How to treat fibroids and uterine fibroids by Cosmoenergy?

At present, these diseases are very common among women. First vsmego need to make it clear to the patient that the cause of this disease is its disharmonious sexual relationship with her husband or partner. When these diseases this suggests that sexual relationships are violence against the soul of a woman. Therefore, we have to work primarily with the root cause, plus the contact work on gynecology frequencies Firast + SHAON. Necessarily it is necessary to apply a contact channel Tata, it works to normalize the hormonal system, which breaks down in such diseases. Serve frequency is necessary not only on the uterus, but also on the thyroid gland, which runs into the work processes of many of the hormonal system, and is working on the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, responsible for all the glands of internal secretion.

Fibroids, it is not only local disease, it fails fertility program and the transfer of information on the nature of children, that is inherited. Always patients should be given information that is sex - it is not love and get married or start a relationship with a man only on the basis of sensory and emotional attraction - always leads to violations and failures of the 2nd energy center, and eventually to serious diseases. Frequencies fibroids recovers quickly, fibroma little longer. Parallel should definitely

take iodine with milk and perform antiparasitic cleaning the body. Together these measures can solve the problem of patient per course of therapy. If the chronicle of long-term, then the work may be longer.