in a variety of ways. For example, red is divided into two separate beam qualities - rose red and deep red and also consists of two separate rays - purple and blue.

If therefore we have a very positive pink colour it should be clearly distinguished from the red, as the quality is significantly different. But we must also bear in mind that the coral shade of pink indicates the age immaturity of adolescents, or on a stable and infantile immaturity, if this colour is present in the Aura of an adult.

So, as you can see, in order to understand all the colors and their combinations is rather difficult, but they are present as a whole within the person - in full, no matter how carefully they may hide their feelings and thoughts. For example, one has only to see the fiery blood-red light in the lower centers in order to immediately one hundred percent say that a person is covered by strong sexual desire, temporarily excite all their sensuality.

Orange - the first sign of the ambitious and proud man. It also comes in a mixture with other shades, depending on the mental state: irritability, nervousness, grumpy, arrogant (orange and green), or, on the contrary, sloth (orange-brown).

In compliance with the vibrations, orange can also be drawn to the genitals, which is very closely linked to the color of lust, sexual desire. It feeds on the energy desires of the flesh and the physical astral excitability increases.

Through abstinence and meditation, the orange colour can quite easily be transformed to the heart chakra by first being transformed into a purely yellow colour, significantly intensifying intellectual ability, and then turning into emerald.

The second component of orange, can be dark red, becoming purple in certain cases, awakening the capacity for selfless love.

The third part is dark purple, it is transformed up in the form of delicate pale purple, raising the possibility of the spiritual expansion of consciousness.

One of the most important features is the spiritual Path of Emotions. The combination of red and pink are also talking about a strong and constant love. When love is altruistic, the nice pink color dominates the entire aura. Sometimes in the Aura there is a very bright, pink-purple glow, speaking of the great spiritual love for people. If this love is too selfish then there will be a mixture of brown or green-brown colours (jealousy).

Selfishness shows only a heavy, dark gray-brown color, but the parallel brick-brown colour along the length of the Aura can also be indicative of stinginess.

Sometimes you can see a very gloomy aura with a predominance of parallel, from top to bottom, strips of lead-gray shades - this is evidence of deepest depression. Such an individual is on the verge of collapse and may even commit suicide. By itself, the gray does not mean anything, but in combination with other colours it is an expression of mild physical or moral development, the prevalence of life in the animal nature. It happens that the gray colour is mixed with a more bluish tint - then they are very much afraid of something.

The yellow colour shows a good ability to use ones' mind, intellect, and a beautiful golden yellow colour indicates high spirituality - the higher it is, the brighter the colour. Such an individual is very honest, without wormholes, and frank; They say what they think and they can be trusted and believed.

If the yellow colour is dominated by shades that are too dark, the person uses their mind for selfish ends, and if it is close to a lemon like colour, it means that the individual thinks in higher, and more altruistic purposes.

Dirty and nasty yellow colours shows cowardice and reddish-yellow, pure gold show the physical and mental uncertainty as well as dementia. Such people cannot be trusted.

Brown-yellow show obscene thoughts, mental weakness, vices (alcoholism, parasitism).  If the red hues in the yellow colour are too prominent then such a person is suffering from an inferiority complex.

The blue colour says a lot about strong and pure religious feelings. Blue - is the color of the spiritual world. But then, the blue color can also have shades - from the noble to the intense indigo purple, talking about the highest degree of religiosity, free from any kind of bounding boxes and be consistent of absolute sincerity.

The dark blue characterizes the people who seek spiritual self-improvement. If blue is too dark, the person takes their responsibilities to heart, and receive from them spiritual satisfaction (true missionaries, preachers and spiritual guides).

The brighter the colour blue, the people are spiritually stronger. It is the vibration of the colors that envelop each of the books "The Gospel of the Transfiguration."

Since religions are different, mixed with love or pride, fear or falsehood, at the level of blind worship and fanaticism the blue colour can turn blue-gray, owned by indecisive, timid and weak-willed people.

When dominated by sparkling light blue or silver blue colour, it shows devotion to the highest spiritual ideal, and purple or purple-blue colours indicate high spirituality.

Glowing and sparkling silver/gold sparkles - are evidence of very high spiritual aspirations.

Moving onto the green colour, it must be said that its highly difficulty when it comes to determining the quality, because it is sure to be read in conjunction with a huge quantity of various shades.

Pure green - is the colour of healing, learning, physical, and professional growth. In combination with a nice blue tint indicating success in learning something, and golden-yellow background indicates the high level of professionalism and competence.

It is the colour of true healers, someone who has a lot in their green Aura they are a kind and compassionate individual. If it's just a dark green, it characterizes a person that is down to earth, able to adapt to life, but on the whole not bad or evil. When the green almost turns into yellow, then such a person should not be trusted - the colour of scammers. If green becomes blue, sky blue, then it show complete honesty.

Emerald green is simple-mindedness, inventiveness, open-mindedness, sincerity, benevolence, vision and desire to serve the benefit of Evolution. This is a very good colour.

The higher a person evolves, the green color becomes more luminous, bluish-green (but, I repeat, do not confuse it with a light-green - a sign of strong sensuality!).

In fact, to quickly understand this whole kaleidoscope, we need to learn and "see" the aura through the following principles:

- Coarse combinations of infrared and the red spectrum talk about the bad human qualities of heavy and unexamined Karma with the tendency to deceit inviduals, they show selfishness and evil morals (in particular - on a black background!);
- The right-hand portion of the spectrum, shows the higher levels of development, but here it is necessary to approach the broader definition, considering the intensity of the radiance of certain centers and bodies, their volume, clarity shell size, etc..

Colour - is the main indication of abilities within individuals and despite the fact that the shades of colours are constantly changing depending on the mood, the colours still remain the same as long as the person's thoughts and aspirations are not corrupt with any sort of 'dirty' shade.