The minimum number of sessions in some diseases

Treatment long, as a rule, are courses for every 10 sessions. Break 1-2 months.

1. XP. Alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, AIDS & ndash; 70 sessions, beginning each day + energy massage.

2. HEPATITIS C 50-60, of them in a row 10-20, 10-20 in a day, then 2-3 days.

3. Cirrhosis, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS - 70, including 20 in a row.

4. KR.VOLCHANKA, SAH.DIABET, BRONH.ASTMA, polyarthritis - 40, of which the first 25 - 3 times a week. Independently reduce or eliminate hormones or insulin-smoking!

5. ENERGOSUSCHNOSTI - usually the most difficult and painful for the patient's treatment;

а) Cosmic nature - plasmoids humanoids - 40-50 sessions.

b) OF THE EARTH (devils, demons) - 30-40 sessions. In all cases, work with the entities and involves the inner spiritual work of the patient under rukovodstvlm healer.

1. CLEANSING OF MAGIC SOFTWARE of any force and the statute of limitations - 3-6 sessions.

Treatment of children under 14 years of age must with the mother.

In the presence of the child entities minimum number of sessions of his mother - 20.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL CLEANING session begins with contactless.

To anyone who has violated or REDUCED motor functions RECOMMENDED POWER MASSAGE.