Initiation and the mystery of the past and present
Mysteries teach an individual to use their powers wisely by teaching you to be patient during an unfavorable course of events, persistenting temptations.  You learn about the righteous life, or as we say today, life based on the cosmic laws. These mysteries for the man are seen through signs and symbols in everyday life, they transmit knowledge about the Universe.

Mysteries are organized to assist the individual to awaken their spiritual powers, they withdraw the animalistic ideologies of the human mind allowing you to develop the soul and mind.

The main aim of initiation through 'Mystery' is targetting the domestication of wild and originally endowed with the qualities of youthful imperfections of nature. Step dedication introduced the teenager in the world of spiritual values and at the same time the laws of human society. During this test the teenagers had to prove force - the will and spirit that was supposed to mean their presence in the world and the responsibility.

Previously, these devoted people were thinkers and understand its purpose. They thought and interacted with the firstling Primordial language, a single language Clean Fields universe. They were able to gain knowledge from the information field of the universe, to use her wisdom and communicate with it, and then carry that knowledge to others.

The School of Cosmo Knowledge continues the tradition of transferring knowledge to people


Our work carries a man stages of spiritual development:

- spiritual purification, energy and physical,

- build brain power through the acquisition of knowledge,

- knowledge passed on by us, allow you to change the identity, freeing it from the animals began and substandard , blocking a person to disclose its hidden possibilities and abilities

- attunement to the high-frequency channel of spiritual levels of the planetary complex

- operation and assistance in the misunderstanding of the individual processes of transformation


Today, anyone can become a student of our school and take rapid solution of any problems through the acquisition of knowledge about energy-information processes. This frees you from many of the problems in society and diseases, it is necessary only to set a goal and make an effort.