About us

The site of our school provides information about the energy structure of the human, the cosmic laws of the universe, which is closely associated with both mental and physical health of a person. How through training to improve themselves, their own destiny, to achieve their goals in life. How to program your life and achieve success in any business. We train your ability to work with the energies of spiritual consciousness flows in and out from under the influence Egregors. Transmitting knowledge previously thought forbidden for almost all people, we derive a new person to the level of development as the energy and intellectual

We are diverse work in the rehabilitation of people using modern technology and knowledge transmitted over generations.

Having mastered energoinformatic knowledge about how the world works and our relationship with them on an energetic level, you will be able to correct the genetic years, restoring the affected grid, to provide full support not only themselves but also other people on the physical , psychological and social plans for their lives. Our students carry this knowledge throughout the world.

This and much more you will learn, become acquainted with us on our website.