Help students to work with patients.

Help students to work with patients.

Below are stereotyped with certain classes of diseases. They can be used as a kind of average version of the work, but we must understand that every client is unique, and every disease. Therefore, you should not treat recommendations as to the only true truths. Best of all, working with any whatsoever disease, other medical literature about it, understand it, and the etymology of the essence, and choose the scheme of work on the basis of the particular case.
All recommendations are exemplary character!

Infectious and parasitic diseases Infectious diseases - a group of diseases caused by penetration into the body of pathogenic (disease-causing) microorganisms. These diseases are characterized by an incubation period that is a period of time from infection to the onset of symptoms. The duration of this period depends on the method and type of pathogen infection and can last from a few hours to several years.
By way of entering and distribution of microorganisms, infections are divided into:
- Intestinal (cholera, dysentery, salmonellosis, esherioz);
- Respiratory tract (influenza, adenovirus infection, whooping cough, measles, chickenpox);
- "Blood" (malaria, HIV infection);
- Integument (anthrax, tetanus);
- With different mechanisms of transmission (enterovirus infection)
Parasitic diseases (sinonim- invasive disease) - a group of diseases caused by parasites - worms and arthropods
. Kosmoenerget working with this class of diseases must understand its purpose: to increase the immunity of the person, as far as possible to eliminate the causative agent of the disease, help the body recover from the injuries
. To boost the immune system, it is necessary to fully restore the power system.
Frequency Faroon Buddha we restore integrity and energy cocoon shape, frequency, Firast we clean energy and meridians of contaminants, and frequencies Firast Zeus we restore harmonious energy centers work with the 1st to the 5th. Further, working with the physical body, we continue to work rate Faroon Buddha constantly.
To eliminate the causative agent, we always use Firast frequency, directing it to the site of infection, as well as in the blood and lymph.
If this is an intestinal infection, it sends Firast on the intestine, with the intent to clean it of all pathogens and frequency SHAON we restore bowel function.
In respiratory tract infection, we also Firast clean the lungs, the bronchi and the respiratory tract, bloodstream and lymphatic system, and then working frequency of communication. Jesus or St. Moses on the same organs. In the case of an acute course of the disease it is recommended to use the frequency of the Urals, to clean the blood of the frequency of Craon (or Dzhilius).
Infections "blood" treated cleaning the circulatory and lymphatic systems, the work on the blood and lymph frequencies Craon (or Dzhilius). As well as working with the blood-forming organs (liver, bone marrow, spleen) the same frequency + frequency SHAON.
Infections with local lesions of the body - suppuration, inflammation of certain organs or tissues are treated as Firast, plus the frequency corresponding to this body
. Given that complications from the infection can go on organs other than the site of infection, it is necessary to pay attention to the diagnosis of such organs as the kidneys, liver and heart. And the detection or attenuation of inflammation in them, take appropriate measures (except the heart and brain, which we are working on is not!).

