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Of Energy and knowledge to the next generation of.

P1030338.png Long experience Margarita Beza as the head of the center of the esoteric knowledge of Russian-Hellas ("ROEL"), operate in Athens from 2000 to 2010, he helped expose this activity, not only in Greece and Russia, but also in other countries - Cyprus, Ireland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, England, France, Spain, Italy, India, and others.

As a result of many years of work and a lot of experience in the field of energy and, Information Technology, medical and spiritual knowledge since 2009. M.Bezan opened in Cyprus the first Center of Development of Consciousness, which carried out versatile work on spiritual development and formation of energy-people in Europe, Russia and other countries.

Centre today carried out the transfer of knowledge on issues kasayuschimsyatrenergeticheskogo stroeniyatrcheloveka, Earth, Universe. Conducted regulyarnyetrseminarytrpo oznakomleniyutrlyudeytrs Cosmic laws of the universe, the energy-development and human interaction with the Earth and built our society. trTakzhe held information sessions on voprosamtrizmeneniya consciousness, the genetic code of DNA, controls reality itrmnogimtrdrugim topics which have recently become more urgent dlyatrvse more people on the planet.

Since 2010. The school was opened Kosmoznany in London, where he regularly held training and therapy of people, conducted seminars and trainings on human health, changes his mind and features energy-impact technologies on the social environment.

All transmitted information is treated with the energy tochkitrzreniya, baziruyastrna scientific information. This helps our patients and students naytitrobyasnenietrsituatsiyam and phenomena taking place in the lives of people, to explain the reasons for their occurrence. The study gives us knowledge transmitted vozmozhnosttrpoluchit answers to many questions, to explain the incomprehensible for many processes that occur votrvremyatrreligioznyh rites, prayer practices, esoteric techniques and meditation.

All the work center itrShkoly fault vtrchastnosti, napravlenatrna training kakimtrobrazomtrmozhnotrpovyshat its energy, to develop their consciousness and not lose the reasonableness in an unstable social environment. trtrKrome this, we note that the training methods of energy influence as a unique knowledge system, with its own methodology, it is not limited to healing practices. This is a global methodology for the development of the energy system, mind and spiritual healing.

Knowledge transmitted School Kosmoznany contribute to the rapid growth of human evolution, learn to maintain their own health, to solve problems not only economic, but also social. trZnakomstvo with energoinformatikoy enables our students to successfully confront the negative impact of society and to solve their problems on their own, do not turn to expensive medical technologies, drugs and mediocre professionals for services.

To date, the most popular method is to study the impact on the field of human structure by Energy and Information Technologies. They are based on the impact of their consciousness on the organs and systems of the human body, it solves the problem of mentality and energy losses. This technique is not only therapeutic, it also powerfully working on raising human energy potential, corrects its energy matrix, solve the problem of his social position.

The adoption of new knowledge allows a person to develop their psychic abilities, learn to shoot correctly and filter information from the subconscious. This is one of the leading methodologies for human development at the planetary complex.

After a successful 30-year use of the method in the world, and more than 15 years of teaching in our school, we can confidently say that the energy-frequency and methodology of the impact of a person are now available to ordinary citizens of planet Earth, and are particularly relevant in a real-time deficit. They provide almost immediate effect of healing and rejuvenation, and energy. Anyone who has mastered certain basic kosmoznaniya can become our students.

Currently, within the framework of the Development Center of Consciousness, are branches Kosmoznany Schools in Europe, which will prepare experts - spiritual healers and operators of energy-informational interactions with advanced expertise in energoinformatiki and field work. Our school graduates are not alone on this path. This knowledge combined with their progressive representatives of modern science, free from the limitations of the orthodox. Even today, a method has been officially registered with the UN as a separate line of development in the field of medicine. trSegodnya already opened representative offices CG Schools in Ireland, Italy, Russia and Cyprus, where the very successful work of our students.

Any person, regardless of whether his skills can become a student of our school. Have learned some basic knowledge and understanding of energy impacts in the future may go to the selected training aid techniques both themselves and others. Speed at training at vsehtrraznye. Anyone can be trained, reached the understanding of the necessity of this for yourself.

More information about the work of the School, the plan of training and seminars can be found at the respective stranitsahtrnashego site.