Help students to work with patients.

Help students to work with patients.

Work Kosmoenergeticheskimi frequencies helps in solving the following symptoms.

In each case it is necessary to consider the problem in the complex, taking into account many factors, including psychological, forming certain state and blocks in the subconscious. All information from the experience of states stored in the genetic code of a person and to solve this problem is possible only through an integrated approach in terms of how energoterapii and psycho-correction.

In psychology, there is a description of some of the injuries that a person makes his own subconscious and can not get rid of them. With CE practice, these problems are easily solved, if certain energy-knowledge of the healer, plus the use of frequencies and the results did not take long to wait.

The classification used in psychology following:

1. Trauma "witness" - when a person is not involved in a catastrophic event, but he was or is a direct witness. For example, a person has witnessed aviation, auto / Railway-disaster, terrorist attack, a natural disaster. This includes the situation where there is some serious event or process, such as a relative or loved one's disease, dying of a loved one (eg. Creeping oncology, when even a simple stay in oncological or tubdispansere leaves a heavy imprint on the soul) to human eyes. Or it could be the prosecution, imprisonment of someone from relatives. This category of injury concerns the situation where a person lives near a dependent relative - a drug addict, alcoholic, compulsive gambling, etc.

2. Injury loss of - the death of people we are infinitely near and dear to us literally "sprout" (or in which we are "sprouted"). Despite the fact that the mind understands, accepts and even (if, say, a natural death very elderly relative), the emotional plane, the nervous system, the body - filled with pain. And the pain that does not disappear with time, but only loses its outer edge. It also includes the situation of loss of friends and loved ones as a result of a breakup, separation (especially if separation was the result of fraud, libel, betrayal, etc..). When a loved one goes, and the more casts, the wound from such an event can not be less than the long and painful than death. That's about it, actually, is sung in the famous song "parting - the little death" ... This category applies to injuries in general loss of something very valuable: some social-career-cultural status, lifestyle, social circle, occupation, business, ie any serious losses. It may even be a banal move to another residence.

And the same applies here the loss of some conventional "pillars" of the existence to which man used that are already firmly involved in the exchange cycle, but from which he decided to give up smoking, alcohol, and other addictions. When a person "throws" or "tying", realized on the mental plane all the harm that it brings to the health, the body inevitably undergoing a period of "breaking" when the emptiness has emerged nothing positive is not filled. Accordingly, the stronger and more enduring was the attachment, the attachment, the deeper and more painful will be breaking. *** I want to mention an important point - we have in mind a situation where a person has already decided and have already thrown, and not a situation where he still wants to quit or, especially, a situation where someone (family, friends, and so on. d.) he wants the man threw. My sphere - this is a situation where the man himself and decided to make itself a step - that is, it is the loss of injury - a loss that has already taken place. 3. Injury strong impact: man-made disasters (cars, motorcycles, aircraft, industrial, etc.), natural disasters. Compartment syndrome, fall. Strong fear. This includes a sense of shame (for example, when a child is shamed before the whole class), the state of humiliation / contempt / mockery and sexual harassment.

4. Injury attacks : armed attacks, hostage-taking, rape, robbery.

5. Medical and dental trauma : surgery, anesthesia, intoxication, poisoning, hospital syndrome.

6. Global activation: perinatal distress, birth trauma, drowning, suffocation, the use of hallucinogenic drugs, etc. They also include nightmares, problems nightmares.

The list of traumatic events, leaving a wound in the soul of man, can be extended again and again. But the overall picture is quite possible to be limited to the above list. We only note that even if some super-heavy events and related powerful turmoil in the life of man on his memory did not happen, many of his muscle clamps and voltage can be derived from the forgotten incidents, as well as easy on the stressful environment in which people extended period of time (hard work, stressful business, service in the hot spot, imprisonment, etc.)

In addition to trauma, Cosmoenergetics can work just like a correction of consciousness with the additional clarification on the part of leading you to a specialist. But taking into account that this professional is a professional psychologist.

In this case, the term "therapy", if a person is physically healthy, in general, it does not even fit as a person, in principle, any treatment of the physical body or the mind, in any therapy is not needed. He is healthy, Nr needs just a soft correction, for a greater sense of completeness and harmony of life, for a more vibrant, creative and creative lifestyle.

Which states are the subject of this correction using QE practices? 1. disorientation syndrome: a condition where the person finds it difficult to understand himself, when he feels that he seemed to be "lost", "lost his way" and does not understand in which direction he go further in life, to develop in the direction, what kind of activities to do more than what is the soul. The nervous system in tension, and the man because of this voltage can not be like the internal stop, look around, find out calmly and sensibly happening. It also includes the situation of different kinds of "love triangles" (and also "four, pentagons", etc.) - when a person feels entangled in complex ways, which include several partners. Especially when these relationships present a swirl of feelings, emotions, passions, etc. 2. unrealized syndrome: when a person wants something, but that he did not get. Want to lose weight - it is impossible to want to quit smoking - no catches, he wants to get married - not an option wants a good job - is not, etc. And the man has lived in an unconscious conflict, stress, suffering its unrealized. There is also the problem of unsold sensuality - repressed sensuality, suppressed sexuality, stiffness, tightness in sensory terms. "Internal ban" on the feeling and sensuality. The fear of "letting go" themselves in terms of feelings. 3. burnout: a condition where the content disappears, the depth, the fullness of life. When one discovers that it is not filled, is not happy, is not inspired by the fact that until recently the so-filled and inspiring. When he stopped to see the sense in what it has been recently. The nervous system is de-energized, in the body - a feeling of lifelessness ... 4. Fatigue Syndrome: from people to communicate from any relationship, of any form of activity. This refers to the psychological fatigue is when a man is tired to force yourself to do something, talk to someone, and so .d .. Physically people generally in good health, but psychologically feel fatigue. This syndrome is very common among, professionals are constantly working with human problems: doctors, teachers, psychologists, social workers. 5. uncertainty syndrome: when a person feels self-doubt, got into some kind of new to the environment or activity. When he is not sure, "pull" Do some business, position, etc. Especially this syndrome is compounded when there are enemies, rivals, enemies, who are constantly looking for opportunities to prick, to substitute, etc.

6. Syndrome hyper-anxiety and fear: classic situation when the mother calls the child does not answer the phone for a long time and it falls into a panic, she jumps pressure, etc. A child is something that may already 30 years ... This includes the situation where some painful symptoms (arrhythmia, colic, jumped pressure, etc.) give rise to an uncontrollable panic and fear for his health, when it seems that even a little bit, and there will be something terrible. It also includes the situation of irrational fear of any unknown - to be some new event (relocation, childbirth, surgery) and the person literally "covering" fear. Moreover, such a panic fear of childbirth is often even women who before did not have time to successfully give birth ... In other words, it is a condition of the nervous system, when there is panic in almost any slightest provocation. 7. guilt syndrome: a person feels guilty for something. It can not forgive himself for something. Condemns, reproaches, punishing himself for something. Because guilt is still in some situations, in some ways, etc. Here - syndrome of self-destruction. The list of such states of consciousness, requiring some adjustment, you can still continue. But the overall picture is quite possible to be limited to this list.

In each case needs an individual approach, if it is only about the psychological work with the person.

When a person works with kosmoenergeticheskih practices, internal release clamps, purification of memory banks in the preparation and release of the situations to work through exercise system itself. A person needs only explanation of all processes originating from them by the competent expert-kosmoenergeta. 3 days is not possible to prepare such a specialist, in this regard, each novice kosmoenergeta should have a clear understanding.

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