Possibilities after initiation

The memory of self-control and the ability of a person are above average, but intellectually it is often superior to their environment


As the power of practicing techniques acquired skills of healing and helping people


increasing human energy power, enhanced its energy potential and physical endurance, quickly leaving the disease


Gradually reveal the hidden features and capabilities, depending on the level of development and the degree of purification of the human energy structure at the time of sonastroek


Change the fate of the line takes place when properly informed passing situations imposed generic program


The process of overcoming a poor quality of many characteristics of a person can take years, and to give the frequency is accelerated tenfold. The frequencies are transmitted just with a view to speed up the evolutionary process of the student, not only for healing practices. Dedication is primarily a set of development and knowledge, rather than just healing.


Writing training

By passing distance learning you can acquire your own issue of certificates.

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