How to start working with the patient's fears?

Before starting to work with the patient's fears, those fears must be processed at home. Any person has fears, who then more, one in mpenshey degree. Fear - a necessary emotion for a man as it is connected with the instinct of self-preservation, warns of the dangers. But as they say, everything should be in moderation. Fear at developing into a phobia becomes a blocker on the way forward in the development of any individual. Realizing this, you must work hard, that first of all to fear. Having mastered the art of working with fears, to transfer them to his patients and others.

Technicians work with the fears are based on the awareness of what fear itself, or your patient. When working with a patient, you must first give him an understanding of the reasons for which he had a fear or phobia. At the same time you are also working on the destruction of the energy matrix of fear by space frequencies.

Understanding the operation of fear we give to our seminars. Practice by working with his consciousness and fixing a self-conscious identity as the properties. Let through this experience, only then can you help another person in dealing with fears, phobias and frustrations.

If we talk about the fears on the part of physiology, it is primarily the work of the kidneys and adrenal glands. Here we must study very seriously the 3rd power plant human and stabilize the nervous system with the help of not only medical, but also magic frequencies.

Additional information on each individual case can be obtained by personal consultation pupil.

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