Diagnosis of the Face

By the way you look, you can determine a lot. Including diseases that may you already have or may occur in the future. Do not be lazy and inspect yourself (and your family) carefully, as they say, from head to toe, and if something does not like it, pass inspection.

Defines health as nails, skin color and other attributes people are able to for a long time. This knowledge is still used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. MD, PhD, chief physician medical-rehabilitation center Medical University Sobolev Malanitchev confirmed as " normal " they are doctors. This is justified: for thousands of years, nothing has changed in the human body, he also arranged, as well reacts to illness and injury, and gives us the same signs of malfunction, as they were centuries ago. Closely monitor their condition, we can hear the first time cries for help of the body that needs to be protected, and, turning to the doctor in time to take action. A simple self-diagnosis can learn each of us.

1. On the face of it is written ... maybe more.

  • Very pale face is often the case in anemia, impaired renal work.
  • Yellowish skin tone, yellow circles under the eyes and pigment spots occur in liver disease, gall bladder, pancreas.
  • Red face can be a symptom of various skin diseases, as well as a consequence of magnesium deficiency in the body.
  • Pale pink circles under the eyes may indicate the problems with the bladder.
  • Bluish skin of the face - the frequent evidence of lung problems, bronchitis, heart.
  • Earthy gray and dark circles under the eyes - may be irregularities in the kidneys, intestines, endocrine system.
  • Swelling - worth checking out the work of the heart, kidneys and blood vessels.
  • Increased dryness - various possible irregularities in the stomach, the threat of diabetes, as well as the lack of vitamins in the body.
  • High humidity - the probability of heart disease, pulmonary, hormonal disorders, neurosis.

2. ... lips

  • Dark or bluish lips say with heart and lung problems.
  • White or pale lips likely indicate anemia, problems with the circulation of blood and lymph.
  • Brown flecks on the lips are a sign of infection with worms.
  • Chapped lips: the body does not have enough fluid.

3. ... the teeth.

  • If the first two teeth hurt to any of jaws, it is likely, along with them suffer kidney and bladder.
  • Painful 3rd tooth indicates the status of the liver and gallbladder.
  • Problems with the 4th and 5th mandibular teeth or 6th and 7th top indicate faults in the stomach, spleen and pancreas.
  • 4th and 5th teeth of the upper jaw, and the 6th and 7th indicate lower colon and stomach condition.
  • Patients 8th " wisdom teeth " may indicate a malfunction of the heart and small intestine.

4. tongue.

  • If plaque is located at the base of the tongue, it means that a person is clearly a violation of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • and if the raid on the tip of the tongue or on the edges - light;
  • reddening of the tip of the middle and bluish or purple tongue color report a weak heart;
  • bending fold at the tip of the tongue indicates a cervical osteochondrosis, in the middle - in the lumbar;
  • cracks on the tongue may indicate kidney disease, blood disorders, metabolic disorders and hormonal balance;
  • spots on the right side and yellowness of the language say about the problems with the liver and gall bladder, the left side and in the middle - a sign of problems in the spleen.

5. We look at the nails.

  • Too big size of the halo, or, conversely, its absence indicates some diseases of the heart.
  • Smooth, unnaturally protruding nails are people with severe heart and lung disease.
  • The flat, with longitudinal stripes and white opaque - a sign of a sick liver.
  • On the nails were white and brown cross bands - should pay attention to the kidneys.
  • Triangular, markedly tapering to the base of the nail indicates the diseases of the spine.
  • Strongly elongated nail - a signal of a possible diabetes diabete.Treugolny markedly tapering to the base of the nail indicates the diseases of the spine
  • If the nail istykan points as a thimble, or dotted with grooves, it is likely that the body suffers from vitamin A deficiency.
  • Strips, blotches and holes on the nail urged to pay attention to the intestine and spleen.
  • A bluish or yellowish color of the nail with transverse or longitudinal groove indicates circulatory problems.
  • Rejection of the nail is with a long reception of certain antibiotics and in serious trouble with the digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

6. Achilles' heel.

  • The yellow color of feet indicates a violation of the liver, gallbladder.
  • Corn, " spurs " and the strain in different parts of the foot and toes are not always on uncomfortable shoes. Often so diseased organs sent a call for help.
  • Chapped skin heels and fingertips may indicate metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, digestive problems.
  • Changing the temperature and humidity of the feet, pain - a signal to to check the operation of the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems.

7. Skin rashes.

  • at the temples - a signal about the problems with the gallbladder;
  • on the forehead, nose, upper lip and chin - a problem in the gut;
  • between the shoulder blades - chronic ENT diseases;
  • just above the waistline and center back - the problem with the liver or gall bladder;
  • on the buttocks - the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system;
  • chest - likely a problem with the lungs and bronchi;
  • shoulders - any intestine.

What, where and how to look.

In ancient times, doctors believed that the teeth themselves do not hurt and do not collapse, as each tooth and a portion of the mucous membrane on the gums corresponds to a specific organ.

Each zone in our language is a projection of a certain organ, and if some body startled, then change the type and color of the language. A healthy tongue is pale pink, smooth, soft, pleated and well-marked papillae. In a sick language some areas may become discolored or blush, change shape (increase or & quot; fail & quot ;, and the folds become sharp, curl). The color, thickness and condition of the plaque in the language is also spoken about what is happening within us: the thicker the coating, the more impressed by the relevant authority. It is believed that:

Nails carry the information not only on acute and chronic diseases, but also about those who may be at risk in the future or have been transferred in the past. Plate of healthy nail is always clear, it is pale pink in color, regular shape, with a small halo of light at the base. Knowing this, constantly monitors the state of the nails, do not miss the change of their color - it says that in the body there are some problems. A change in the structure, shape and topography of the nail indicates the " old " disease may have passed in the chronic form. The degree of grooming Nail does not affect the signs of diseases that can affect them.

On the feet, as well as the language, focus area projection of the internal organs and systems. Exposure to these terms are often used in acupuncture. By the way, one of the Chinese torture - hitting with bamboo sticks on the soles.

Problem skin is often associated with internal diseases.

If the rash:

Self-study is best done in the morning, a few minutes after waking up, or in the afternoon, but only if you have not yet tired. You should not be nervous and excited. Treat yourself the best in diffused daylight, using two mirrors to get a good look at all sides of the face and ears. Staraystes diagnose at least several times a week. Write down your observations. Do not jump to conclusions, do not put yourself diagnosis and prescribe treatment if you notice any changes - it has to do only a specialist