Ignatius Brianchaninov (saint)

Ignatius Brianchaninov (saint)
... you do not ask about the Creator, when you pray for healing! Learn to look at the prototype of mental illness every imperfection, or else we say spiritual roots (causes) of disease. For example: If you do not see the eyes - you are blind spiritually, if you do not hear the ear - are you deaf to the word of God. If leprosy on the body - you dirty mind.
Prayer spiritual complex.

Remember themselves and teach others.

  1. Deafness in the physical plane occurs when a person does not hear the voice of God in himself, when from generation to generation in children killed by the Christian faith.
    Prayer for healing ear: "Lord, heal my soul, and deafness may abide Thy voice in my heart forever."
  2. Poor vision - lack of vision of its own sins, not understanding the essence of repentance. The accumulation of spiritual debt or ancestral line of their own.
    Prayer for the correction of vision, "Lord, opened the eyes of my spirit, that he could see the path of repentance and uncorrupt light of thy kingdom."
  3. Diseases of the skin - a feud with neighbors, unforgiven offenses, the blood feud - all progenitors of skin diseases, scared out of them - leprosy.
    The prayer for the healing of skin diseases, "Lord, cleanse me from the leprosy of the soul, but not the mind to rebel against my neighbor and create to the heart is free from the memory of grievances."
  4. Diseases of the bronchi, lungs and airways. 
    As for the life of the organism needs some fresh air, and for the development of the soul requires pure prayer - the carrier of spiritual energy. The lack of "air showers" for several generations gives the weakening of the gene pool, turns around the birth of children with weak respiratory organs.
    Prayer of the healing of the respiratory system, "Lord, fill my soul light spirit of prayer of thy kingdom."
  5. Digestive diseases SITSTEMY - the soul is not able to cope with the hardships of the physical plane, it has no resistance to the tests, respectively, have difficulty digesting food, and ulcers go mental on the earth level.
    Prayer for healing the digestive tract, "Lord, teach humility soul in sorrow of the world. I heal ulcers my soul spiritual nourishment. "
  6. CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM - suffers when a man is not paved channels for clean energy. Blood - Energy of the physical plane, is on the weak paths
    Prayer for healing of the heart and blood vessels: "Lord, strengthen the faith of my spiritual vessel, so he kept a worthy repository of the Holy Spirit."
  7. BLOOD DISEASES AND GENETIC DISEASES - all the laws of the spiritual cosmos encoded in the chromosome sets. Violation of universal short-circuit on the scale of humanity (fratricidal wars, the destruction of natural resources, the production of nuclear weapons) leads to the birth of children with genetic disorders, the emergence of leukemia, the oncologist. Prayer of Healing: "Lord, renew my Spirit, cleanse my soul, enlighten the mind, teach me to live by Thy inviolable laws, filling the vessel created thee, the purity of perfection."
  8. Diseases of bone joints. Skeleton - a basis of the body. The weak foundation of the temple of the soul on a spiritual level in the absence of faith enters into the physical plane.
    Prayer of Healing: "Help me, Lord, my soul to build a temple on the rock sturdy, instead of sand. Strengthen the foundation of my faith, and it may abide incorruptible for ever and ever. "
  9. BRAIN DISEASES. Brain - the keeper of the subconscious memory not only of procreation, but also about the origins of civilization. If the connection between consciousness and subconsciousness of energy is disrupted, the person loses the memory of his heavenly homeland, forgets who his heavenly parents (rejection of God) - the result is a brain disease.
    Prayer of Healing: "Lord, who raised in me the memory of my father's house a lost soul, in order to not take the path of return to the heavenly palace of thy glory."
  10. Diseases of the immune and endocrine systems - the lack of spiritual protection weakens the protective functions of the physical body. Unbeliever does not come up with the idea to rely on the power of the Creator - he solves his problems himself, by reason of the imperfect earth.
    The prayer of healing and correction of disorders of the immune system, "Lord, take away from me all earthly care and keep in my soul imperishable power of the Holy Cross."
  11. Urinary system. Kidney and bladder. The difficulties in deriving the waste body is experiencing, when the soul does not have the strength to purify because of pride, lack of repentance.
    Prayer of Healing: "Lord, teach me to see my sins and cleanse the soul through repentance."
  12. DISEASE reproductive organs - lack of creativity, animal existence, the soul does not multiply the spiritual capital, it leads to the fact that the generic line becomes a tree that does not bear fruit. On the physical level, this results in infertility.
    Prayer of Healing: "Lord, teach me to multiply spiritual wealth Your order not dried tree that gives fruits of life."
  13. Closing prayer on the entire body:
    "Lord, keep all the members of my soul in incorruption and purity for the transition from life to life eternal time, and that he may abide Thy kingdom in me, and I in him forever. Amen.
    This complex prayers should enter in everyday prayer rule for the prevention of diseases and getting rid of them.