2. Neoplasms
Neoplasms, or tumors - a very common disease caused by many factors, which is characterized by a pathological process, represented by the newly formed tissue, which changes the genetic apparatus of cells leads to a violation of the regulation of growth and differentiation. & Nbsp; tumors can occur anywhere in the body, in any tissue. There are malignant and benign tumors.
Benign tumors are composed of cells differentiated to such an extent that one can determine the tissue from which they grow. For these tumors characterized by slow expansive growth (tumor grows "out of itself", pushing the surrounding tissue, a tumor on the border tissue atrophy), the absence of metastasis (metastasis - the process of dissemination of tumor cells from the primary tumor to other organs to form secondary (subsidiary) tumor foci (metastases), no overall effect on the body. Benign tumors can be malignant (cancerous turn).
Malignant tumors are composed of moderately and poorly differentiated cells. They may lose their resemblance to the tissue from which they originate. For malignant tumors characterized by rapid, often infiltrative (growth - tumor cells grow into the surrounding tissue, destroying them), growth, metastasis and recurrence, the availability of the overall impact on the body
. Strongly and under no circumstances should treat oncology practices Cosmoenergy without treatment methods of conventional medicine, particularly in the case of malignant tumors. It should be regularly repeated study of tumors in the process to adequately assess the dynamics of tumor development or degradation.
In the case of indications for surgery, kosmoenerget can not give advice or try to dissuade the client from the operation, as well as other treatments. Cancer too quickly likely to develop, and the failure to timely surgery can cost the life of the client.
How to work with oncology practices Cosmoenergy.
Firstly, it is necessary to carry out the restoration of the integrity of the customer's energy cocoon, completely (!) To clean its energy from dirt. In the case of cancer, the human energy, usually looks awful: lots of energy mud possibly shares, vibration free energy entities is likely to meet serious magical effect. Therefore, clean energy in the first phase of the work should be given maximum attention, with one layer of dirt is often found a second and sometimes a third.
The whole thing we clean Firast rate, or if there is a Perun. In the case of the magical effects of the 1st use magic, golden pyramid or Perun. If no kosmoenergeta these frequencies, the magical effect is removed by "cheating", carrying a destructive information on the material object.
It must be remembered that energy cleaning always leads to loss of energy and weaken as energy mud - it's just part of human energy and burn it without compensation of positive energy can not. The net customer, we keep it open frequency Faroon Buddha.
Secondly, it is important to return to the operating state energy centers those that work poorly or hardly operate. In the case of malignant tumors, it happens very often. Moreover, each session should start with a re-cleaning and restoring energy centers.
Since most tumors we work Firast frequency, burning its energy and the dirt in it. After this is done, "the energy cut" and pumped ash from burnt mud by the "motor-well." And so to complete scrubbing. This stage is the same, repeats each session.
On the body affected by the tumor (and metastatic organs) we affect its corresponding frequency. For example, the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract organs and it will SHAON St. Moses (or Risur), the lungs is St. Moses, skin diseases St. Mohamed (or Suriy-Sanlay).
If we are talking about blood cancer, we will work Firast on the circulatory and lymphatic systems, blood-forming organs and the spinal cord. And Craon (or Dzhiliusom) there too.
In addition, it is important to bear in mind that due to tumors, the work of agencies, not damaged cancer cells, but affected by changes in the blood may be compromised. Namely, kidney, heart, etc. These bodies, we also maintain, clean and strengthen.
It is important to remember that in any case should not give energonapityvayuschie frequency on the tumor itself! Treatment frequency we give to the body with the intent to circumvent the influence of the tumor itself.
If you work with cancer (malignancy confirmed by medical research !!!) leads Master Cosmoenergy, it also opens up to the patient's Nirvana frequency.
Work with cancer is never easy, quite hard and fast. If you decide to help, we wish you and your customer success!

3. Diseases of the blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism
Blood disorders - a large and diverse group of diseases associated with one or another breach of the functions or structures of certain blood cells - red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets, or pathological changes in their number - increase or decrease, or change in blood plasma properties as at monolonalnyh gammopathy.
All blood diseases require working frequencies Craon or Dzhilius. These frequencies should be directed to the entire circulatory system, lymphatic system, spleen, spinal cord and bone marrow.
If the blood disease affects other organs, further work is being done with them. Working with the total human energy as indicated for diseases of the blood.

4. Endocrine and metabolic disorders
Endocrine diseases - a class of diseases caused by disorders of one or more of the endocrine glands. They are based on hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, or dysfunction of the endocrine glands.
From endocrine diseases are more common pathologies associated with the thyroid disorder (e.g. hyperthyroidism), pancreatic disorders, such as diabetes.
Malfunction of the endocrine glands require working frequencies Tata and Sintra / Xinli (by gender) as the client in the field and on the specific cancer.
If the problem is in the brain glands, directed the work they do not keep, give the frequency in the field. If the malfunction is caused by glands tumors of these glands, and the need to work on the tumor (frequency Firast) and iron (Tata frequency).
Failure hormonal background may be due to the lack of an organ or gland involved in the formation of the hormone system (eg, surgical removal of the ovaries in women, etc.). In this case, to restore the balance of the hormonal system is only possible with continuous use of chemicals to compensate for the missing hormones. Unfortunately, the client grow a new body with the help of the frequencies will not work.
As a rule, the failure of the glands is accompanied by the failure of the nearest energy center work. Without going into the details of what is primary and what is secondary, except to say that this (these) power plant to be restored, and harmonize.

