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Before the diet, you should be confident in your own health, and if in doubt, it is best to consult a doctor, t. To. The "diet", though a resolution, however, provokes a radical overhaul of all systems and processes of the body. "Kuznetsova Diet" - an intellectual, it is exceptionally easy to spend, but the prerequisite for the effective application of the diet is a deep and accurate understanding of its principles.

The purpose of the diet - a way out of food addiction (overeating, binge eating, tsibomanii, in common parlance - "gastromanii") by the collapse of the cycle, which is dependent. The cycle is the same as in other addictions, such as alcoholism: reception, abstinence, abstinence-reception, reception, abstinence ... ie, the dependent is in the "bumpiness" between comfort and discomfort, eating and lifting... The food, as well as vodka alcoholism plays a role stressor starter which disperses, such as an internal combustion engine, a cyclical process of the body.

What is the nature of addiction?

All bodily processes are cyclic, from breathing and heartbeat, to tone muscles, metabolic processes and thinking. The cycle is characterized by a frequency (number of cycles of oscillations in time). Any cyclical processes may come into resonance. Dependence is a manifestation of such a resonance - tuning into a single harmony of the body cycles, which as it turns into a coherent "internal combustion engine". At the beginning of dependence can manifest positive side - at resonance processes are activated (known physical resonance increase in the oscillation amplitude), but eventually such force majeure harmony is devastating.

To exit from the relationship does not make sense to fight with yourself meal - it just stretches the cycle period, at best reduces dependence to another - with reference to other stressors in addition to food. "Diet" does not target the food, and the cycle. With regard to food adopted allowing rule: there can be anything you like, whenever you want and how you want, but observing three principles:

The destruction of the cyclic period (tangling time) - adopted a rule never to eat at a time when the dictates cycle, when to expect the body, and only do so as soon as possible, or as late as possible, which is equivalent to (limit yourself do not need, it is better to eat in advance if no strength to move eating at a later time), you can vary this way and that, to cut and stretch the time of the expected food. From the usual mode (three times a day, or any other) meals have to give. Mode - the enemy "diet." It should be responsive to make sure that does not form a new temporary repeatability that went constantly tangling, so food is always taken when hit.

The destruction of the amplitude (the number of tangles) - adopted a rule never to eat food in the quantities, which dictates a desire - just as little or as much as possible (it is better to eat more, if there is no power to limit themselves), which is also intended to bring down the cyclicity. We can not allow repetitions in the amount of food. You also can not allow the alternation of the number of meals through time: a lot, a little, a lot, a little ... - is also a cycle. Normally entanglement - when it is impossible to grasp the body pattern number, such as 200 g, 100 g, 550 g, 300 g, 250 g, 600 g, etc. digits necessarily random...

Destruction cycle tied to a particular food (quality tangles) - adopted a rule to replace a meal, for example, meat - vegetable, nutritious - low-calorie, and all this is done randomly. Well, if along with the alternation of food character will be a radical substitution of food tsiklagenta other stressors -. Weak alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, etc. It is necessary to alternate the "fun", so as not to give the body and here tune in to one particular stressor, destroy its primary orientation on food.

Adherence to these principles allows you to exit from the function without a struggle with himself (the fight - a sign of dependence, rather than liberation from it). Willpower dependent in the implementation of the method is not required. Sufficient motivation for the successful application of the "diet" - the desire for freedom, separation from slavery (in this case - the food). Success is possible if and only if the relationship is taken seriously - it is a serious hopeless slavery, and not some kind of "habit", which allegedly any time you can "throw" ...

For a deeper understanding of the "diet" it is useful to understand the meaning of its parallels with religious posts, the purpose of which it is also likely consists in the destruction of cyclic dependencies. In religious terms, this means relief from sinful passions, out of the repeatable process "demon circling" - "But this kind (demons) is driven out by prayer and fasting" (Matthew 17:21.). In Christianity, the post restricts calorie, nutritious food, food substitutes (affects the number of amplitude-and-replace tsiklagent stressor - Principles 2 and 3 of "diet"). In Islam, fasting food quality does not change, but postpones the adoption of food (as any other potential stressors -.. Drink, tobacco, entertainment, sexual intercourse, etc.) at an inopportune night (so provides temporary tangling cycle of eating - the principle of one "diet "). It is interesting that, for example, a Catholic post in the form of non-meat food called "abstinence" (from the Latin abstinentia, from ab (s) - «from, away» + tenere - «Hold"), ie, as well as.. Addiction is a condition in alcoholics and drug addicts at the abolition of the use of psychoactive substances ...

Do not be afraid, if shortly after the start of applying the principles of "diet" will appear unusual sensations - which means that the collapse of the loop process has begun. Talk about the dangers or the danger of "diet" only to the extent that we can talk about the harm or danger of religious fasts.

After the liberation from dependency, it should be borne in mind that it is desirable to consolidate this success change in all spheres of life, t. To. Input the cause of dependency, by the method of the author, is a destructive system of relations and dependent thinking. If you own a former addict can not do this, it is recommended to seek the assistance by e-mail correspondence. It is at the same time help to solve other psychological, neurotic and other topical issues.

If the exemption is not based secure changes in thinking, in a relationship, then the relationship may come back or spill over into the other, no less destructive.

Detsiklirovaniya principles embodied in the "diet" - are common to all types of dependencies, and can be used not only in the localization of food addiction, but also for substance abuse problems - alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, etc. More -. P.

Yuri Kuznetsov