Attunement and initiation

Setup - the process by which the length of our emission wavelength coincides with the wavelength of the energy of the Spiritual Mind planetary level. In this process, the student's consciousness must be free from thoughts for better attunement.

Settings - this is a necessary step in the process of receiving information from higher planes. We form a communication line through which the exchange of thoughts, feelings and attributes occurs.

Initiation - this is a whole new opportunity in itself. The rite of initiation gives new chances and support for higher powers along the way. Here a person chooses a path of their own development through their higher intelligence.

Example of Initiation - It can be seen as an accolade, a form of military initiation. As an example those 'Knighted' are marked for the transition to a more mature, and conscious self, and guide the supreme law of morality; supporting higher powers.

In Christian rituals - In the Orthodox and Catholic Churches this is seen as a part of their profession. It is an act for symbolic rituals or rites of acceptance (alternatively also known as an initiation).