5. Mental and behavioral disorders
Mental disorder - a mental state different from the normal, healthy
. There are these types of disorders:
-organic mental disorders (ie, caused by organic disorders),
- Personality disorder,
-rasstroystva behavior,
-emotsionalnye (affective) disorder,
-rasstroystva related (due to) the use of psychoactive substances,
-posttravmaticheskoe stress disorder and others.
Some of these groups may overlap.
On the basis of the primary factors distinguish disorders:

· Exogenous. Causal factors are directed from the outside, such as: alcohol, industrial poisons, drugs, toxic substances, radiation, viruses, microbes, traumatic brain injury, psychosocial trauma
. · Endogenous. Internal causal factors. Example: chromosome aberrations (disorders), genetic diseases, hereditary predisposition to the disease (can be transmitted through several generations, because the injured gene)
. At a meeting with a client suffering from a mental disorder, the first thing it turns out:
Have the client make another energy or demonic entities (diagnostic method)
Availability zombiruyut programs at the level of the 6th or 7th
energy centers Enjoying the status of the upper energy centers - the 6th and 7th. Often, psychiatric disorders, 7 power plant (lotus) is irregular in shape or is not correctly positioned relative to the central meridian.
We clarify the reason (if known) of the disease, when it started, and under what circumstances.
It works extremely hard with mental disorders. The reason is the flexibility and mobility of the client's psyche, the inability to constantly monitor his state of mind, thoughts and actions.
If the fact of possession of energy (or demonic) entity working on the expulsion. Do not masters better to seek help from their teachers, in the case of the essence in man.
If the problem is in the wrong job 7th energy center, we empathize with the client and his family, and then let him go home. Work with the customer is impossible. Cause: temporary improvement may suddenly be replaced by manic or depressive episodes, as a result of which the client may be suicidal or dangerous to others
action. If the reason for infectious diseases, injuries, or other external circumstances, can do session course for energy recovery, cleaning heads, work Ninalis frequency on the circulatory system of the client and the frequency of Shiva on his mental sphere. Pre-warn the client (and not even the most likely customer and his family), that the result may be only 20 percent of cases.
If you can not understand the cause of the disorder, it is best just not get to work.
Thus, when using kosmoenerget mental disorders can be useful only in cases 3:
- With energy being obsession
- When a magical effect on the consciousness of the client
- In the case of acquired damage of organic structures (not much chance to recover, it makes sense to work only experienced and seeing kosmoenergetam)
During the work, if you fight it, it is imperative that the client is not left alone for a moment, continued treatment prescribed by a psychiatrist.

6. Diseases of the nervous system
The diseases associated with damage or malfunction of the central or peripheral nervous system, sufficiently diverse to identify a coherent scheme of work with each of them.
However, the highlights of the work methods Cosmoenergy we may designate.
First, we look at what is included in this class of diseases. This class include two subcategories: the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and central nervous system (CNS)
. According to the pathogenesis and Pathomorphology, peripheral nervous system is divided into:
Optic neuritis - an inflammatory disease of the peripheral nerves, in which, along with the pain symptoms are identified so-called loss, ie the loss or decrease in sensitivity, as well as paralysis and paresis
... Neuralgia - peripheral nerve lesion, characterized by attacks of pain in the area of ​​innervation of a nerve. Unlike neuritis, no motor disturbances and loss of sensitivity in the chamber, and nerve damage no structural changes. Neuralgia develops mainly in the nerves passing in narrow channels and holes.
In etiology of disease of the peripheral nervous system is divided into:
1. Infectious
2. Infectious-allergic (with children exanthematous infections:. Measles, rubella, etc.)
3. Toxic
4. Allergic (vaccinal, serum, etc..).
5. dismetabolic:. With a deficit of vitamins, in endocrine diseases (diabetes), etc.
6. dyscirculatory (due to insufficient blood supply with periarteritis nodosa, rheumatic and other vasculitis.
7. Idiopathic and hereditary (neural amyotrophy of Charcot-Marie et al.).
8. Traumatic lesions of the peripheral nervous system.
9. The compression-ischemic lesions of individual peripheral nerves (carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, etc.).
10. Vertebrogenic lesions (hernia or osteochondrosis, for example)
Operating frequencies Cosmoenergy with diseases of the peripheral nervous system, our objective is:
- To deal with the cause of the disease, remove it if possible
- Eliminate the effects of (nerve inflammation, demyelination, or the like)
How to work on the restoration of the nerves. Frequency Firast we clean the damaged nerve itself. Frequency Holy Jesus, we are working on the inflammatory process (if any). Frequency Zeus we are working on a nerve, with the intention to restore the structure.
The work is not difficult, if you eliminate the cause. Sometimes the cause of the disease can be a nerve terminal, in which case it is desirable to refer the client to the osteopath or chiropractor (if we ourselves are not able to handle it).
Depending on the degree of nerve damage and causes disease, the treatment period may be from 2-3 days to several weeks. In the case of hereditary or genetic causes of the disease, the probability of complete cure is reduced at times.
CNS disorders are much more complex and varied.
Without giving too large of number of information on the central nervous system diseases, you can say the following.
Perform diagnostics for energy entities and magical effects. In case of detection, remove and then, and more.
The spinal cord and the central meridian of the energy necessary to clean Firast and / or Golden pyramid. The same frequencies brush head.
Restore the operation of all energy centers (except 6 and 7, with whom we do not work).
On the brain is not working frequencies, just clean the head. In the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system can be given to the frequency of Zeus and Faroon-Buddha with the intent to restore the morphology of damaged nerves.

7. Diseases of the eye and adnexa
These include diseases of the eyeball, eyelids, lacrimal system, orbit, conjunctiva of the eye muscles and other parts of the organs of vision.
The cause may be an infection, heredity, injury, and other diseases that affect the eyes, as well as age-related changes in structures of the eye.
In case of eye infection Firast working frequency, frequency Ranuli on the tear glands and mucous membranes. Working with eye infection frequencies does not negate the use of antibiotics or eye drops.
To recover from the damage the infection or trauma using frequency Ranuli, Firast Zeus. If there is mechanical damage to the eyelids, you can work on these frequencies Faroon-Buddha, the Buddha and the Holy Firast.
In diseases of the internal structures of the eye, working with a client on a "face to face" Ranuli frequency (or Suriy-Sanlay). Frequency translate the look into the client through the eye to the light burning sensation.
To restore the view, it is important to make sure that the neck vertebrae are not clamped nerves, blood circulation in the neck is not broken. And also do exercises for the eyes on the principle of rapid (moderately fast) alternation focus gaze into the distance (beyond the point of clear sight) to a point directly in the face. Every day 3-5 "approaches", 15-20 times each.

8. Diseases of the ear and mastoid process
Ear infections, it is necessary to identify the cause (infection, mechanical injury, inflammation due to improper care or failure of the auditory nerve).
In inflammatory processes, working frequency Firast ears semi-contact (in the intention we avoid the influence of his brain), then clean the ear of a motor, the well (again, only the ear canals).
Then we give the frequency-Faroon Buddha Semicontact ears.
In the case of mechanical damage, the same way we clean the ears and a motor Firast well, give Faroon Buddha Semicontact with frequency Zeus. With the intention to restore the fabric.
If it affects the nerve, clean Firast and give Zeus with the intention to restore the auditory nerve. Again, the brain and energy centers do not touch the work.

9. Diseases of the circulatory system
These include diseases of the heart and diseases directly related to the blood vessels.
All heart diseases are treated harmonization work 4th energy center. Plus Ninalis frequency in the field. It is important, in any case does not work directly on the heart.
In history there are examples Cosmoenergy when illiterate masters (!), Preening himself Firast heart. Alas, they are no longer alive! Doing absolutely nothing like NOT !!!
Auxiliary equipment: cleaning head frequencies Faroon Buddha, Firast and Zeus, also can clean the head magical frequencies such as Golden Pyramid 1 or magic. This is due to the fact that heart disease is often directly dependent on the level of mental overload. Active stress affects the cardiovascular system. Cleaning the heads, the harmonization of the work of the 4th energy center (you can even give a power plant in Anael frequency), plus Ninalis frequency in customer field provide the necessary impetus for the harmonization of the heart.
Of course, it will not prevent further cleaning and strengthening blood vessels. This is below.
When it comes to diseases of blood vessels (.. Thrombosis, atherosclerosis and many others), kosmoenergeta work will look like this:
Cleaning vessels and blood Firast frequency (best first non-contact or semi-contact, after a few sessions of contact work), then the frequency SHAON blood vessels. And the frequency Ninalis setting up the entire cardiovascular system (heart does not touch!) With the intention to cure and strengthen blood vessels.
If there is localized disease (Hemorrhoids, for example) then the semi-contact work locally frequencies Faroon Buddha, Firast, SHAON and Ninalis.

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